Apple’s iPhone set the benchmark for mobile phones and the technology continues to improve year on year. Although Android devices have imitated the app-based set-up, most iPhone users will still tell you that they are some way behind the iPhone for speed, processing power, and user interface. Although there have previously been issues with accessing online slots on the iPhone, those problems are a thing of the past, and we’ll take you through your options and explain how to download and play iPhone slots on your device.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is to find and download a suitable app. Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as just visiting the App Store and hitting ‘download’. You’ll need to assess the casino, the app itself, and the type of game to decide whether it’s safe and if it’s the right game for you. To assist you, we’ve reviewed and recommended our top five iPhone Slots here:

Best Iphone Online Casinos

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