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Aristocrat Buffalo

A favourite of many, Buffalo by Aristocrat is a five-reel slot with 1,024 ways to win. It holds one of the best free spins feature around. You can win a maximum of 999 free spins if you're lucky! The excitement is real when playing Buffalo slot machine.

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      A favourite of many, Buffalo by Aristocrat is a five-reel slot with 1,024 ways to win. It holds one of the best free spins feature around. You can win a maximum of 999 free spins if you're lucky! The excitement is real when playing Buffalo slot machine.

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      Buffalo Slot Machine Review

      Welcome to one of the most popular slot games around. Buffalo slot machine by Aristocrat was incredibly popular as a land-based slot and continued its popularity when expanding to the digital realm of online games. 

      Embracing its nature theme, Buffalo is a fast-paced game packed with wild animals and 1,024 ways to win which means that there are no fixed paylines in this slot game. This five-reel slot is one of the best animal-themed slots around and we’re here to let you know why. 

      Pros and Cons

      • There are 1,024 ways to win
      • Xtra Reel Power
      • Great free spins feature
      • There is no jackpot feature

      Theme, Graphics and Sounds 

      Buffalo by Aristocrat is a five-reel slot that is played on 4 rows. As evident by the name, this slot goes by the theme of nature. Having an animal theme brings this slot to the top of the list since this theme is quite popular with online gamblers. 

      Visually, the slot game could use some improvement as its slowly looking its age. However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot give the buffalos a good spin. The purple hazy background gives off the impression that we’re truly in the wild. 

      The audio kicks off when you start spinning the reels and it strengthens the wild west environment (1). If you play the slot game for too long, the wild chatter sounds might get a bit tedious. However, it surely gets you in the spirit and mood to start spinning the reels.

      buffalo slots

      Buffalo Slot Symbols and Values 

      Buffalo slot machine is packed with animal symbols on the reels including tigers, wolves, the American Eagle, deer, and of course, buffalos. The wild symbol is represented by a stunning visual of the sunset across the horizon, a similar representation of the slot’s background. The golden coin acts as a scatter symbol (2) in this slot game. 

      The highest paying symbol is the buffalo, paying 300x your stake when landing on 5 symbols. The
      American Eagle and the tiger are up next with 150x your stake when landing on 5 symbols. The wolf and the deer will reward you with 120x your stake when landing on 5 matching symbols on the reels. 

      The traditional card symbols can also be noticed on the reels and these are the lowest paying symbols in the slot game. 

      The wild symbol can act as a substitute for all symbols in the slot game except the golden coin. The wild symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. 

      When playing Buffalo, the minimum bet that you can make is 0.01 but the maximum bet is that of 400.00. If you want to place a maximum bet, you need to make sure that all five reels are activated. 

      If you’re interested in getting to know more about different payouts for each symbol, you can check out our paytable below.

      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      10x 50x 100x 300x
      - 50x 100x 150x
      - 50x 100x 150x
      - 20x 80x 120x
      - 20x 80x 120x
      - 10x 50x 100x
      - 10x 50x 100x
      - 5x 20x 100x
      - 5x 20x 100x
      - 5x 10x 100x
      - 5x 10x 100x
      - 2x 10x 20x

      Features, Jackpot, Free Spins

      Buffalo slot game is packed with special features and free spins. For starters, this slot game by Aristocrat provides players with 1,024 ways to win, a feature that is called Xtra Reel Power. 

      In 1024 ways to win slot machine, there are no fixed paylines. Instead, players will get access to every combination from left-to-right, regardless of where the match appears on the reels. You will only pay one price but will have access to every possible winning combination.

      In this game, you can play all five reels with the minimum bet of 40 credits. Except for the golden coin that acts as the scatter symbol, all winning combinations are payable only when they appear on valid positions of adjacent reels, beginning with leftmost to right. 

      If you land on 3 or more golden coins, you will activate the Free Spin Bonus. During this Free Spin Bonus, you can get a maximum of 999 free spins. If you land on 5 golden coins, you will be awarded 20 free spins, 15 free spins for 4 golden coins and 8 free spins for 3 golden coins. In addition, if you land on 2 golden coins in the Free Spin Bonus round, you will get an additional of 5 free spins. 

      If, during the Free Spin Bonus round, the wild symbol appears, you will get a multiplier of the total win of that spin by either 2 or 3. 

      Buffalo Slot RTP/Volatility 

      The RTP of a slot game (return to player percentage) is a way to show the average of much a player will win from a slot. While this percentage is not a factual guarantee, it is a good way to estimate whether this slot game is worth your time. 

      buffalo rtp

      With an RTP of 94.85%, Buffalo slot machine has an average RTP when compared to other slots of its kind. Since it is a low to medium volatility slot, we would suggest that you start out with smaller bets and then raise your stakes, especially when playing for real money. This will give you time to evaluate your winning chances with this Aristocrat slot. 

