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Gypsy Moon

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Spielo Games Gypsy Moon

Gypsy Moon Slot is a free-to-play 5x3 video slot game that takes you into the mysterious culture of the Romani people. There are 243 paylines, 5 reels, and simple but effective features such as multipliers and free spins.

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Gypsy Moon
Spielo Games

Gypsy Moon

Gypsy Moon
Spielo Games

Gypsy Moon

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      Spielo Games
      Gypsy Moon
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      Gypsy Moon Slot is a free-to-play 5x3 video slot game that takes you into the mysterious culture of the Romani people. There are 243 paylines, 5 reels, and simple but effective features such as multipliers and free spins.

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      Gypsy Moon Slot Review

      Star patterns, crystal balls, and gypsies come together to bring you Gypsy Moon Slot; a simple yet engaging online slot game brought together by Spielo. With the help of a fortune reader and your own instincts, your next jackpot might be closer than you think.

      Sometimes, less is more and that’s the case with the Gypsy Moon Slot machine. This mystery-themed video slot is free to play and features up to 243 paylines as well as a 5x3 reel-to-row setup. As you can tell from the name, the game itself draws from the lesser-known culture of the gypsies and Romani people.

      The game is relatively simple when compared to other online slots. However, there’s still a lot to unpack. The game keeps you on your toes with a SuperPlay option and scatter symbols that allow you to pick different variations of free spins and multipliers.

      And with a mysterious fortune teller that can act as any symbol, every spin has the potential to bring big winnings. Our review will take a look at how the game works, their SuperPlay Mode, and other discoveries we made while playing Gypsy Moon Slot. Let’s get started!

      Pros and Cons

      • 243 paylines to play from
      • Ability to control bonus game features
      • Decent RTP for its level
      • Limited features besides bonus game
      • Not as rewarding as other slots

      Gypsy Moon Slot Overview

      Released in mid-February of 2017, the Gypsy Moon Slot machine was created by Spielo, a development company founded through the collaboration of GTECH and IGT in 2015. (1)

      This video slot offers five reels with three rows. The Gypsy Moon free online slot is initially set to 30 paylines. However, you can expand this to 243 paylines with the help of a feature called SuperPlay.

      Aside from the standard 30 payline, you can also play on 2, 10, or 20 paylines. Either that or you can play on an open grid!

      When betting, you can determine the value of a single coin, which ranges from a value of 1 to 100. This helps determine your total value per spin, which ranges from 30 coins to 300 coins for the base game to 50 to 500 coins for the SuperPlay game mode. Therefore, you can place a maximum bet of 3,000 credits in a normal, 30-payline game and a maximum bet of 5,000 credits in a SuperPlay game. 

      Gypsy Moon Slot offers both a free-to-play option and a real money option. This means that you can either play this slot machine for free or you can put real money on each spin. And of course, with real money on the line for each spin, you have the chance to win real jackpots. 

      How to Win at Gypsy Moon Slot

      In order to win at Gypsy Moon Slot, you’ll need to hit at least one payline on the standard 30 payline option or at least one payline on the SuperPlay 243 payline option. However, you can hit multiple paylines, increasing the amount won for each spin.

      There are multiple symbols that can be matched up to hit a payline, some more valuable than others. Some notable symbols you’ll want to keep in mind are the tarot cards, green pendants, crystal ball, purple book, and moon.

      Paylines are paid out from left to right in an adjacent fashion. This starts from the first reel which is on the very left side of the slot to the fifth reel which is on the very right. The only exception to this are scatter symbols, which can be hit anywhere on the reels so long as there are three or more of them. 

      If you manage to hit two or more purple books or moons, then you’re in luck! These two symbols pay the most and you only have to hit two to grab a winning payline. However, the more you hit, the more you’ll win, with five moons resulting in a whopping 30,000,000 coins!

      You’ll be even more pleased to hear that the fortune teller acts as a wild symbol, replacing any symbol on the spin to possibly help hit a payline. That means that if fortune favors you, this wild symbol could be the key to hitting that huge jackpot you’ve been looking for.

      The Wild Symbol can replace other symbols on any of the five reels, except the first one. The first reel is how the payline is made!

      If you’d like to see just how much you can win in Gypsy Moon, you can check out our paytable below!

      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      20x 200x 1000x 10000x
      10x 100x 200x 1000x
      - 60x 170x 200x
      - 40x 80x 400x
      - 30x 60x 300x
      - 10x 40x 200x
      - 10x 40x 200x
      - 10x 40x 200x
      - 10x 40x 200x
      - 10x 40x 200x
      - 250x 500x 1000x

      You can also receive free spins and multipliers when you hit the scatter symbol. This gives you the chance to hit even bigger paylines without putting your own money forward. Even better, you can continue to get free spins during your free spin period.

