Like our featured Oriental slots, fans of Africa themed games benefit from the fact that there are so many different cultural and geographical elements available to draw inspiration from. This leads to a wide and varied selection of games that may throw in a few curve balls when it comes to features and even the theme itself. Indeed, these games are the perfect starting point for any players that enjoy mixing things up a little and we’d definitely recommend checking out the games below in full – something that you can do right here on the site without using any of your own bankroll.

As you can see, the African slots theme may be quite wide ranging but if you’re a fan of Safari action then you’re particularly in luck. One thing that is consistent about genres that feature numerous different games is that their most identifiable imagery ties in well with slot icons, and what could be better than the various animals that roam the plains of Africa? You’re not confined to a certain style with such game either – if you prefer the simpler games with modest graphics then King of Africa by WMS will be perfect, while a much more graphically advanced slot with a similar kind of action is on offer with BetSoft’s Safari Sam.

Even if you want a twist on more traditional action, various companies have put those animals in somewhat unusual positions by throwing an extra theme on top of the African action, with the most notable by far being Soccer Safari. As you’d imagine from such a combination, the focus is firmly on fun and you’ll get hours of enjoyment out of that game whether you’re a safari fan or not!

Classic slots fans aren’t left out either, thanks to Net Entertainment. The company always delivers on their classic games by introducing some modern action alongside the often used three reel layout, and the addition of eight win lines and some extra features here ensures that it is enjoyed by many players around the world.

All of these games are of course available in full right here on the site, and if you happen across a game that you just can’t get enough of and you want to take it for a spin for real cash then you’ll be able to do just that at any of the featured casinos listed on their respective game pages.