      Buffalo Versions 

      Buffalo slot game is one of the most-loved slot games amongst players. Whether you’re a beginning or an avid gambler, you’re bound to come across a version of Buffalo and find yourself spinning the reels. 

      It wasn’t until 2012, however, that Aristocrat produced the online version of Buffalo slot machines. And it also became an instant hit with newbie and seasoned slot players alike.

      Which is why there are so many versions of Buffalo to play online and at a land-based casino. These include Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Gold and other smaller variants, including the new Diamond edition.

      Whichever Buffalo game you choose to play, we’re sure you’ll have the best time. Take a look at our recommended list of online casinos to pick a reliable and trustworthy site to play Buffalo Aristocrat. 

      Play Buffalo Slot Machine on Mobile 

      You can enjoy Buffalo slots both on desktop and on mobile devices. If you’re a fan of gambling on the go, then look no further than our trusted mobile casinos. We’ve recommended all the top mobile casinos for you where you can play your favourite slot games, including Buffalo. 

      The NPD Group has released a new report, detailing just how much growth the video game industry in the US and Canada saw in 2020 for mobile games specifically.

      Since mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular, we’ve made sure that you can play Buffalo slot game on your phone or tablet at our recommended casinos. Whether you own an iOS device or an Android smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy the fun and entertainment that the Buffalo slots bring. 

      buffalo device compatibility

      All you need to do is visit your app store to download your casino app. If your casino does not have an app, then you can play Buffalo through your mobile browser. It’s that simple! 

      Overall Rating

      It’s time to give our overall rating on Buffalo and we’ve based our review on a number of things: user experience, game features, payouts and sounds & visuals. By analysing all these areas of the game, we were able to give a final rating that will help you decide whether you would like to play Buffalo for real money or for free. Here’s what we think of this Aristocrat slot game.

      Buffalo: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4.5/5

      There’s nothing to complain about when it comes to user experience on Buffalo. The game is simple and very user-friendly to start spinning the reels. All you need to do is press ‘Spin’ to start playing the game. Let the fun begin!

      Game Features: 4/5

      Like a few other Aristocrat games, Buffalo comes with no fixed paylines and 1,024 ways to win. This feature is called Xtra Reel Power. This makes it an extremely popular slot with both beginners and avid gamblers since players can choose the number of reels they want to activate. 

      Buffalo is also home to the Free Spin Bonus feature in which you can get a maximum of 999 free spins if you’re super lucky.

      Payouts: 4/5

      The payouts are great when playing Buffalo. The highest paying symbol (of course, it’s the buffalo) pays 300x your stake when landing on 5 symbols on the reels. The lowest paying symbols are the traditional card game symbols. 

      The wild symbol in Buffalo is the stunning visual of the sunset across the horizon while the golden coin acts as a scatter symbol in this slot game.

      The RTP of the game is 94.85% while the volatility is low to medium. When playing Buffalo, we always suggest starting small and then increasing your wagers slowly, especially if you’re playing for real money. 

      Sounds & Visuals: 4/5

      The slot game comes equipped with crisp graphics and thematic audio. Played on 5 reels and 4 rows, the symbols fit well with the animal and wild-west theme. 

      The only downfall is that, if played for too long, the audio can get slightly tedious due to the constant chatter and noise. 

      Final Rating: 4/5

      Buffalo is an extremely popular Aristocrat game, both in land-based casinos, and in the online world. Whether you play this game on desktop or mobile, you’re bound to be satisfied with its user experience, graphics, audio quality and its bonus features. 

      Its best feature is, by no doubt, the Free Spin Bonus in which you can win up to 999 free spins. The wild symbol and the scatter symbols are quite impressive when it comes to payouts. All in all, we’re sure you’ll have the best time when playing Buffalo at one of our recommended casinos. 

      Buffalo by Aristocrat is the basic slot game that you can start on. However, if you’d like to take your Buffalo gambling at step further, we suggest that you check out its siblings, Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Stampede and Buffalo Gold.

      Buffalo FAQs

      Is Buffalo a good slot machine?

      Yes! Buffalo is one of the most popular slot games around. So much so, that there are other versions of the game due to its popularity. You can play Buffalo at one of our recommended casinos to ensure a safe and secure gameplay.

      How many different Buffalo slot variants are there?

      There are three main variants of Buffalo including Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Grand and Buffalo Stampede. However, Aristocrat is also introducing new variants of the game since it is so popular with players. Recently, Aristocrat recently a new variant called Buffalo Diamond.

      Where can I play the Buffalo slot game for free?

      You can play Buffalo slot game for free at any of our top casinos on our list. When you’ve practiced and played the game a few times, you can then make the decision of whether you would like to play the game for real money.

      Is it safe to play the Buffalo slot using real money?

      Playing Buffalo for real money is completely safe if you do it at one of our accredited and trustworthy casinos. Choose your favourite online site and start enjoying your favourite slot games today.

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      Game statistics

      Provider: Aristocrat
      Reels: 5
      Rows: 5
      Paylines: 1024
      RTP: 94.85
      Jackpot: No