      While there is no definite strategy that will give you an edge over others in Gypsy Moon Slot, you can maximize your chances to win by betting within your budget and utilizing free spins and multipliers whenever you get them.

      Gypsy Moon Slot SuperPlay Mode

      If you’re looking to spice things up and raise the stakes, Gypsy Moon offers their SuperPlay option which expands the paylines from the standard 30 paylines to a whopping 243 paylines! To enable SuperPlay, simply click on the SuperPlay button in the upper left area of the slot machine. 

      Once you’ve done that, you’ll be playing with larger bets. However, at the same time, you have a better chance to win bigger payouts since payout is more so determined by the amount bet per payline than the number of paylines themselves.

      Gypsy Moon Bonus Game

      Gypsy Moon Slot does not have an interactive bonus game where landing a number of scatter symbols will open a new slot machine. Rather, this video slot’s bonus game is based on free spins and multipliers. Once you hit three or more scatter symbols, you’re given a number of free spins and multipliers which you can then use to win even bigger paylines. 

      Gypsy Moon Free Spins

      As we mentioned above, hitting three or more scatter symbols will activate the free spins feature. The more scatter symbols you hit, the more free spins you receive and the larger your multiplier. What’s different is that based on the number of scatter symbols you hit, you can choose different combinations of free spins and multipliers. You can reference our table below to see what we mean.

      • Scatter Symbols — 30FS & 1x or 15FS & 2x or 10FS & 3x or 7FS & 5x
      • 4 Scatter Symbols — 40FS & 1x or 20FS & 2x or 15FS & 3x or 9FS & 5x
      • 5 Scatter Symbols — 60FS & 1x or 30FS & 2x or 20FS & 3x or 14FS & 5x

      As you can see, the more scatter symbols you hit, the more free spins you’ll get! Even better, you can land more scatter symbols during this free spin period!

      While the multiplier doesn’t grow with the number of scatter symbols, you get more free spins at each level. Therefore, the chance of hitting a payline with a 5X multiplier is much higher with 5 scatter symbols than it is with 3 scatter symbols. 

      Gypsy Moon RTP

      The Gypsy Moon RTP is around 94.1292%. While this is not as high as other brand-name video slot machines, which can hit around 96% RTP and above, this is still a relatively solid Return-to-Player percentage. In fact, a typical slot machine will have an RTP of 90% to 98%, meaning that Gypsy Moon sits in the middle.

      A typical slot machine has a RTP in the 90% to 98% range but some can be as low as 81% or 82% some as high as 99.9%. (2)

      Mikey Blayvas, Founder of Blazesoft Ltd.

      Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that the game does not possess a progressive jackpot mechanism. Therefore, the maximum amount you can win for a jackpot is set and will not change. However, with an RTP of 94.13%, you’re very likely to gain some solid winnings. (3)

      Visuals and Sound

      The animations of the game are fairly simple but engaging, getting the job done in order to keep things clear and legible. You’ll even find that each symbol has its own winning animation when you hit a payline.

      As for the graphics, Gypsy Moon Slot is set against a nighttime background filled with stars and the Moon. This background is spread across a deep-blue color scheme that helps provide a mellow tone to the game itself. The graphics and animations are also three-dimensional, which is something that most software providers have been transitioning to in the past few years. The reason behind this is that 3D offers a much smoother gambling experience. (4)

      As you can tell, 3D games are much more complex than 2D games. One of the biggest differences is the camera perspective.

      Ben Stegner, MakeUseOf.com

      Lastly, the sounds of Gypsy Moon Slot are also simple but they do the job, just like the animations. The background music is holistic and keeps you engaged with each spin. Meanwhile, the sound effects that arise when you win are even more exciting.

      On the aesthetics side, while Gypsy Moon Slot might not be the flashiest of slot machines, it certainly does its job well with the animations, graphics, and sounds. 

      Gypsy Moon Slot on Mobile

      You’ll be glad to hear that this mystery-themed video slot machine is also available on any mobile device running on either an Android or iOS platform. However, you’ll need to download an online casino which supports this slot machine first. And in some instances, on Android, you’ll need to go directly to the casino site in order to download the app.

      If you’re visiting a casino site on Android to download the app, be sure to look out for a “Download” button of some kind. In most instances, this will be the only way you can access their casino.

      gypsy moon device compatibility

      Gypspy Moon Slot Autospin

      If you want to automate the bet and spin process, Gypsy Moon Slot also offers an autospin option which you can take advantage of to speed things up. Essentially, what you can do is select your bet size, the number of spins you want, and then press the auto function. This starts the autospin option and your bets will be made for you! 

