As developers in the online slot world continue to try and improve their products, different games have begun incorporating various different forms of additions to their features. Whether that be additional scatter features, developments on wild icons, or even something as simple as adding a little twist to its general game play interface. That’s exactly what has happened with games that feature tumbling reels. The inclusion of these may not look or sound like a huge thing at first, but once you play a game that integrates such a feature into its offerings, your opportunities for wins will strongly increase.

If you’re ever enjoyed a slot game with cascading reels, then the tumbling version could be just what you’re looking for as a slight alternative. In fact, both of these can be incorporated into one single game, meaning that you get a product with a unique set of reels to play on.

What Exactly are Tumbling Reels?

In a standard online slot product, players spin the reels, and if a winning combination is created, a payout is provided. Then, generally speaking, the process starts again. Select wager, spin, and wait for a win. When tour talked about feature comes into effect, the process begins in the same way, but if a selection of symbols provides a payout, the ones that contributed to it will disappear, forcing the symbols above such to drop. Following this, further icons will drop from the top of the screen to fill in the spaces, and if another win is created, the same thing occurs.

Therefore, if this particular feature is included in the game you choose to play, it gives you the chance to create two or more opportunities to win with a single wager placed. That is, of course, provided that the first spin and any that follow it are successful in creating wins beforehand.

Any Activation Necessary?

It’s commonplace for many slots to have features that require activation – for example, if a game includes sticky wilds, then you’ll need to spin a wild symbol most of the time to trigger the sticky feature. Or perhaps it will only be available in certain rounds, like a freespins round. However, when it comes to tumbling reels, you’ll generally find that they’re active from the very get go. This means that you can enjoy the feature as soon as you start playing and creating wins.

One thing that is generally quite true with products that incorporate these is that they’ll often have  an increased amount of paylines, and consequently, an increased wager amount than those that don’t feature them. This does mean that not only is there an increase in chances of winning, thanks to the effects of the feature, but there’s also a stronger possibility of losing more money, for obvious reasons. The higher the bet, the higher the risk.

Taking the Tumbling Reels Farther

While this feature is a great addition to slot games, there’s one developer who’s managed to take it a little bit farther, that being IGT. In one of their games, ‘Da Vinci Diamonds: Dual Play‘, the provider has stretched the tumbling reels to two different sets. Therefore, not only do you get two sets of reels to wager on and win from, but with the feature included on both sets, you’re doubling your increased chances of winning.

What Games Offer Such a Feature?

Like any other game that’s trying to improve its credibility, there are several options available for players to take advantage of when it comes to products that incorporate such an addition. Apart from the previously mentioned offering from IGT, there’s also the original version of the game, ‘Da Vincis Diamonds’, which has the standard tumbling reels, rather than the double feature previously touched upon.

There’s also the chance to see these particular reels in action in another IGT release, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, bringing all the features of the video game to a wonderful slot offering. In addition to this, Netent’s very popular game, ‘Gonzo’s Quest‘ relives the epic journey of Gonzo in his search for El Dorado, all while including our talked about feature from the get go. And finally, if you’re a fan of Microgaming products, Avalon II is a sure fire way to go in order to experience some real fantasy slot gaming along with the aforementioned reels, which come into effect in one of its bonus rounds.