Double Diamond

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IGT Double Diamond

Many of IGT’s top slots made their names in Las Vegas and Atlantic City originally, but for a game that almost defined the selection at such casinos, you need look absolutely no further than Double Diamond.

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Double Diamond

Double Diamond

Double Diamond

Double Diamond

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      Double Diamond
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      Many of IGT’s top slots made their names in Las Vegas and Atlantic City originally, but for a game that almost defined the selection at such casinos, you need look absolutely no further than Double Diamond.

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      Double Diamond Slot Machine Review

      Double Diamond is a classic slot from the International Games Technology (IGT) company that comes with 3-reels and a single payline. The game has a long history as it was first released for land-based casinos before hitting the internet in 2005. The slot's history and survival in the everchanging gaming world are due to its simplicity and user-friendliness. 

      The game has 7 symbols and offers 27 ways to win. From a millennial point of view, the game has nothing outstanding to offer except ultimate simplicity. Learn more about this slot’s advantages and disadvantages below.

      Pros and Cons

      • It is multi-denominational
      • Features high-level simplicity
      • Features 27 different ways to win
      • High volatility
      • Features a single payline

      Double Diamond Slot Machine Symbols and Values

      The Double Diamond slot machine, in terms of graphics including the symbols used in the game, is plain and simple. It is perhaps its simplicity that keeps it strong in the market since its inception.

      Double Diamond(R) is "a game that contributed a lot to the general popularity of the slot floor during its introduction in the late 1980s, and has remained a player favorite ever since."

       The game features seven symbols. Below are the combination and wins:

      • Cherries. Any result of a cherry on the payline means a win. Having 1 cherry wins you 2x, 2 cherries win 5x, and 3 cherries win 10x your bet.
      • Any Bar.  A combination of 3 ANY BAR symbols will win you 5x your bet.
      • ‘BAR’. Combining 3 BAR symbols wins you 10x your bet.
      • Double ‘BAR’. You will win 25 times your bet if you match it 3 times.
      • Triple ‘BAR’. If you match it 3 times, you win 40 times your bet.
      • Number 7. Matching it 3 times wins you 80 times your bet.
      • Double Diamond Logo. It is the highest paying symbol, and matching it 3x wins you 1000 times your bet. 

      The double Diamond slot machine has 27 possible ways of winning through various symbols. Check out the symbols and their payout equivalent in the paytable below:

      Any 1
      Any 2
      Any 3
      - - 1000x
      - - 80x
      - - 40x
      - - 25x
      - - 10x
      2x 5x 10x
      - - 5x

      Double Diamond Slot Machine Payout

      In a 3-reel slot, it is obvious that a max of three symbols will land on a payline. The Double Diamond slot machine has 3 reels but boasts a total of 27 different ways to win. In the game, the smallest winning symbol is the cherry which a combination of 1 symbol results in 2x pay, 2 symbols win 5 times, and 3 symbols win 10 times your bet. On the other hand, the highest paying symbol is the Double Diamond Logo, which matching 3 symbols wins 1000 times your bet. Let's continue with some simple math.

      If you bet $2, you have a chance of winning up to $2000, which is the highest possible amount with such bet. However, for you to win that bet, all the 3 reels in a payline must show a Double Diamond Logo.

      The Double Diamond slot is an excellent game for both high and low bankroll players. This game favors the gamers who appreciate simple visuals with great payouts.

      Double Diamond RTP/Volatility

      Double Diamond offers a return to player (RTP) percentage of 95.44%, which is within the standard value that ranges between 95-96%. The slot's RTP is slightly average compared to what other games offer. The Double Diamond slot machine theoretically return $95.44 of every $100 a player uses.

      RTP is the percentage representation of the amount that will return to the player in the long run based on a theory.

      On the other hand, the Double Diamond machine has high volatility, which explains the rare but big wins when playing the free Double Diamond demo. Choosing a low or a high volatility game depends on the player's preferences and willingness to risk.

      double diamond rtp

      Play Double Diamond on Different Devices

      A game’s ability to be used on different devices, especially mobile devices, majorly contributes to its popularity. 

      One key takeaway is that mobile gamers are everywhere, with 45 percent of mobile gamers playing while waiting, 44 percent while commuting or traveling, and 21 percent playing at work.

      According to DFC Intelligence (1), there are over 3.1 billion video game consumers, which is about 40% of the 8 billion world population. 

      About 48% of 3.1 billion gamers play using personal computers, mobile devices, and console systems.

      Given its popularity, the Double Diamond slot game has been made mobile-friendly by its developers. You can play this widely popular on any device, be it on a desktop, tablet or phone. Moreover, you can play the demo mode of this game online through our site.

      Double Diamond Slot Features

      The Double Diamond slot machine was designed and released in 2005 and does not have a lot of modernly complicated game features to control the game. Here’s some of the basic features this game has:

      Spin button

      It is a noticeable and strategically positioned yellow button that you press to roll the reels.

      Paytable and Game Rules

      These are two buttons positioned at the top right of the game's window. The paytable button shows the combinations and the possible wins, while the Games Rules panel expands to show the rules to follow and how to know when it’s a win.

      Audio on/off

      This button enables you to mute the sound if at all you don't like it.


      The button is at the bottom right of the game's window. Using the autoplay button, you can set the number of spins and loss limit. The machine slot will play that number of spins unless you stop it, the remaining balance is minimal, or a win/loss setting is activated.

