Dice and Roll

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EGT Dice and Roll

Dice and Roll slot is an easy-to-play game running on euro games technology software. The fruit-themed slot has 10 paylines and 5 reels. What's more, the game has a gamble feature that lets you double or lose your sum winnings.

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Dice and Roll

Dice and Roll

Dice and Roll

Dice and Roll

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      Dice and Roll
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      Dice and Roll slot is an easy-to-play game running on euro games technology software. The fruit-themed slot has 10 paylines and 5 reels. What's more, the game has a gamble feature that lets you double or lose your sum winnings.

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      Dice and Roll Slot Review 

      People all over the world love fruits. In 2017, the international fruit trade was worth $100.34 billion after an increase of 67% in the past ten years (1). The rising love of fruits might have factored in the release of the Dice and Roll slot machine.

      The game by Euro Games Technology offers a mix of fruits and slot machines. It comes with five reels, three rows, 10 fixed paylines, and a jackpot of up to 2000 coins. In the slot, there are six fruits that you can interact with throughout the game. How fun would it be to realize your favorite fruit is in the game?

      Pros and Cons

      • Has a high RTP
      • Wide betting range
      • Features a jackpot
      • Fixed bet buttons

      Dice and Roll Graphics and Sounds

      Visuals are what draws players to a game, but graphics are what keeps them playing. Graphics help in improving the game user experience. 

      Many games are employing 3D and other hyper-realistic image stimulators; therefore, the only "real" sense the gamer originally experiences is the sound.

      If you have a great taste for colors, the Dice and Roll slot features realistic 3D graphics. The images are detailed to ensure you get the best from the game.

      Sound effects exist specifically to give players feedback, immerse them inside the virtual realm, and provide an entertaining experience—all of which are key ingredients to a successful video game.

      Sound improves the game immersion, and unlike most games, the Dice and Roll slot machine does not overlook sound for graphics. 

      Dice and Roll Symbols and Values

      Playing Dice and Roll slot means that you have to master the symbols. The slot machine has five base symbols: dice, fruits, bell, seven, and stars. Let’s check each:

      The Dice

      The dice is the wild symbol and can replace other symbols in a slot. You will win 50 credits for 3 symbols, 150 credits for 4 symbols, and 750 credits for 5 symbols. This is if you place the lowest bet amount, which is 10 credits.

      The Star

      In the Dice and Roll slot machine, the star is the scatter symbol and the highest paying symbol. You will win 50 credits for 3 symbols, 200 credits for 4 symbols, and 2000 credits for 5 symbols.

      The Fruits

      Oranges and Plum, Lemons and cherries — They give you a similar combination for the same win. Matching 3 symbols brings you 5 credits, 4 symbols bring you 20 credits, and 5 symbols win 50 credits. Grapes and Watermelon — The two are the highest-priced fruits in the Dice and Roll slot. You will win 15 credits for 3 symbols, 30 credits for 4 symbols, and 100 credits for 5 symbols.

      The Bell

      The Bell symbol is also highly-priced. Matching 3 symbols brings 20 credits, 4 symbols win 45 credits while matching 5 bell symbols wins you 200 credits.

      The 7 (Seven) Symbols

      Unlike what you are used to in most games, in Dice and Roll, seven is not a wild symbol but a regular symbol that offers higher wins. You will win 20 credits for 3 symbols, 50 credits for 4 symbols, and 350 credits for 5 symbols.

      If you have any problem mastering the symbols, there is no need to panic; the ‘i’ button offers the necessary help on symbols. Meanwhile, the paytable below can give you some insights.

      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      50x 200x 1000x
      50x 150x 750x
      25x 50x 350x
      20x 45x 200x
      15x 30x 100x
      5x 20x 50x

      Dice and Roll Slot Features

      The Dice and Roll slot is user-friendly, right from demo mode to real money playing. Below are the features in the slot for a memorable user experience.

      • Reels — The slot features 5 reels with 3D images of the symbols which roll when you place your bet.
      • Fixed Paylines — Dice and Roll feature fixed paylines to increase your winning chances and enhance on user experience.
      • Betting Button — The Dice and Roll slot has 5 fixed credits buttons at the bottom that you click on to place a bet.  
      • Mute — In case you don’t fancy the slot machine sounds, you can click the mute button.
      • ‘i’ Button — This button acts as help. Using it, you can check what combination of symbols results in which win.
      • Auto-play Button — The button saves you from repeatedly clicking the bet button. What’s more, there are keyboard shortcuts C, V, B, N, M to increase efficiency.
      • Other features — Dice and Roll slot features a home button that directs you to the game's homepage. Additionally, there is a display on the right that shows your wins.

      RTP/ Volatility

      Volatility and return to player (RTP) are two critical aspects that every gamer should check before playing. 

      If you divide the win and turnover figures from a game, the answer you get is the actual RTP.

      High volatility games offer rare but large wins, whereas low volatility games offer frequent but low payouts. 

      Dice and Roll slot machine is a medium to high volatility game with an RTP percentage of 95.76%, which is within the standard range that stands at 95-96%. Therefore, out of every $100 a player uses on the game, $95.76 will eventually return. However, this doesn't always hold; it is theoretical. 

      Dice and Roll Sequel (More Dice and Roll)

      If the Dice and Roll slot thrills you, then you will love the same gameplay and theme on a larger scale. More Dice and Roll is an upgraded version of the Dice and Roll slot.

      The two slots have a lot in common; the sounds and graphics, background visuals, and other features like autoplay, help, and symbols.

