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EGT 20 Super Hot

20 Super Hot is a video slot that has a retro theme in place. It allows players the opportunity to enjoy a classic fruit machine themed slot with plenty of features. Up to 1,000 times the player stake is available in this game makes it very appealing for a low volatility game.

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20 Super Hot

20 Super Hot

20 Super Hot

20 Super Hot

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      20 Super Hot
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      20 Super Hot is a video slot that has a retro theme in place. It allows players the opportunity to enjoy a classic fruit machine themed slot with plenty of features. Up to 1,000 times the player stake is available in this game makes it very appealing for a low volatility game.

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      20 Super Hot Slot Review

      20 Super Hot is a video slot from EGT that takes players on a journey back to the classic times of fruit machines. It provides a modernised and updated version of a fruit machine for players with some great features included. There are also 20 paylines so it expands on the traditional number of ways to win that are offered by fruit machines. 

      It’s called 20 Super Hot in a reference to the number of paylines that are on offer. The theme of the game is obvious from the moment you start playing, with players given the opportunity to spin a number of different fruit symbols. It looks great and does a good job of creating some nostalgia for players. If you love classic slot machines then the 20 Super Hot Slot is definitely a game worth trying out.

      Pros and Cons

      • The star symbol acts as a wild symbol
      • Every win below 400 coins can be gambled and increased
      • There are 20 paylines on offer
      • The 20 Super Hot slot doesn’t have a free spins round
      • No mobile version available

      20 Super Hot Symbols & Values

      Each symbol in 20 Super Hot is related to the fruit machine theme of the game. All of the symbols here look fantastic, it ensures that players are able to really engage with the game from a visual perspective. Wins are created when at least 3 of the symbols appear consecutively on a payline, which is pretty much in line with what most video slots offer.

      20 Super Hot has both a wild symbol and scatter symbol available. The wild is the 7 symbol and it is also how the maximum win payout is reached. The scatter symbol pays the most for a single win at 500 times the player stake. This is the star symbol. The top paying symbols that you will see are as follows:

      • Star
      • 7
      • Grapes
      • Watermelon
      • Plums

      There are also lower paying symbols that can land on the reels. They are the following:

      • Lemon
      • Orange 
      • Cherries

      Lower paying symbols come along more regularly that the higher paying symbols so they are more likely to create a win. The 7 symbol does make it much easier to create wins due to it acting as a wild symbol. The scatter symbol can create wins without having to be on a payline, but it doesn’t activate any bonus rounds. If players manage to completely fill up the reels with the 7 symbol then the maximum payout of 1,000 times the player stake is paid out.

      The bonus round is randomly activated so this is not linked to the symbols that land on the reels.

      If you want to take a look at the full paytable then take a look below to find out more:

      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      200x 800x 20000x
      40x 400x 1000x
      20x 80x 400x
      20x 40x 200x
      20x 40x 200x
      10x 20x 100x
      10x 20x 100x
      10x 20x 100x

      20 Super Hot Betting Options

      There are 20 paylines fixed in place for 20 Super Hot. This is one aspect that updates the classic fruit machine theme as retro slots tended to have a single payline. The game also uses a single coin wagering system. The coin size can range between 20 and 400, and this is also the minimum and maximum total stake.

      The option to use autoplay is also available in 20 Super Hot. It means that creating a betting system to play with is made easier with this title. You’re able to use this in all game modes, so even if you are practicing in the free play round, you can still use the autoplay and work out the best strategy for you.

      20 Super Hot Slot Game Bonus Features

      There are two bonus features included in the 20 Super Hot slot. The first is completely optional as to if you want to use it. It’s a gamble feature that you can use on any win that is below 700. In this round you will choose if a card will be black or red. If you get it right then you will double your win. However, if you lose you will lose the entire win. This does mean that smaller wins can be turned into much more significant wins if players are successful with the gamble feature.