      Line bet

      This display the current bet per line, which you can manipulate using the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols.

      With a clear understanding of these features, you can play the game comfortably. One important factor to remember when playing is to set a loss limit; else, the spins will stop because you have an insufficient balance. 

      How Double Diamond Works

      With a single payline, the Double Diamond slot is as simple to use as any slot game could be. Due to the game having only 3 reels and a payline, there are not a lot of adjustable options to adjust except for the bet amount. 

      The most important feature to be keen on is the autoplay button. If you are playing several times, activate the button by selecting the number of spins and set the loss limit.

      What’s more, Double Diamond is multi-denominational with a betting amount ranging from $0.25 to $5. However, the betting amount may vary.

      Once everything is ready, you can adjust the wager and click the spin button at the middle bottom.

      Double Diamond Slot Bonuses

      You probably love bonuses, and if you do, this game might disappoint. It might because there are no bonuses like you see in typical modern video slots. However, the Double Diamond slot machine has a redeeming factor; the Double Diamond Logo symbol. This symbol acts as a multiplier in this game, and, to be honest, it outranks some glorified slot bonus games out there. 

      Matching 3 Double Diamond Slot assures you of up to 1000 times your bet. Now, if this doesn’t thrill, nothing will.  

      Overall Rating

      As a slot player, the overall experience you have when playing rises and falls on four factors. These factors determine how well you will play and control the game. Additionally, playing the game is not everything; you must enjoy doing it. The primary reason why games came into existence was to create fun. Lastly, the return on investment is a crucial factor. Gaming consumes time, and therefore, the game should compensate for your time. 

      Now checking how easily and comfortably you can flex with those factors is key. Below is an overview of how Double Diamond performs on the factors. 

      Double Diamond: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4/5

      The Double Diamond slot machine is the best definition of simplicity. As a result, it is usable and operable. The only activity in the game that requires a little bit of understanding is mastering the symbols and combinations and using the autoplay.

      Additionally, since the game has only one payline, it does not require many adjustments. You only need to adjust the bet. What's more, if you experience any trouble playing the game during the demo, the game rules and playtable buttons provide you with the necessary steps.

      Game Features: 3/5

      The Double Diamond slot has the basic feature that you see when you launch a game. The features help you manipulate the game when playing. One of the features the Double Diamond slot has is autoplay. Using the autoplay, you can set the number of spin times from 10 to 50. Additionally, you can set the loss limit and the maximum single win.

      However, in its quests to achieve simplicity, Double Diamonds loses key features that could help the player feel a little bit in control of the wins. For example, more paylines would make the game more engaging.

      Payouts: 3/5

      The game does not feature a progressive jackpot or any random bonuses, which is disappointing, especially because free spins and bonuses create fun during the betting process. The Double Diamond slot also only offers 27 winning ways, which are nothing compared to the 1024 ways offered in some games.

      However, all the disappointments fade, especially because the game can multiply your wins by up to 1000 times your bet. You can achieve this by matching 3 Double Diamond Logo symbols on a payline.

      Sounds & Visuals: 3/5

      With a 2005 design, there’s nothing too exciting to look forward to. However, the game performs well in color balancing. On the other hand, the sound is comforting, especially after winning. You will probably love the Double Diamond slot because it clicks when you press on any button. 

      Additionally, the audio on/off feature ensures that you are in control of the sound. The combination of the simple visuals and calm sound creates smooth immersion of the player into the game.

      Final Rating: 4/5

      Double Diamond slot awakes the love for simple traditional slot games. Millennials may have different thoughts, but the slot is user-friendly. Even when you're a novice, this slot gives you an easy time to learn using the playtable buttons and the game's rules.

      You don't have to wonder whether you have won or not; the slot machine has a nice to-the-ear celebration sound. In case you don't like the sound, the audio on/off button will help you get rid of it. Unlike the modern generic graphics, the traditional visuals in the Double Diamond slot will immerse you into the game’s hype feeling for more fun.

      Despite the slot being highly volatile, the possibility of winning up to 1000 times your bet keeps you hoping, praying, and playing. If you have that nostalgia for traditional games or would wish to experience simplicity at its best, check out the Double Diamond slot. 

      Double Diamond FAQs

      How old is the Double Diamond slot machine?

      According to International Games Technology  (2), they introduced the Double Diamond theme in 1998. However, it was not until 2005 when the game hit the internet.

      How do I win big on the Double Diamond slot?

      The first secret to winning big in the Double Diamond slot is understanding how the system works. High limits games like Double Diamond pay out better. However, don’t always imagine winning; losing is also a possibility. To ensure you get big wins, you must strive to match 3 Double Diamond Logo symbols to get 1000 times your bet.

      How do you reset the Double Diamond slot machine?

      Resetting a Double Diamond slot machine should be easy if you have a service panel key and the jackpot compartment key. First, you should use the service panel key and open the lock on the machine. Then, locate the jackpot compartment, insert the key and slowly open the lock by turning the key to the right. Please do not turn the key several times because it may render them unplayable. Turn the key to and verify if the machine has reset.

      Is there a free online version of the Double Diamond slot?

      Yes. You can play the demo on gamblib.org, which is the stimulated version of the real money Double Diamond slot. Additionally, different third parties have created apps to enable you to play the game on mobile

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      Game statistics

      Double Diamond
      Provider: IGT
      Reels: 3
      Rows: 1
      Paylines: 1
      RTP: 95.44
      Jackpot: No