Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

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Playson Viking Gods: Thor & Loki


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Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

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      Viking Gods: Thor & Loki
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      Viking Gods: Thor & Loki Slot Review

      It’s pretty hard to think of a theme more foreboding and downright cool than the Vikings, right? Throughout the history of the iGaming industry, and particularly as the technology associated available to all of our favourite developers has become more and more sophisticated, these fearsome bearded warriors have been a staple within the online slots world.

      Imagine our excitement then, when inimitable Malta-based developer Playson announced earlier this year details of their forthcoming Viking Gods: Thor & Loki video slot. Touted as the very best release based on this incredibly immersive theme ever, the release couldn’t come quick enough in our books. Now that it’s been and gone, it’s time to reflect and let you all know what we thought.

      Valhalla-worthy Theme

      The essence of any online casino game is contained within its theme and appearance. Surely that’s a point upon which all of us can agree? While mechanics and the like are important, chances are the typical user isn’t going to give the game much of chance to prove its worth on that front, if they don’t first entice with a stunning theme and presence.

      Luckily, Playson are more than experienced enough to know this. As such, every game feature contained within the interface of the free Viking Gods: Thor & Loki slot is complimenting of the next. Cut from some pretty formidable 3D graphics, the games five reels are animated with exceptionally unique symbols and icons that do a great deal to get you in the mood for play.

      Considering this is a no download needed game, and is fully mobile-optimised, it’s pretty amazing that speed is never an issue – regardless of the device or browser you’re using. Software by Playson living up to its spotless reputation, once again.

      Layers of Myth

      We’ve got to be honest, we were already pretty much entirely sold by the looks and functionality of this game alone. So, when we dug a little deeper and dared to play for real money, the last thing we expected was to be hit with so many more awesome features that we forgot about the theme almost entirely.

      The term layered is a drastic understatement for the build of this game. For starters, at the most basic level of play, there are several symbols of various value – from the low value rune stones right up to the very precious crystals – that line your reels and paylines in order to form winning combinations. Nothing significant about that sure, but that’s just the beginning.

      Beyond this, there’s literally an overload of bonus game features and opportunities. In most cases, landing either of the games titular Thor or Loki icons on any active line will result in entry in to the real high roller areas of the game. The first of these is the ‘Viking God’s level, triggered by landing either game symbol on the middle reel. Landing this will trigger a range of wilds – which act in the typical way to replace any inanimate keys in the chain – ultimately adding a great deal of value to your existing combos, and by default your pot!

      Further to this, the Thor free spins trigger will grant players up to 10 spins based on the number and value of crystals accumulated. This feature also comes equipped with an expanding wild add-on, the value of which can reach up to 3×3. All things considered, there’s a lot going on within an interface that’s already bursting with interesting, interactive features. We’re pretty much smitten.

      Kin of the Horde

      Given the recent popularity of the whole Viking format and theme, there are of course a couple of games out there that pack a similar vibe to this one. As a tried and tested method of sourcing new games for the regulars list, comparisons are always a safe shout within the context of any review. In this spirit then, we recommend that punters who have encountered either Thunderstruck II from Microgaming, or Vikings Go Berzerk from Yggdrasil Gaming should definitely checkout Viking Gods: Thor & Loki. It’s likely you’ll find a lot of enjoyment. All three titles share more than just a smattering of thematic similarities; boasting a similar composition, RTP and degree of animation. Go forth and explore, warrior!

      When the Day is Won

      This could easily be the best work that Playson has done on a slot title yet. Every facet of this thing is remarkable in its own way. The beauty of the build and finish, the subtle complexities of the mechanism, and of course the great deal of scope it offers to players of all wagering preference, all add up to make one rock solid release.

      Our guess is that it won’t be long until this title is big news throughout the slots industry. So, if you’re all about getting in on the ground floor, or if you have a particular penchant for Vikings, get involved now!

      Game statistics

      Viking Gods: Thor & Loki
      Provider: Playson
      Reels: 5
      Rows: Not Available
      Paylines: 15
      RTP: Not Available
      Jackpot: Not Available

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