Credible and Fair Review Process

How We Rate our Online Casinos

At Gamblib, we want to make sure that you’re experiencing the highest quality possible when it comes to your gaming experience. That means choosing the right online casinos for you to play at.

Why is this? For one, a trustworthy online casino ensures that you don’t have to worry about where your money is going. You can just enjoy the games that they have to offer. Secondly, a great online casino always cares more about its customers than its money, meaning that you’ll always have new features to look forward to.

To ensure that you’re only playing at the best casinos, we’ve developed a strict criteria and checklist. If a casino does not meet every requirement, we will not recommend them to you. Take a look at our process below to see how we rate online casinos all across the internet!

Credible and Fair Review Process

Mr. Gamez ensures your online safety:

What Does it Take for a Casino to be Featured on our Website? 

We have a strict process that we use when looking at an online casino’s qualifications. More specifically, we examine the following:

We’re going to take an in-depth look at each factor and what we look for. For example, in game selection we specifically take a look at if their games offer great payouts. Let’s get started!


Website security is crucial to ensuring a great time. After all, you’re trusting the casino with your data. If the website doesn’t do a good job of keeping your information safe, then a third party might end up with your credit card details or home address.

Furthermore, some casino sites who are a little more shady might sell your information off to the highest bidder. Therefore, we always start our examination by looking at how strong a casino’s security is.

Proper Licensing

We start by checking an online casino to see if they are licensed. A license means that the online casino is recognized as legitimate from a governing body. The governing bodies we tend to look for are the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and others.

Regulated Gameplay

Next, we look to see if an online casino is independently regulated by a third party. This ensures fair play and that the online casino isn’t twisting the odds in their favor. Since you won’t be able to see how an online casino operates its slots and table games, it can be hard to tell if an online casino is rigging the gameplay. A third party regulator audits the online casino’s games and makes sure that they aren’t skewing a player’s chances.. When we see that a site is independently regulated, we know that they have fair play.

SSL Certificate

The last thing we look at in security is their SSL certificate. An SSL certificate essentially encrypts data going between you and the online casino. Without this, any third party can access your data. Therefore, we look to see if a site has an SSL certificate to make sure that your data won’t be vulnerable to other people.

Game Selection

Game selection is especially important because, if you’re going to be playing at an online casino for a long time, you’ll want a wide variety of games to try. You don’t want to start playing at a casino only to finish all their games within a few months.

Therefore, the first thing we look at is if the online casino has a wide selection of games.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a must for online casinos. These have the highest winnings and attract the most players. Plus, the gameplay is immersive and tends to be very hands-on. Whenever we see that an online casino has progressive jackpots, this is a good sign since it means that they’re willing to pay players.

Play for Free

Another feature we look for is the play for free option. Nowadays, you’ll want to test a slot or game before you decide whether or not you want to put money on it.

Games from Top Developers

Whenever we examine the game selection by an online casino, we also look at who developed the game. The reason that we do this is we want you to play games that are high quality. Top developers have a reputation of putting out high quality games. Therefore, this is something we look at since it tells us the type of gameplay you can expect whenever you log on.

Bonuses and Promotions

Everyone loves a good bonus. It’s essentially free money that you get to use at an online casino. Here’s what we look at in the bonuses and promotions department.

A Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is something that almost every online casino will give you when you sign up with them. However, we look at the quality of the welcome bonus at each online casino we review. Are they giving you enough free money to play with? What are the rollovers like? Can the bonus be used throughout the entire casino or is it just for slots? These are all questions we ask when looking at a welcome bonus.

Terms and Conditions

Every bonus will have some type of terms and conditions you need to follow. These typically embody a playthrough requirement, wagering limits, and other regulations. These terms and conditions are used to help make sure that the bonus doesn’t get abused. However, we also want to make sure that the terms and conditions are reasonable. That way, players can actually earn some free money.

VIP & Loyalty Program

Another essential part of the bonuses and promotions factor is the VIP program. We look to see if an online casino has some type of loyalty program that they offer to players. This can be anything from extra points for playing their games to giveaways that they give to their best customers.

Banking Methods

Banking is another important factor that we examine. It’s important to be able to receive your money in a timely manner. However, it’s even more important to make sure that your money is secure during the process. As such, this is an area that we take very seriously.

Quick Deposit and Withdrawal Times

During our investigation, we’ll make sure that deposit and withdrawal times are quick and efficient. For deposits, we expect the period to take around 10-15 minutes for most methods. For withdrawals, we expect to receive our money within a few days.

Secured Payment Processing

We also check to make sure that all funds are transferred in a secure way. This means using notable payment providers as well as proper encryption. We also want to see that the casino site is separating their operation funds from their player funds.

Customer Support

No matter what online casino you play at, something is always bound to happen. Therefore, you’re going to want great customer support to aid you with your problems. We want to make sure that you get any issues solved whenever playing. That’s why all our recommended casinos have great customer service.

Fast Response Times

There’s nothing more frustrating than lengthy response times from your representative. Unfortunately, it’s happened to us quite a few times and this can usually lead to the problem being unresolved. We always check to make sure that representatives are responding to your questions in under 5-10 minutes.

Data Protection

Sometimes, the issue you run into will involve personal information. We don’t want your personal information to get in the wrong hands. Therefore, we make sure that our casinos reassure their customers that no data will fall in the wrong hands.

Mobile Compatibility

Lastly, we examine mobile compatibility. With mobile casino gaming on the rise, more and more players are playing their favorite casino games on their phone. Therefore, to ensure that you can play no matter where you are, we take a look at how well an online casino adjusts from computer to phone.

Optimization for Smaller Screen

One way we look at a casino’s mobile compatibility is by examining how well they can optimize for a smaller screen. We do this by comparing the layout on a computer to the layout on a phone. We look at if they all have the same hyperlinks, features, and design. If the answer is yes, then this means that the online casino is able to handle a mobile device.

Great In-App Experience

We also look to see if the overall in-app experience is a solid one. By this, we mean we check how smoothly the app runs. We also look and see if the mobile site has promotions specific to their app.Some online casinos also offer fewer games than their computer counterparts. As such, we look for online casinos that offer the same number of games on both their computer and their mobile device.

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