      There isn’t a free spins feature in the 20 Super Hot slot machine however there is a random bonus. It can begin at any moment and will take players straight to a picking game. Here there are 12 cards placed face down on the board. Players have to pick the cards until 3 matching suits are revealed. Each suit pays out a different value. Clubs pays out the least and Spades pays out the most.

      Play 20 Super Hot Slot on Mobile

      Mobile play is obviously something that many players look for when playing video slots. However, it’s not a possibility with 20 Super Hot. This is a definite downside and is all the more surprising when seeing that the game did have an update in 2021 and it was made with HTML5 support. 

      Players are unable to enjoy 20 Super Hot on mobile devices

      With most players wanting access to video slots on mobile, this is a huge problem for mobile players.

      20 super hot device compatibility

      20 Super Hot Fixed Jackpot

      There is a fixed jackpot for the 20 Super Hot slot. As it’s a fixed jackpot it means that there is no variation in the maximum potential win in the game. This is different to the type of win you can get on a lottery (1) which is a progressive jackpot. It does mean that players are able to know exactly how much they can win when playing the game, the downside to this is that there is a set upper limit and the payout can never be increased.

      Because the fixed jackpot is set from the start, it means players always know what is available to them. It does mean that the potential win doesn’t have the opportunity to rise as high as progressive jackpot titles. However, it also doesn’t vary when it is won and will always pay out the standard amount.

      The maximum payout in 20 Super Hot is 1,000 times the player stake. This is won when players manage to completely fill up the reels with the 7 symbol.

      20 Super Hot Visuals and Sound

      Visually 20 Super Hot is excellent. All of the images retain a retro style without looking dated. There is a lot of color on show which helps the fruit symbols to stand out on the dark reels. While the symbols themselves aren’t animated, the reels do show some animated fire when a win is created which adds a nice little extra layer to them. While the graphics don’t quite match up to some of the very best titles on the market, they are perfectly in line with the theme of the game and still look great.

      Sound is an area where the game does fall down a little bit. There are no sounds in place for the game. So there’s no background music and no reel spinning noise. It does take players out of the moment a little bit, as it would be nice to have some retro sounds to match with the retro theme.

      On the whole the aesthetics of the game could be a little bit better. While the visuals compete with anything on the market the sound leaves a lot to be desired.

      20 Super Hot Slot Strategy

      Video slots can often be difficult to create strategies for. This is because they use a random number generator to power the math models behind them. So, you’re not able to predict how things will land on a statistical basis. It means your decisions don’t impact the gameplay itself. So there’s no skill basis to the actual game like there are with some other online casino games. (2)

      With 20 paylines in place, which are fixed, it offers more than most classic slot games. The paylines being fixed does remove the chance to increase or decrease the paylines. This is generally a good thing as the more paylines that are in play the better.

      The main step that can have some bearing on how you play is your stake. Setting the right stake for you is vital when playing a slot. Once you’ve chosen your stake it’s time to spin the reels. You can also set up an autoplay for a set number of spins, which is good for strategies based on a specific number of spins.

      Because there are stacks that can land on the reels, it does mean that the potential to completely fill the reels with a single symbol is available. So, you are able to have every payline on the board in play on a single spin.

      20 Super Hot RTP/Volatility

      The RTP for 20 Super Hot is 95.79%. This is pretty much in line with the market average, so it’s good to see. What this means is that on average 10,000 credits wagered will give a return of 9,579 credits. Obviously, it won’t work out this way on every game due to how averages work in real life.

      The 20 Super Hot slot machine has a low volatility. It means that wins are a regular occurrence but they don’t tend to be that high. However, what is good to see is that the maximum win is set at 1,000 times the player stake. This is above the average for low volatility slots.

      A high RTP doesn’t guarantee returns. It is worked out over a huge number of spins. It means that you are unlikely to get the RTP as your return when you play as you won’t carry out that number of spins personally.

      With a low volatility you know you won’t have to wait too long for some wins to come your way. It does also mean that it’s not likely that a massive win will come along either. However, lower volatility games are easier to set up a bankroll strategy for, so this does help players who like to use this method to play.

