Black Magic Fruits

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Barcrest Black Magic Fruits

Retro slot games are everywhere nowadays, and every single game developer seems to be very eager to bring forward their own interpretation of what a good casino slot game should look and feel like.

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Black Magic Fruits

Black Magic Fruits

Black Magic Fruits

Black Magic Fruits

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      Black Magic Fruits
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      Retro slot games are everywhere nowadays, and every single game developer seems to be very eager to bring forward their own interpretation of what a good casino slot game should look and feel like.

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      Black Magic Fruits Slot Review

      The best thing about Black Magic Fruits slot? It’s a good- looking slot, if we do say so ourselves. The Barcrest slot contains 3 rows and 3 reels with 5 paylines and they are set beautifully in a rendered frame on a deep purple background. 

      Barcrest made their debut with this slot since it was their first ever mobile only slot (1). Having tested it our on both iOS and Android, we can safely say that the slot works perfectly on all the latest smartphones and tablets. 

      What’s interesting about Black Magic Fruits is that it literally has nothing fancy – no bonuses, no free spins, no progressive jackpots, no scatters. Simply focus on the gameplay, the magical fruit symbols, and the highly sought after wild! 

      Pros and Cons

      • Excellent graphics and design
      • You can win up to 125,000 coins
      • Playable both on desktop and on mobile
      • There are no free spins or any special bonuses

      How to Win at Black Magic Fruits Slot

      One of the greatest things about a simple slot game like Black Magic Fruits is that it is very easy to play, making way for both casual players and high rollers to have the best time spinning the reels. 

      Game Rules & Betting Options

      On the left-hand side of the reels, you will find an intuitive bet control that will allow you to change your bet and set it between a minimum of 0.10 credits to a maximum of 500.00 credits. 

      There is also a side bet that you can place by pressing the Big Bet button. 

      This will activate the extras and let you spend 40-500 credits on 5 bonus spins. 

      When you start playing the game for real money, you will have 5 fixed paylines with a wide range of fruit symbols on the reels. 

      Casinos from all around the world started to incorporate those fruity slots as their top machine games. In 1963, the first electromechanical fruit slot was created by Bally. It was named Money Honey and there were different fruity symbols on its reels including grapes, plums and lemons among others.

      Symbols and Values 

      Black Magic Fruits slot has nine symbols in total and you will be able to collect their prizes in regular wins and Big Bet wins. If you are playing the base game in a regular way, your prizes will start at 4x your bet and can go up to 240x your bet. With the Big Bet option, payouts start from 4x your bet and go up to 125x your bet. However, here you will also benefit from the 77 wild symbols. 

      Symbols in the slot game range from all kinds of colourful fruits (2) including grapes, oranges, lemons and cherries. However, there are also symbols like the red and blue 7s. 

      The red 7 symbol also acts as the wild symbol in the game. 

      If you’re interested in getting to know more about different payouts for each symbol, you can check out our paytable below.

      3 on a Payline

      Black Magic Fruit Slot Features 

      Playing Black Magic Fruits slot for real money is quite simple. To start earning prizes, all you need to do is simply get three identical symbols on any of the 5 paylines. 

      When it comes to features, there is only one major feature in the game since the slot does not contain any free spins, scatters, or progressive jackpots. With the Big Bet options, you can use extra credits to buy five extra spins. 

      Any wins that you get during these five extra spins will be paid at half the usual value. However, in return, you will get the red double 7s as wilds which can substitute for all other symbols. 

      The main function of a Wild symbol is to substitute for other game symbols and help make winning combinations. Many slots allow them to perform this task for all except Scatters and other special symbols that can start bonus games.

      This will give you the opportunity to get better-paying wins during the base game. 


      Black Magic Fruits slot’s simple structure is what makes the game so attractive. Offering a wide range of bet sizes to choose from and a user-friendly experience, this game has a low to medium variance which allows you to claim up to 125,000 credits per spin. 

      While the hit rate is low, you can win some big prizes when playing the slot for real money. The game’s RTP is also adjustable which allows for a fairer game. 

      Play Black Magic Fruits Slot on Mobile 

      For slot lovers who love mobile gambling, Black Magic Fruits is available as an HTML5 game that can be playable on both Android and any iOS device. All you need to do is press the arrows on the right-hand side to adjust your bet and then the Spin button to start playing. 

      Black Magic Fruits on mobile offers the same features as the desktop version. All you need to do is have a fully charged device and a good internet connection, and you’re good to go. 

      Overall Rating

      It’s time to give our overall rating on Barcrest’s Black Magic Fruits and we’ve based our review on a number of things: user experience, game features, payouts and sounds & visuals. By analysing all these areas of the game, we were able to give a final rating that will help you decide whether you would like to play this slot for real money or for free. Here’s what we think of this Barcrest slot game.

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      Black Magic Fruits: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4/5

      Barcrest by Black Magic Fruits is extremely user-friendly and quite simple to get the hang of the game rules. There are only a few buttons on the screen so there is no reason to get confused on how to play the game. Being a simple game offers less confusion to players which makes it appealing to both beginner players and high rollers. 

      Game Features: 4.5/5

      Black Magic Fruits offers no special features such as free spins, progressive jackpots, scatters and/or bonuses. In fact, the only feature that this game offers are its wild symbol. 

      Although, at first, this can be seen as a disadvantage, it also allows you to concentrate more on the gameplay and appreciate its simplicity. 

      Payouts: 4.5/5

      Starting from 0.10 credits and going up to 500.00 credits, this slot game is perfect for both beginner players, who might not wish to spend a lot of real money, and for high rollers who might want to make the most out of this slot game experience. 

      The maximum win is quite decent as well, in which you can win a maximum of 125,000 coins.

      Sounds & Visuals: 4/5

      What attracted us to Black Magic Fruits slot is its incredible graphics. The game is designed beautifully and Barcrest did an incredible job at nailing the slot’s visuals. 

      Although the slot has a classic theme, the fruit symbols almost look like they can come alive when they are set on that vibrant purple background. 

      Final Rating: 4/5

      While the gameplay is simple and the slot is set on a 3x3 with 5 paylines, it might be one of the best classic themed slots you will ever play. Stunning graphics, low to medium volatility and perfect for casual players and professional ones, what more could you ask out of a slot game?

      Black Magic Fruits FAQs

      Where can I play the Black Magic Fruits slot for free?

      You can play the Black Magic Fruits slot for free, right here, on All you need to do is search for the game and press Play to start off the demo game.

      Is the Black Magic Fruits slot machine available on real money casinos?

      Yes, you can play the Black Magic Fruits slot machine for real money through our recommended casinos, right here on

      What's the max payout on the Black Magic Fruits slot game?

      The maximum payout on the Black Magic Fruits slot game is 125,000 credits.

      When was the Black Magic Fruits online slot released?

      The Black Magic Fruits online slot was released on the 15th of July 2017.

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      Game statistics

      Black Magic Fruits
      Provider: Barcrest
      Reels: 3
      Rows: Not Available
      Paylines: 5
      RTP: Not Available
      Jackpot: Not Available