Stinkin Rich

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IGT Stinkin Rich

Stinkin’ Rich is a video slot that combines the world of the mega rich with comedy. The name of the game is a pun on the smelly skunks that are featured in the title. It might look a little bit dated, but it has some incredible wins and fantastic features included.

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Stinkin Rich

Stinkin Rich

Stinkin Rich

Stinkin Rich

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      Stinkin Rich
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      Stinkin’ Rich is a video slot that combines the world of the mega rich with comedy. The name of the game is a pun on the smelly skunks that are featured in the title. It might look a little bit dated, but it has some incredible wins and fantastic features included.

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      Stinkin’ Rich Slot Review

      Stinkin’ Rich isn’t one of the true old school video slots on the market at the moment. However, it’s also not one of the newer titles either. That’s why it manages to have a little bit of a retro feel to it, while also adding in some fantastic modern video slot features. It has really interesting cartoon style graphics and offers 100 paylines across the reels. 

      The theme of the game is an interesting one. It puts players at a mansion. What makes this mansion so much fun is that there are two skunks that live there. They keep causing the rich owners heaps of trouble as they pop up and stink out the joint. Hence the name, Stinkin’ Rich. This game is a lot of fun, but it’s not just the theme that makes the Stinkin’ Rich slot game so enjoyable. It’s packed with features and has some great wins on offer.

      Pros and Cons

      • Stack wilds on the reels
      • Up to 325 free spins can be awarded
      • 100 paylines feature on the reels
      • Not available on mobile devices

      Stinkin’ Rich Symbols & Values

      All of the symbols on the Stinkin’ Rich slots match up to the theme of the game perfectly. The highest paying symbol in the game is the lady of the house. She’s drawn in a cartoon style and looks just like a stereotypical rich lady. When 3 or more matching symbols land on a payline then a win is created. Everything looks fantastic and the cartoon style is prevalent with all of the symbols. This is most obvious with the lower paying symbols where stink lines have been drawn onto them to emphasise that they smell.

      There are four bonus symbols in Stinkin’ Rich. Two bonus symbols which activate bonus rounds, a scatter which pays an instant win and a wild symbol.  The wild symbol doesn’t payout if it is on paylines alone, but it can appear on the reels stacked to help create lots of wins. Here are the higher paying symbols in the game:

      • Lady of the House
      • Man of the House
      • Daughter
      • Son

      There are also lower paying symbols in the Stinkin’ Rich slot. There are as follows:

      • Rotten Egg
      • Garlic
      • Moldy Cheese
      • Rotten Fish
      • Old Sneaker

      Obviously the lower paying symbols come along more often than the higher paying symbols but the stacked wilds do help to create a number of winning lines at a time. The wild symbol can only mix with paying symbols, it doesn’t mix with the scatter symbol. The lady of the house symbol will pay out 10,000 times the line bet for a complete payline.

      The bonus symbols are where the real fun is. There is a picking round and a free spins round available here. Both of these are accessible through bonus symbols. There are up to 325 free spins awarded in the free spins round making it potentially extremely lucrative.

      If you want to find out the full range of symbols for the Stinkin’ Rich slot then read through the full paytable here:

      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      50x 500x 10,000x
      40x 300x 1,000x
      30x 250x 500x
      30x 250x 500x
      15x 100x 300x
      15x 100x 300x
      10x 50x 250x
      10x 50x 250x
      10x 50x 250x
      3x 20x 100x

      Betting Options

      There are 100 paylines in total available for Stinkin’ Rich. They can be customized, so this means all 100 don’t have to be active on every spin. Players choose a coin value of between 0.01 and 10 and 1 coin is wagered on each payline. It means that the total stake is the coin value multiplied by the active paylines. So players can wager between 0.01 and 1,000 when playing Stinkin’ Rich.

      There is an autoplay feature, so players are able to budget a set number of spins. It means if you’re trying to create a Stinkin’ Rich slot machine strategy then the autoplay makes this very simple. You are also able to stop part way through if you like. So, if you grab a particularly big win and don’t want to continue playing, it’s easy to halt the autospin and walk away. You do also have to manually begin the bonus rounds, so you do have to watch the game.

      Stinkin’ Rich Slot Game Bonus Features

      There are two different bonus features included in Stinkin’ Rich.

