It’s hard to say with any degree of certainty how many different poker games there are in existence. Put it this way, there are more than you could play in a month or even a year of trawling from casino to casino. The good thing is you don’t need to memorise the rules and features of every last game to become proficient at them. Generally speaking, if you can learn the fundamentals of poker such as the values of various hands, you’ll be able to pick up the remaining elements of the game that are unique by trial and error or by trying that age-old trick – consulting the paytable.

Unlike NetEnt’s standard version of Caribbean Stud, which you can also find right here on this site, the main selling point of Oasis Poker Pro is not its progressive jackpot. Instead, players keep coming back for one simple reason, that being that this is one of the most generous table games around with more than 99% of takings being returned to players over time. Aside from that, the game differs from stud in that while you receive five cards, you can actually pay to exchange cards in the hope of improving your hand. Read on to discover more about Oasis Poker Pro and how it slots into NetEnt’s Pro Series of classic table games.

Bet Smart, Play Smart

With Oasis Poker Pro, it costs your original ante amount for each card that you wish to exchange and the skill element of the game comes from deciding whether it’s worthwhile to exchange your cards. As with all casino poker games, if the dealer qualifies then better hands are worth more and thus it’s never simply a case of beating the house. It can also make chasing flushes with three cards an expensive business, and thus it’s fair to say that this is a truly skill-based game. The beauty of that is that if you’re handy at poker, you’ve got an excellent chance of walking – or rather navigating – away from this game in profit.

No matter how your exchanged cards land, you still have the choice of whether to call or fold. The intricacies of the game ensure that this is one title that we think every player should practice before diving straight in. The good news is that you don’t have to risk any cash at all to familiarise yourself with how things play out. Instead, you can play with no deposit required right here on this page and then, when you’re comfortable with Oasis Poker Pro, you can move on to real money action at any of the recommended casinos featured at the top of this page. Play for free at first though here at Mr Games while you get a feel for how Oasis Poker Pro works.

Get Professional

Net Entertainment’s Pro Series of table games is regarded among players as being the closest that you can get to achieving land-based quality online without playing with live dealers. This makes it ideal for players who savour the thrill of live gaming but don’t relish having to actually interact with real people. Oasis Poker Pro gives you the best of both worlds. From casino basics like blackjack and roulette to more unusual games such as this effort, it’s all about quality and fast-paced action. Oasis Poker Pro is offered in both high limit and low limit varieties to suit any budget, and with bets on each hand rising to as much as 500 on the high limit version, even high rollers can get their fix of casino poker action.

NetEnt’s Oasis Poker Pro has been designed as a mobile-compatible game, and while it arguably works better on desktop devices, it’s nevertheless an entertaining game to play on iPhone or Android, despite the smaller screen size. The graphics are smart without offering anything too fancy. Classically styled like all of the Pro Series games, Oasis Poker Pro features green felt and a rack of chips that are waiting to be placed. There are also cards stacked neatly either side of the table. To the bottom right of the screen you’ll find the chips that you can click on to place on the Ante square initially. It’s possible to stack multiple chips until you reach the desired bet level and with increments of 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500, this is a swift process.

Make for the Oasis

Although there’s a detailed paytable and playing guide, the small text means that it isn’t the easiest to make out. This is one of the few downsides however to what is otherwise an extremely well designed game. Oasis Poker Pro is played with a single deck of 52 cards. Like other poker games, it all starts with the ante bet which you’re obliged to place in order to take part. You’ll then be dealt five cards. This differs from other poker games where you’ll only be dealt three cards and must form the remainder of your hand from the community cards. The dealer will place four of their own cards face down, with just one showing. Once your cards have been dealt, you have the option of exchanging them, but will need to pay for the privilege.

Worth a Challenge?

Based on your own hand and the single card of the dealer’s that you can see, you need to decide whether or not it’s worth challenging the dealer for that particular hand. If you decide it’s not prudent to do so, you can fold. If you’d like to challenge the dealer however you can place your bet, which will stand at twice the ante. If you decide you’d like to exchange your cards after they’ve been dealt, it will cost you the same amount as your ante bet to do so.

And that, in a nutshell, is all there is to Oasis Poker Pro. This game, which can be thought of as a more closed version of Hold ‘em, is an attractive proposition, not least once you factor in the high RTP. Give it a go and see for yourself what you make of NetEnt’s Oasis Poker Pro.

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