      Due to the use of RNG technology to create the game, it does mean that you’re not guaranteed wins on a regular basis. The low volatility just means that it’s more likely to happen. Keep this in mind when playing.

      With the RTP and volatility in line with each other quite nicely, it does mean 20 Super Hot is good for beginner players. The maximum payout is also high for a title with such a low volatility.

      20 super hot slot rtp

      20 Super Hot Slot Game Tips

      You can’t find a way to ensure that you win when playing video slots. As they are random games, you cannot influence the outcome of any one spin. However, there are some ways you can increase the possibility of you walking away with a profit.

      Manage your Bankroll

      It’s absolutely a sensible decision to manage your bankroll. This isn’t a complicated task at all. In fact, all you need to do is be sensible with your budget. It means you should make sure to keep your stake at a level which will give you as many spins as you can. The more spins you are able to carry out, the better the chance of you getting one of the bigger prizes in the game.

      Stick to your Budget

      It’s always important to set a budget and stick to it. If your budget runs out then just leave it at that. As soon as your budget is gone then it means you are chasing your losses. This is the first step to getting yourself in trouble. So, if the worst case does happen and your budget is drained, walk away and come back to play on a different day.

      Practice Makes Perfect

      How can you practice on a video slot? It’s simple, by playing a video slot in demo mode you can get a feel for how the maths model works. You can then start to work on your bankroll management strategy for the game. While it doesn’t guarantee a win, what it does do is give you a better idea of what to expect when you play for real money.

      Overall Rating

      After taking an extremely close look at 20 Super Hot we have come to a final conclusion about what it has to offer. Have a read through our last word on the game to see exactly what it has to offer and if it can give you what you want in a slot.

      20 Super Hot: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 3/5

      20 Super Hot provides an average user experience to players. While the game itself is simple to control, with quite intuitive buttons in place, the lack of mobile play does go against it somewhat. 

      Game Features: 3.5/5

      In terms of features 20 Super Hot is pretty much in line with what you would expect. While there isn’t a free spins round, there is a bonus feature included and there is a gamble feature too. For a retro themed slot this is quite a lot.

      Payouts: 3.5/5

      The payouts are a positive for this slot. Although 1,000 times the player stake isn’t as high as some other titles around, it’s still quite high for a low volatility title. It means that it’s an above average payout and will definitely attract players.

      Sounds & Visuals: 2.5/5

      This is an area where 20 Super Hot comes unstuck a little bit. The visuals are excellent. They look good, are well designed and stick to the theme of the game like glue. However, the complete lack of sounds is a negative. It means that it’s impossible to give the title a top score for aesthetics, no matter how good the graphics are.

      Final Rating: 3/5

      20 Super Hot is on the whole an above average video slot. It has some really nice features in place, has an above average RTP and provides a high payout for a low volatility slot. It does have a few negatives that drag its overall score down a little, the sound and mobile play are big issues, but if you enjoy retro themed games then this is definitely a game for you. 

      20 Super Hot FAQs

      Where can I play the 20 Super Hot slot machine for free?

      Here at you can find this and a range of other video slots to try out. Just load the game up and you can start working on your strategy without risking any of your bankroll.

      Where can I safely play the 20 Super Hot online slot for real money?

      There are a large range of different online casinos on the market. Just take a look through our detailed reviews and you will be able to find the best site for your needs. Once you’ve found a site that we recommend then you can start playing 20 Super Hot safely right away.

      Are there any free spins on 20 Super Hot?

      No. The game doesn’t feature a free spins round.

      What are similar slots to the 20 Super Hot slot?

      There are a large number of different video slots that are similar to 20 Super Hot. Because it uses a retro theme essentially any slot that provides a classic fruit machine style game will be similar to the 20 Super Hot slot.

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      Game statistics

      20 Super Hot
      Provider: EGT
      Reels: 5
      Rows: 3
      Paylines: 20
      RTP: 95.79
      Jackpot: Yes