      Keys to Riches feature

      This is awarded when players land 3 of the Keys to Riches bonus symbols on a payline. It only appears on the first 3 reels and has to be on an active payline. What is so impressive about this round is that it awards 5 free spins for every payline that’s included with the symbols. So, the potential to walk away with up to 325 free spins is available here.

      Picking Game

      This is called Trash for Cash and it begins when 3 of the Trash for Cash symbols land anywhere on the reels. Once this round begins players will have to pick the right trash pile to get an instant win. Between 6 and 40 times the stake is available here.

      Is Stinkin’ Rich Slot Available on Mobile?

      Mobile play is one of the most popular methods of play for players across the globe now. That’s why it’s such a disappointment that Stinkin’ Rich isn’t available on mobile at the moment. 

      Mobile players will be let down by Stinkin’ Rich as it’s unavailable

      The last update to the Stinkin’ Rich slot game was carried out in 2020. This shows that IGT is still interested in the game, so a new HTML5 update could come along in the future. However, at this moment in time it’s not available. 

      Stinkin’ Rich Fixed Jackpot

      There’s a fixed jackpot in place when playing Stinkin’ Rich slots. It’s a little bit more complex than other fixed jackpots though. Obviously, it doesn’t go to the heights of progressive jackpots, so you’re not going to get any record breaking wins here. (1) However, there are still some incredible prizes available to players when playing Stinkin’ Rich.

      Fixed jackpots have a maximum amount that can be won. These don’t offer prizes as high as progressive jackpots, but they still offer players the ability to grab some impressive prizes.

      Niall McCarthy

      The maximum payout for a single symbol in Stinkin’ Rich is from the Lady of the House. This pays out 100 times the player stake on a single payline. When combined with other symbols players can win up to 500 times the player stake from a single spin. However, during the free spins bonus round players are able to walk away with more than 5,000 times the player stake in total. This shows that there are some complexities around the jackpot for this game.

      Stinkin’ Rich Visuals and Sound

      Stinkin’ Rich has a very distinct visual style. It uses cartoon based images to create a humorous feeling about the game all of the way through. Everything is designed to raise a smile and look fantastic while doing so. The colors are not quite as bright as some other titles on the market, but the Stinkin’ Rich slot game is still extremely bright. It’s not as flashy as more modern titles, but it still looks fantastic.

      The sound is one of the better efforts on the market. It has a really nice theme playing in the background and this is interspersed with the skunks laughing to themselves. It adds just a little bit more fun to the game. It really shows the humor that the developers have and how it has been injected into the game.

      On the whole the sound and visuals for Stinkin’ Rich are excellent. Players can really sit down and enjoy the aesthetic experience when playing this title.

      Stinkin’ Rich Slot Strategy

      Creating strategies for video slot titles is extremely difficult and Stinkin’ Rich is no different. Strategies for video slots are all based around managing the player bankroll. This comes from the RNG (2) which ensures that the gameplay can’t be impacted by the player themself.

      There are 100 paylines included with this title, so it’s above the market average. The paylines can also be customised, so players are able to choose as many or as little as they like. It’s still best to play with the full number of paylines though, so always think about reducing your stake rather than reducing paylines when playing.

      As soon as you have chosen your number of paylines and the stake per payline, it’s time to start playing. All players need to do is click the big spin button in the middle of the reels and the game will begin. Stinkin’ Rich also includes autoplay, so you’re able to set your optimum number of spins for your bankroll and just let it play.

      The wild symbol can appear as a stacked symbol in the Stinkin’ Rich slot game, so it is possible to create wins on multiple paylines at a time. This is why it’s always worth keeping all paylines active as it will increase your chances of creating multiple wins at a time.

      Stinkin’ Rich RTP/Volatility

      The RTP for Stinkin’ Rich slots is one of the lowest on the market. Set at just 94.375%. So if you wager 100,000 credits playing this game on average 94,375 will be returned.

      stinkin rich slot rtp

      The volatility is at the higher end of the scale. So while wins aren’t regular in Stinkin’ Rich, they do tend to be on the larger size. The maximum payout for a single win isn’t near the top for the market, however the bonus spins feature does offer the opportunity to walk away with some fantastic wins due to the number of spins on offer.

      Of course the RTP doesn’t mean that you will always get that amount back. A large win can mean that you walk away with a profit. The RTP is calculated over a large number of games in order to get the average, you won’t play enough games to get the true RTP.

