If you play online video slots, or even land-based ones for that matter, you’ll more than likely be familiar with the layout of the various different games you prefer playing. With the online games, there’s always a nodule or drop down menu for choosing your coin value and bet level, a usually quite large button with the word, ‘SPIN’ embossed on it, which is for obvious processes, and often times a ‘Max Bet’ and an ‘Auto Play’ button, each of which have their own dedicated uses.

However, alongside these, some games tend to incorporate another button into the selection of what’s already available, and that button is usually known as the ‘Gamble’ button – very popular on video poker machines.

How Does the ‘Gamble’ Button Work?

This specific button has been utilised in slot games since the very first fruit machines were introduced to the world. The basic idea behind them is that they give players a chance to play a ‘double or nothing’ round with any winnings earned during the main game. This allows any people playing a slot game with one of these rounds to earn big winnings – although it could also potentially leave you without winnings should you lose a round. Earlier versions of this button in UK fruit machines were usually based on a simple choice between ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

However, since online video slots were introduced to the world, this has led to alternative gamble rounds with a complexity of options in comparison to the original ones.

When Can I Use It?

The button tends to become active after a winning combination is formed in the main game of a slot product. Whenever three or more symbols are matched up on a winning payline, the relevant payout is added to your balance before the ‘Gamble’ button begins flashing to announce its activity.

Once this happens, you’re able to either continue on and collect the winnings earned from the main game combination or press the flashing button, which will start up the miniature bonus round. The gamble round can be one of several different 50/50 game types, which differ from game to game.

Gamble Games

As mentioned, there are a few different bonus round miniature games that slots incorporate into their features, including the following:

Card Games

This is the most common of gamble round games when they’re included in online slots. This usually requires you to predict whether the next card turned over will be red or black, or for a larger bet, to guess what suit the next card turned over will be. Alternatively, some slots offer hi-lo mini game where a player is required to decide whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one shown.

Coin Toss

Coin tosses are very much self-explanatory, and you basically need to pick which side the coin will land on. Heads or tails. Guess correct and your winnings will be doubled, but guess wrong and they’ll all be lost.