Marvel slot games are the stuff of legend in the online industry, with more players at Playtech casino playing them than just about anything else. They even came along before movies in the Marvel Universe became guaranteed blockbusters, with games such as Ghost Rider and Elektra leading the way and soon being joined by some of the most famous characters of all time. Every new movie release sees a new game being added to the range and with them being among the most innovative slot titles around by way of features and bonuses, they set the standard for many players. If you want to dive straight into the action on your favourite game then you can do just that by taking your pick of the great games below, which can each be enjoyed in full with no deposit required:

No two games are the same among the Marvel slots, although they do have plenty of things in common to ensure that they are all linked in some way. Nothing puts them together more than the Marvel Power Jackpots, which are regarded as some of the biggest and best jackpots around. The fact that they can be won with the minimum bet or the highest possible stakes gives everyone a shot at a life changing prize, although for the sake of fairness you do of course have a much bigger chance of taking down a big win with higher stakes.

Virtually all of the games also include free spins and you can see numerous different takes on the world’s most popular bonus round, such as the spins that can potentially go on forever on X-Men or the themed extra spins based on the characters from the Fantastic Four.

All in all, these are the kind of slot games that demand to be played and they’re all available at the top Playtech powered casinos. You’ll find our specific casino recommendations on the relevant game pages and can even try the games out for yourself first, directly within your web browser.