      The low RTP does make Stinkin’ Rich seem like a bad call at first glance, however the free spins round is what really makes this game. If you can get a large number of spins on the board then you have a good chance of walking away with a good sized win.

      The high volatility means that you will likely have to wait for a win to come along. It means you will have to manage your bankroll in order to play long enough to trigger that free spins bonus.

      The volatility and potential wins are quite nice for Stinkin’ Rich. While the RTP is quite low, the bonus spins round definitely makes up for this.

      Stinkin’ Rich Slot Game Tips

      No slot offers players definite wins, but you can improve your chances of a profit. We’ve collated the top tips for players to use in order to make sure that you can play Stinkin’ Rich to the best of your ability.

      Be Sensible with your Budget
      Be Sensible with your Budget

      Budgeting is vital for video slots. If you don’t budget right, then you will be finished in no time. By using your budget sensibly you will give yourself the best chance of playing long enough to trigger the bonus spins round. That means don’t risk it all on a single spin. Take your stake down to a level where you can get the most number of spins possible. The more spins you make, the better your chance of starting the bonus.

      Know when to Quit
      Know when to Quit

      If you’re on a big losing streak and your budget has been drained, it’s time to quit. Making one last bet will more often than not just empty your bankroll completely. By chasing losses, it makes you carry out silly decisions. Stick to your plan and be disciplined.

      Try Before Playing for Real Money
      Try Before Playing for Real Money

      Playing a demo version of Stinkin’ Rich will give you the best chance of learning how the game works. It means you can get a feel for the game and not need to use your budget up. Play through around 250 spins and then you will know enough about the game to set your budget and play for real money.

      Overall Rating

      We’ve taken a detailed and in depth look at what the Stinkin’ Rich slot game has to offer. This means that we have been able to provide you a breakdown of every aspect of the game. Here’s our final review of every aspect of the game so you know what you’re getting.

      Stinkin' Rich: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 2/5

      While Stinkin’ Rich actually has a good overall user experience, there is one aspect that really brings down its overall score. The lack of mobile play means that users aren’t able to get everything they want from this title. If mobile play was included then this would be a 4/5.

      Game Features: 4/5

      The features in Stinkin’ Rich are fantastic. There are two bonus rounds included in the game as well as stacked wilds. It means there is plenty to enjoy here. The free spins round is also fantastic due to the sheer amount of spins that can be awarded.

      Payouts: 3/5

      The standard payouts in the Stinkin’ Rich slot game are okay. With 100 times the stake available on a single symbol, it’s not a lot for a high variance title. However, with multiple paylines able to win at a time and big wins in the free spins round available, it does mean that big wins can be grabbed here.

      Sounds & Visuals: 4/5

      The sound and graphics for Stinkin’ Rich are really good. Although the visuals do look slightly dated now, they still have a fantastic link to the theme of the game. They are also drawn really well with just the animation quality letting things down. There’s also some fantastic sounds in place here. These also match to the theme which is what really makes this so impressive. 

      Final Rating: 3/5

      Stinkin’ Rich is one the whole a good video slot. However, it does have a few issues that stop it from being truly top tier. The lack of mobile play is what really holds it back and if this was remedied then this would be a solid 4/5 game.

      Stinkin’ Rich FAQs

      How do I play the Stinkin’ Rich slot for free?

      You can try out a fantastic demo version of Stinkin’ Rich right here at gamblib.org. Because trying games out is part of what we offer to players, it’s important to offer it here at our site.

      Can I play Stinkin’ Rich slots for real money?

      Most definitely. All you need to do is choose a top class online casino, create an account and then you will be able to play for real money.

      How do I trigger the bonus rounds on Stinkin’ Rich?

      The bonus rounds are triggered when the bonus symbols appear on the reels. For the free spins they need to be on the first three reels and activate an active payline. For the picking bonus they can be anywhere on the reels.

      What is the biggest jackpot you can win on Stinkin’ Rich?

      Players can walk away with up to 500 times their stake on a single win. However, the free spins bonus allows for wins up to 250,000 credits in a single bonus.

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      Game statistics

      Stinkin Rich
      Provider: IGT
      Reels: 5
      Rows: 5
      Paylines: 100
      RTP: 94
      Jackpot: No