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Gamblib was founded on October 5th, 2012 with the goal of providing honest and credible information on slots, online casinos, and bonus offers. Since then, Gamblib has become one of the premiere go-to websites for information on everything in the online gambling market. 

For a lot of our visitors, one of the biggest reasons they visit our site is to play free versions of their favorite online slot machines. 

Whether you’re a fan of themed slots like Jurassic Park or you just simply enjoy playing classic games, you can check out the internet’s biggest collection of free slot games here. 

Furthermore, our team also provides hundreds of honest, unbiased reviews of all the top online slots in the gambling industry.

Here, not only will you find which casinos are worth your money, but you’ll find the answers to any other questions you might have about the online gambling industry.

What Do We Offer

As we mentioned before, we pride ourselves in providing honest and credible information on slots, online casinos, and bonus offers. However, our extent of knowledge goes far beyond these three topics.

Here at Gamblib, you can find our favorite:

Free Slots
Free Slots

Play your favorite slot titles from our collection of 4450+ free online slots

Table Games
Table Games

This is a place where you can play and practice casino table games online for free.

Casino Reviews
Casino Reviews

Get the latest casino reviews – fully tested for security, safety and fairness

Gambling Guides
Gambling Guides

We’ve got in-depth guides that provide insight into all forms of online gaming

We also go more in-depth on bonus offers like free spins and no deposit bonuses, which you’ll find no matter where you go to play your favorite casino games.

Values and Mission

Gamblib is centered around one main mission: to provide trustworthy value to our readers on the online gambling world.

Being enthusiasts of the industry ourselves, we love to explore new online casinos, slots, and bonuses that we can use to create the best playing experience possible. 

That’s why we understand just how important honest information is. With honest information, you know which casinos to play at, which slots try out, and which bonuses to take advantage of.

By doing so, we can provide hundreds of thousands of players with the resources that we never had, so that they can get the gameplay experience that everyone deserves to get. 

Why You Can Trust Us

Here at Gamblib, you can depend on what we have to say. Not only does our team have more than 8 years of experience in the online gambling industry, but we also pride ourselves in trying something before we recommend it to others.

This means that, in order for us to review a casino, it undergoes a meticulous process by our team, reviewing everything from the quality of the games to the payment methods available for you to use.

After our team reviews the casino, we then determine whether or not it’s on the level of standards that we’d like in order for us to recommend it to our visitors.

The same intricate process goes for slot reviews and any other information that we want to give to our readers. Before we say anything, we always make sure that we’ve tried it our first so that we can give our proper, unbiased thoughts. 

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Meet the Team

Ed Scimia

Content Creator

Ed Scimia is one of the content creators on our team. When he isn’t reviewing an online casino or a new slot machine, he’s probably playing chess or watching an enjoyably bad movie.

Merxhan Emini

Technical Lead

Merxhan Emini is our product and technology leader. He’s responsible for a lot of the gears that keep Gamblib turning on the backend. When he’s not coding, you can probably find him checking out the latest issue of Financial Times!

Harry Schmidt

Graphic Designer

We can attribute a lot of the artwork here at Gamblib to Harry Schmidt. If you like what you see in our articles and review, you have Harry to thank!

Jon Young

Content Creator

Jon is one of our top content writers with over 12 years’ experience in the online gambling industry. He has written on everything from slots to mobile gaming. When he isn’t playing Mega Moolah, you can find him playing at your favorite poker tournaments at casinos.

Christian Chavez

Head of Operations

Christian Chavez is our head of operations here at Gamblib. He’s responsible for making sure that all the content is published on time and that everything looks perfect before the publication takes place. 

You can also thank him for the content, as a lot of the ideas come from him!

Ron Smith

Editor in Chief

If you like what you’re reading, then Ron Smith probably had something to do with it. Our Editor-in-Chief here at Gamblib is someone we’ve been able to depend on time and time again to ensure that our content is the best it can be.

When Ron isn’t helping our writers write their best content, he’s probably out playing tennis or watching a movie.

Keith Brown

Business Development Manager

We can thank Keith for keeping Gamblib’s gears turning on the business side. His contributions have helped Gamblib grow every single day while also keeping our workplace efficient and enjoyable. Thanks, Keith!

Gamblib History

Gamblib has been around for quite a while. Take a look at some of our achievements during our nine years in business.


One of our first slot reviews was published on our website. The slot review covered Viking’s Treasure, a slot machine made by Net Entertainment. Little did we know at the time that this would be the first of many slot reviews to come.

2013 – 2015

After consistently publishing new slot reviews for players to read, we soon realized that simply letting our readers read on a slot wasn’t enough. Our readers needed to experience the game in its entirety.

Thus, we set out to create a database full of free online slots for our visitors to enjoy. Our mission was to create a directory where any slot enthusiast could come to test out new slots without the risk of losing money.

During this time, we also began to segment slots by different themes such as paylines, slot provider, and in-game features.

2016 – 2018

2016 to 2018 was a time of big change. Not only did we begin to add casino reviews, but we also completely redesigned the site to provide a more user-friendly interface. 

Furthermore, to help players find new, trustworthy casinos, we even added a directory where visitors of Gamblib could discover credible online casinos in their country.


In 2019, we wanted to make it easier for our visitors to sign up with an online casino. Therefore, with our online casino reviews, we also added the option to sign up through one of our links.

This cut the intermediary in half as players could now go to the online casino with the click of a button. While we were doing this, we were still consistently putting out new slot reviews for our readers’ enjoyment.

Please Gamble Responsibly

Here at Gamblib, we’re dedicated to making sure that our readers not only have an enjoyable gambling experience, but a safe one as well.

Thus, our entire team is committed to making sure that everyone who visits our website practices responsible gambling. We encourage our users to have a great time while playing at an online casino. However, it’s just as important to make sure that they have a safe time as well.

Playing at an online casino is a great way to enjoy yourself. Just make sure that it doesn’t take up all your time and don’t let it become an addiction.