      If you ever want to turn off autospin, simply press on stop auto and you’ll go back to your manual bet option.

      Overall Rating

      We’ve based our rating of Gypsy Moon on several different aspects of the game: user experience, game features, payouts,  and sound & visuals. By compiling all of this together, we were able to come up with an overall rating for the game that can help you determine whether or not Gypsy Moon is for you.

      Gypsy Moon: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4.5/5

      The game is smooth and easy to use. There weren’t very many issues that diminished the overall gameplay. The slot itself is made by International Gaming Technology (IGT), a provider known for building slots with a reliable gaming experience.

      When spinning the reels, everything ran without a fault and each feature we wanted to test out was very easy to find. Overall, this made the game much more enjoyable since we didn’t experience too much difficulty from the game.

      Game Features: 2/5

      Unfortunately, the game features were not on par with Gypsy Moon’s overall user experience. The game only really features one bonus game which is the free spins and the multiplier. And while they do give you the option of choosing how many free spins you want and your multiplier size, that’s about it. 

      Things that would otherwise be common in popular slots like a progressive jackpot or a separate bonus game are not featured in Gypsy Moon. This makes it hard to explore what the slot has to offer since their offer lists end there.

      Payouts: 3/5

      The payouts for this game are relatively solid. They offer seven different symbols, all of which pay if you hit at least three in adjacent fashion from left to right. However, the two rarest symbols will pay out if you hit just two from left to right. 

      Furthermore, the scatter symbol can also pay up to 3,000,000 coins and trigger the bonus game which is a great aid in multiplying your winnings. Overall, the payouts for Gypsy Moon are pretty solid and they provide a decent return on winning paylines.

      Sounds & Visuals: 3.5/5

      As we’ve mentioned before, the sounds and visuals of Gypsy Moon slots are simple but engaging. The game is set against a nighttime which works well with the different symbols of the video slot. Furthermore, the graphics are 3D which provides a smoother gaming experience.

      As for the sound, the background music is quite holistic so that you can stay engaged with every spin. Furthermore, when you hit a winning payline, the sound will let you know that you’ve won.

      Therefore, while the sounds and visuals of Gypsy Moon slot aren’t the flashiest, they do their job well and keep you entertained.

      Final Rating: 4/5

      The Gypsy Moon free online slot is a simple but solid game, filled with many different ways to win. The game largely revolves around hitting the paylines and getting free spins whenever three or more astrological symbols hit. If you’re looking to play higher-risk slots, you can activate their SuperPlay feature and up the ante.

      The game also gives you more control over how you play your bonus game since you can choose how many free spins you get and the size of your multiplier. This puts more power in your hands and if you play your hand correctly, then you might come out with more winnings than you expected. 

      As for the animations, sounds, and visuals, while they might not be on par with other top-tier slots, they’re enough to keep you going. And if you aren’t feeling it, you can always turn on the AutoSpin feature and let the slot do the spinning for you!

      On the other hand, while Gypsy Moon does fulfill the basics, the game feels less rewarding than other games made by Spielo. This is largely due to the limitations that come with the gameplay and the lack of bonus features, like the progressive Jackpot, which keep things fresh and exhilarating in the long run.

      All in all, Gypsy Moon fills all the requirements for an online slot machine. The game is honest and rewards their players with consistent payouts. However, does this game possess enough to make it a memorable slot that you’ll want to come back to time and time again? That’s up to you to decide.

      Gypsy Moon Slot FAQs

      Where can I play Gypsy Moon Slot using Real Money?

      You can play Gypsy Moon Slot using real money in any state or country where gaming is regulated. Unfortunately, if you live in the United States, only a handful of states regulate gaming. If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia, then you’ll be able to play Gypsy Moon Slot using real money at an online casino within their state lines.

      When was Gypsy Moon Online Slot Released?

      Gypsy Moon Online Slot was released on February 16th, 2017.

      How do I increase my odds of winning at Gypsy Moon?

      There are no surefire secret ways or methods to increase your odds of winning at Gypsy Moon. However, you can maximize your chance to win by betting smartly and utilizing wilds and scatter symbols for free spins.

      How to retrigger the free spins round of Gypsy Moon slot?

      You can retrigger the free spins round of Gypsy Moon slot by landing three or more scatter symbols during the free spins period.

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      Game statistics

      Gypsy Moon
      Provider: Spielo Games
      Reels: 5
      Rows: 3
      Paylines: 243
      RTP: 94.13
      Jackpot: Not Available