Dolphin Treasure

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Aristocrat Dolphin Treasure

Dolphin Treasure will be another familiar name among our players that are reading this in Australia as it features some classic Aristocrat action that has led to it being a popular choice of game across the country.

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Dolphin Treasure

Dolphin Treasure

Dolphin Treasure

Dolphin Treasure

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      Dolphin Treasure
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      Dolphin Treasure will be another familiar name among our players that are reading this in Australia as it features some classic Aristocrat action that has led to it being a popular choice of game across the country.

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      Dolphin Treasure Slot Review

      Dolphin Treasure is one of the oldest video slots on the market. While it might not have been around when online slots first appeared, it has its origins in the slot machines in Vegas. First created in the 1990s, this is a game that has been around for a while. Like most older slots that still get played today, there is a reason for its longevity. The 20 payline, 5 reels and enjoyable bonus feature are what has helped to make the Dolphin Treasure slot machine a modern day classic.

      Theme and Graphics

      It’s set underwater, which makes sense given the title of the game. All of the graphics for the game stick to this theme. So you’re never confused about what’s supposed to be going on as you spin the reels. While some of the visuals might look a little bit dated today, the symbols are still nice and big so they are very easy to see when they land on the game board.

      Pros and Cons

      • Bonus round awards an instant payout when triggered
      • All wins multiplied during the free spins round
      • Some symbols pay out with just 2 on a payline
      • The graphics look a little bit dated now
      • No mobile play available

      Dolphin Treasure Symbols & Values

      All of the symbols in Dolphin Treasure are tied directly to the theme of the game. All of the higher paying symbols are sea creatures, although somewhat surprisingly none of the symbols feature a dolphin (1). The symbols help to tie everything together as it makes sure that all players are able to immerse themselves in the undersea world.

      The wild symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game and it also doubles any wins that it is involved with. This makes it the most important symbol in the game. There is a treasure chest symbol which acts as a scatter. When this appears it can award instant wins and free spins. The higher paying symbols that are included in Dolphin Treasure are as follows:

      • Turtle
      • Seahorse
      • Starfish
      • Octopus
      • Fish

      The lower paying symbols are all based around playing card values. This is the usual method for laying out lower paying symbols for video slots. These are the symbols that can be found in Dolphin Treasure:

      • Ace
      • King
      • Queen
      • Jack
      • Ten
      • Nine

      There are no stacked symbols in Dolphin Treasure which means that you can’t fill up all paylines on a single spin. You can fill multiple paylines, but every payline is impossible to fill. The wild symbols help to create wins and if they manage to land on a payline that win will be doubled. Wilds cannot replace scatters, so they can’t be used to activate the bonus round.

      If you want to find out exactly what payouts are available in Dolphin Treasure then you can discover this in the full paytable:

      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      10x 200x 2000x 9000x
      2x 5x 20x 400x
      2x 25x 100x 750x
      2x 25x 100x 750x
      - 15x 100x 400x
      - 10x 75x 250x
      - 10x 50x 250x
      - 10x 50x 125x
      - 5x 50x 100x
      - 2x 25x 100x
      - 2x 25x 100x
      - 2x 25x 100x
      2x 5x 25x 100x

      Betting Options

      The betting range for Dolphin Treasure offers a lot of choice. The coin size can be set between 0.01 and 2.50 and the paylines can be customised to between 1 and 20. So it means that the betting range that’s available for Dolphin Treasure is between 0.01 and 50.00. This is a good range that allows players on a low budget and players on a higher budget the ability to enjoy the game with their own requirements in place.

      There is an autoplay available for Dolphin Spin. It’s really simple to use. Players just need to click on the plus or minus button next to the spin button. This will then select a number of spins and from there the autoplay will be in effect. It’s superb for anyone who wants to manage their budget by setting out a specific number of spins to play with.

      Dolphin Treasure Slot Features

      The game itself is very simple to play. On each spin, players are able to set their stake, the number of paylines and choose how many auto spins to carry out. Once the game has started, there is just a single feature included in the base game. 

      This is the wild symbol. Whenever this symbol appears on the reels and is involved in a winning line it will double the size of the win. It can also help to create wins as it can replace any symbol on the reels apart from the scatter symbol.

