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These days, there are so many online casino software providers out there that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. It’s even possible to overlook a company for years, even when they offer a great range of games and a powerful platform for operators to base their casinos on.


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There are countless examples of companies that fit this profile, but the one we’re talking about here is Wazdan. Based out of Cyprus, this company has been creating games and software for the iGaming industry since about 2012, having built up an impressive library of slots and table games, among other options. While they might not be the biggest name in the industry, their products are certainly worthy of attention, and we imagine more players will be coming into contact with these titles in the years to come.

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Mostly Slots, But A Full Gaming Range

At the moment, Wazdan has created a full range of more than 70 games that they can license out to operators. These games are largely slots-based, though there is a small selection of additional titles that can be used to prove at least the semblance of a complete casino experience.

As we said, though, slots are the main focus. There are about 60 machines currently in the collection, covering a wide range of themes, artistic styles, and layouts. This may not be as large a library as some of the mega-companies out there that have hundreds of machines on offer, but it is also more than enough for just about any slots player to find at least a few options that they’ll enjoy.

While the presentation quality does vary from machine to machine, the overall level of design here is quite high. The games don’t carry a single distinctive style: some have a very hard CGI look, others look hand-drawn, and still others go for a more realistic touch. But all show quite a bit of care in their design, making them nearly as fun to look at as they are to play.

Let’s take a look at a few specific titles. First, there’s Magic of the Ring, a game that clearly has taken more than a little bit of influence from the Lord of the Rings series. The graphics here are relatively simple, but a mysterious tower and some glowing lights in the background do more than enough to set the theme, as does the light, airy music that plays throughout the game.

The game itself uses a five-reel, 10-payline format, over which players are looking to match symbols from left to right across the screen. The ever-present poker rank symbols, ranging from tens through aces, offer up smaller prizes, while weapons, dragons, castles and wizards all award bigger payouts.

The key symbol on this machine is a magical ring, which works as a scatter. Hit three or more anywhere on screen, and you’ll earn 10 free spins. These games come with a whole lot of bonuses, starting with the fact that a randomly selected symbol will turn into an expanding icon that will fill any reel that it appears on. This special symbol will also pay out no matter where it appears on the reels, much like a scatter, which can lead to some amazing wins – especially considering that this feature will frequently retrigger to give you even more free plays.

One of the more interesting games in the collection is Tetri Mania, a game that looks to be heavily influenced by the popular video game Tetris. The game is played on a bright, colorful screen filled with blocks floating through the background, and all of the symbols are made up of tiny pixelated blocks, giving it a true retro feel without sacrificing graphical quality.

The game itself uses a pretty unique format: nine paylines over a set of just four reels. Nines through aces make up the majority of symbols you’ll see on the reels, though there are also question marks and a jester that award larger prizes. In all cases, you’ll need to hit at least three in a row to win – though payouts happen for both left-to-right and right-to-left combinations. In addition, this game uses a cascading style of play: like in Tetris, winning combinations are removed from the screen, and new symbols can fall into place, potentially triggering even more prizes.

The special symbols in this game are rather interesting. That question mark really is a bit of a mystery, as it can make a random payment in a wide range of potential wins when you hit three or more at the same time. The jester is a wild that also serves to double your wins. In addition, there is a scatter that can earn you up to 30 free plays.

We’re always interested in more unusual themes, and there’s one here in High School Manga, a game that tries to emulate the graphical style and atmosphere of a Japanese comic or anime all about teenagers falling in love in between classes. All of the symbols on this three-reel, five-line machine are made up to look like panels straight out of a manga, using the distinctive art style that pervades that medium.

As for the game itself, the goal is simple: match three identical symbols on any payline, and you’ll win an associated prize. Most of these wins are rather small, though the biggest payouts – a dark-haired woman and a couple kissing – do pay out at a much higher rate. It’s also possible to make a rather big win if you can fill the entire screen with one icon. That will not only award that prize on every payline, but double your total win as a bonus.

These are just three of the many different machines that we enjoyed in the Wazdan collection, and it is difficult to single out just a handful of their games. In general, these machines all feature excellent graphics and very solid gameplay. They don’t load their creations up with a huge number of bonus features, but the ones that they integrate are well thought out and often innovative, making them interesting to play through and a bit different from “typical” slots you may have played hundreds of times before. A few other titles worthy of note are:

  • Charlie the Cat
  • Dino Reels 81
  • Highway to Hell
  • Corrida de Toros
  • Black Hawk
  • Captain Shark
  • Wild Girls
  • Burning Stars

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a lot more than just slots offered through the Wazdan platform, however. While none of the other sections of their software are particularly robust, they do add a reasonable amount of variety to the overall package.

For instance, there are a handful of table games offered. These include blackjack, roulette, and Caribbean Beach Poker, which is a slightly modified version of Caribbean Stud. There’s also a bingo game that offers quick, instant win style action.

The video poker selection is probably the most interesting area of the software outside of slots. Six games in total are offered, but these are not the standard games you may be used to. For instance, there’s Three Cards, a game that is sort of like Three Card Poker, but without a dealer hand to compete against. Meanwhile, Magic Poker is a very odd variant in which players get two redraws instead of the standard one, and can shoot for a variety of bonuses during gameplay. Of course, there are also some standard video poker options, including Joker Poker and American Poker.

Small Number Of Partners, But Expansion Efforts Loom

As we mentioned up top, Wazdan has largely gone under the radar when compared to most software developers who offer this many games. However, they have developed at least some partnerships over the years, and their platform can be found at a small number of casino sites, most of which are based out of Malta. In at least one case, you can even play these games in the regulated UK market.

We expect to see this platform be utilized by more operators in the future. The company offers a full turnkey casino solution that can also be integrated with other games or platforms, making it easy to either start a new site with Wazdan, or use them as a complimentary piece for an existing operation. The company also provides full mobile support, meaning players can enjoy the same experience on their smartphones and tablets as they would on a computer.

The company has also taken some steps to increase their profile over the years. The company has attended trade shows such as the ICE Totally Gaming conference, which they were a part of in 2014.

Worth Trying, Even If You’ve Never Heard Of Them

After reviewing their software, it surprises us a little that Wazdan hasn’t been able to make a bigger name for themselves in the iGaming world. With quality software, an excellent library of games, and some unique offerings and ideas that help them stand out, this seems like a firm that should have found its way into more than a few casinos at this point.

Even if they don’t expand that much in the future, however, we’d still recommend that players check them out if they get the chance. This is a quality software platform with games that are just a bit different than the mainstream offerings we see from most providers, making this a great option for those who are starting to get tired of the same old gameplay options again and again.