      If the Dice and Roll slot thrills you, then you will love the same gameplay and theme on a larger scale. More Dice and Roll is an upgraded version of the Dice and Roll slot.

      dice and roll slots

      The two slots have a lot in common; the sounds and graphics, background visuals, and other features like autoplay, help, and symbols.

      EGT has made a whole series to honor the traditional theme of old-school slots. More Dice and Roll is one of them, and we have to admit it's probably among the best of its kind.

      However, there are two notable differences. First, the More Dice and Roll slot has 40-fixed playlines, unlike its predecessor with 10 fixed playlines. Secondly, the credits buttons range from 40-800 in More Dice and Roll slots, whereas the predecessor's range from 10-200. 

      One of the advantages of the More Dice and Roll is that it has low-medium volatility and high RTP; therefore, it assures low but frequent wins.

      Play Dice and Roll on Mobile

      Mobile devices present the biggest online video game market because you can take the game with you anywhere. With daily commitments, people prefer games that they can comfortably access when on the move. As a result, responsiveness of a game on mobile devices has become a contributing factor to its fame and usability.

      Dice and Roll uses JavaScript and HTML5, which is highly responsive. What’s more, you can play the game for free online without the need to register, download or install anything. To play the game you need to have two things; first, you need a stable internet connection to avoid the disruptions. The game takes you to the lobby when your connection fails. 

      The second thing you need is a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other. With those requirements, you can take Dice and Roll wherever you go. In case you want to play for real money, you’ll need to register and create an account at an online casino of your choice.

      Dice and Roll Bonuses

      Dice and Roll slot games offer jackpot mystery cards at random. There are four cards at each level; Club cards show the first level, Diamond card represents the second level, Heart the third level, and Spade the highest and fourth level.

      When your random jackpot appears on the screen, there will be 12 cards. You should click the cards to turn them over. If there is a three-card match of the same color, the game awards you the corresponding jackpot mystery card level. This jackpot is thrilling yet unpredictable. 

      Talking of unpredictability, the Dice and Roll slot offers a 'Gamble' feature where winners can increase their wins. The players guess on a face-down card whether it's black or red. If your guess is correct, the slot machine will double your amount. However, if the guess is wrong, you will lose the winning, and the feature will self-terminate.

      Overall Rating

      When playing a slot game, four aspects define if the player will enjoy the game. First, the user experience explains how easy or hard it is to use the game. The second aspect is the game features that the player will interact with and use to navigate the game. Payout is the third aspect; it defines the risks involved and whether they are worth it.

      Dice & Roll: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4/5

      The Dice and Roll slot is user-friendly. If you are new to video slots, you don’t need to jog your eyes looking for buttons when playing. You can simply access buttons at the bottom of the reels.

      When betting, everything is set; the paylines are fixed, and therefore no need to adjust. To roll the reels, you only need to click the button that represents your betting amount. The autoplay button is strategic and next to the bet buttons.

      Game Features: 3.5/5

      Dice and Roll slot has exciting features to keep the game unpredictable as possible. The jackpot card mystery that is activated as a random bonus improves the suspension feels that any game should have. Additionally, the 'Gamble' feature effectively captures your attention just when you’re about to withdraw your winnings.

      The autoplay features and the primary keys shortcuts improve the usability even more. The combination of these features keeps your mind engaged.

      Payouts: 3.5/5

      The slot offers a max win that is 750 times your win which should be good enough. Additionally, the slot machine has a random jackpot and a ‘gamble’ feature. All these features, combined with the high RTP of 95.76%, results in excellent gameplay. 

      However, the fixed paylines and the bet buttons limit the customization the players can do.  There is a lot of fun in adjusting your bet and a feeling of control on the wins.

      Sounds & Visuals: 3.5/5

      The level of graphics used in the game is outstanding. The fruit images create that lively feeling when you're clicking on the bet buttons. However, the old-school animation when you win would be awesome with a little bit of creativity. 

      The sound features in the Dice and Roll slot machine do not disappoint. More to that, the muting option creates a sense of control.

      Final Rating: 4/5

      To sum up, the Dice and Roll slot game creates a traditional yet nostalgic feeling when you play it. There isn't anything new that this fruit-themed slot game offers to the modern world. However, the old-school yet simplistic features in the game keeps you playing.

      Several features wouldn't go without mentioning. The game's graphics are old yet cover every detail. What's more, the sound in the game is not overdramatic, and if you feel it is, you can kill the music using the mute option.

      Additionally, the user experience is top-notch. The game increases your chances of winning by making use of fixed paylines. The betting buttons are visible so that everyone has an equal chance of enjoying the game.

      In conclusion, Dice and Roll offer simplicity at its best. If you consider yourself a lucky person, wait until you meet its jackpot and ‘Gamble’ features.

      Dice & Roll FAQs

      Where can I play a demo of the Dice and Roll slot machine?

      You can play Dice and Roll for free right here at

      Can I play the Dice and Roll online slot for real money online?

      Yes. All you need is a web browser and a stable internet connection.

      How quickly can I withdraw real cash wins from the Dice and Roll slot?

      It always depends on the casino you’re playing at and the payment method you wish to use. However, the average time it takes for processing your withdrawal should be between 1-7 days.

      What are other multi-denomination slots aside from Dice and Roll?

      All classic games that have 3 reels are multi-denominational. Such games include Double Diamond, Jackpot 6000 and Double Whammy. 

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      Game statistics

      Dice and Roll
      Provider: EGT
      Reels: 5
      Rows: 3
      Paylines: 10
      RTP: 95.76
      Jackpot: Yes