      Bonus Games and Free Spins

      The bonus round begins whenever at least 3 of the scatter chest symbols land on the reels. This will then award 15 free spins to players and an instant win. The size of the win depends on how many scatters appear. 

      All wins during the bonus round are tripled in value. This helps to make the round an extremely lucrative one. As well as this the Dolphin Treasure slot game allows for the free spins to be retriggered. There’s no limit to this so it can potentially go on forever, although obviously this is unlikely.

      Fixed Jackpot

      Dolphin Treasure uses a fixed jackpot for its maximum payout. This is a form of fixed odds betting (2), although it has a wider range of possibilities than the sports betting equivalent. As a low volatility game, the lack of progressive jackpot is not a surprise. It means that on every spin players know exactly what the maximum possible win is.

      In general, there are two frameworks of betting in gambling: fixed-odds betting, where the odds is fixed and known before players wager in one round; and parimutuel betting, where the odds can still change after players place the bets until all players finish wagering.

      The jackpot for Dolphin Treasure is awarded when players are able to get a full payline of wild symbols during the bonus spins round.

      Is Dolphin Treasure Available on Mobile?

      One big issue with the Dolphin Treasure slot is that it doesn’t include mobile play. It’s quite a significant issue as mobile players make up a big proportion of the market in the modern world. Dolphin Treasure last received an update in 2020, so it’s possible that a future update will add mobile compatibility to the game, but there is no guarantee of this. Especially as Dolphin Treasure is one of the older slots on the market.

      Mobile players don’t have the ability to enjoy Dolphin Treasure. This does take a little bit of the shine off the game as mobile play is an important aspect today.

      Dolphin Treasure was designed completely in Flash, which puts it behind other titles on the market when it comes to compatibility. As an older game it’s understandable that this is the case, it does mean that Aristocrat may choose to revamp the game at some point in the future.

      Visuals and Audio

      Visually the Dolphin Treasure slot is quite a way behind other video slots on the market. This is because it’s one of the oldest games around. The symbols do look quite dated and there is almost a faded look to them. There are also no animations which is another aspect that hinders the aesthetics.

      In terms of sounds they are also a little bit lacklustre. The sounds are all very generic. While they do fit for a video slot quite well, they do sound a bit dated at this moment in time.

      The aesthetics is an area that Aristocrat hasn’t put a huge amount of effort into. As such it’s plainly obvious that this is one of the older games around. It doesn’t look good and for players who like a visually stimulating experience this might be a little bit off putting.

      RTP and Variance

      The RTP is 94.88% for Dolphin Treasure. This is one of the lower RTP values on the market. The main reason for this is because the game originated in land based casinos, these slots do tend to have lower RTP values. As such, when the game was converted to be played at online casinos the maths model behind the game was kept the same. The RTP for Dolphin Treasure means that over a large number of spins every 10,000 credits that are wagered should return 9,488 credits.

      The game has a low volatility. It means that wins come along pretty often when you’re spinning the reels. However, this also means that the value of the wins is lower than games with a higher volatility. If you want to play a game that brings lots of wins to you then this is the one to go for.

      The RTP for Dolphin Treasure is quite low, but with tripled wins in the bonus round it is able to provide some excitement for players.

      Low volatility games tend to keep players interested because plenty of wins come along. With the potential for increased wins in the bonus round, it makes Dolphin Treasure one of the most engaging games on the market.

      The ability to grab bigger wins in the bonus round, as well as regular wins appearing on the reels, makes Dolphin Treasure an enjoyable title.

      Even though this is a low volatility game, there’s still a maximum win of 1,350 times the stake available. This is above what most other low volatility games offer, so it makes it extremely well worth trying out.

      Dolphin Treasure Slot Strategy

      Video slots use what is called a pseudo random number generator (3) to make the reels spin. It basically means that computers are incapable of creating a true random number, so this uses the closest possible method to emulate randomness. It’s an industry standard to do this when designing a slot game, so it means that Dolphin Treasure is completely in line with the video slot market.

      There are 20 paylines available in Dolphin Treasure which create wins both ways. You are able to customise the paylines too, so can lower your total stake by having fewer paylines active. However, this does mean that it also lowers your chances of winning. As such it always makes sense to have the maximum number of paylines active when you’re playing.

      The bonus spins round is the best way to grab wins in this game. Because all wins are tripled in this round it makes it much more lucrative than the base game.

      Slot Game Tips

      Obviously, the use of a pseudo random number generator makes Dolphin Treasure impossible to accurately predict. It means that there is a lot more luck that goes into each spin than a game such as Blackjack. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any ways to give yourself a better chance of winning a big prize. Have a look through our best strategies to increase your winning potential.

      Don’t Go All in

      You might have seen Poker players going all in to great effect but this is not a sensible tactic for slot players. When you’re playing Dolphin Treasure your aim is to get to the bonus round. With wins in this round tripled, it means that much bigger prizes can come your way. This is why it is vital to set your budget to give yourself as many spins as possible. This will increase your chances of activating the bonus round and being able to create the larger wins.

      Never Chase Losses

      Chasing losses is one of the biggest ways to cause yourself trouble with video slots. If you go on a losing streak then don’t be afraid to walk away from the game. It’s better to be able to play again another day than to wipe yourself out and end up spending money outside of your budget.

      Give the Demo Version a Try

      By trying demo versions of games you are able to get used to how the game plays. This doesn’t cost any money to do and will allow you to start playing quickly and without using up your bankroll. While it won’t guarantee any wins, it will make it easier for you to get a sense of how the game plays. This is why trying the Dolphin Treasure free slot is a sensible choice.

      Overall Rating

      Dolphin Treasure is a classic of the slot genre. While it is one of the older games on the market now, it still brings in plenty of players each year. We have put together all of the important information you need to know about the game right here:

      Gamblib logo
      Dolphin Treasure: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 3/5

      Dolphin Treasure is on the whole a really simple game to get started with. All of the controls are easy and setting a stake is a simple process. However, the lack of mobile play does drag it down slightly, meaning it has just an average score for this area.

      Game Features: 3.5/5

      While there is just a single feature available in the Dolphin Treasure slot, it is a superb feature. It allows players to grab wins that are 3 times higher than usual. This is excellent to see, especially for an older game as these can sometimes offer lower quality features to players.

      Payouts: 4.5/5

      The payouts in Dolphin Treasure are very good for a low volatility game. With a maximum payout of 1,350 times the player stake, this is well above what you would expect from most lower volatility games. 

      Sounds & Visuals: 2.5/5

      This is the area that lets the game down somewhat. The graphics and sounds are both very generic and dated. Looking at this game it really does stand out from other titles on the market in a negative way. However, that’s more in relation to how the aesthetics of video slots have improved over the years rather than what is on show here being really bad. Dolphin Treasure is a product of its time, but it could do with a little bit of a refresh to bring it up to date.

      Final Rating: 3.5/5

      Dolphin Treasure is a game that will instantly make you aware that it’s not a new release. The visuals and sounds both have a distinct aged feel to them. However, once you get past the superficial level this is a game that has a lot going for it. The bonus feature especially is very enjoyable and potentially lucrative. It’s well worth trying out.

      Dolphin Treasure FAQs

      Where can I play the Dolphin Treasure slot for free?

      You’re able to try out Dolphin Treasure in demo mode here at Just load up the free to play version and you can start working on your strategy right away.

      Do I need to download anything to play the Dolphin Treasure slot game?

      Unless you’re playing at an online casino that requires a download then no you don’t. All instant play casinos that feature the game will allow you to load it up and start playing right away.

      Can I play the Dolphin Treasure slot machine for real money?

      Yes you can. Just take a look through our selection of recommended online casinos and you will be able to easily choose a site to play at. Here you can fund your account and start playing Dolphin Treasure for real money right away.

      Are there other games similar to the Dolphin Treasure online slot?

      There are lots of other video slots that feature an under the sea theme. You can also find slots that provide bonus spins rounds with increased multipliers. Just take a look through our list of slot reviews to discover other slots that are very similar to the Dolphin Treasure slot machine.

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      Game statistics

      Dolphin Treasure
      Provider: Aristocrat
      Reels: 5
      Rows: Not Available
      Paylines: 20
      RTP: Not Available
      Jackpot: Not Available