Online slots have various different features, but perhaps none of them are as important or changeable as the coins a player can choose from to be able to place their wagers. These basically give life to the game you’re playing. Without them, there wouldn’t be any kind of bets to place, and every game has variables on the types, values and amount of them that can be used per spin of the reels.

A Little Bit of History

Coins have been synonymous with slot games in general, whether they be land-based or online. Of course, the physical casino machines provide an actual slot for them to be inserted, providing credit to press the relevant button and make your wagers. These kind of products have been around since 1891, allowing avid gamers to use their actual money to provide themselves with some plays of a game.

Of course, this can’t really be done when it comes to online games, as there’s no physical slot to utilise. Therefore, it’s up to a player to fund their casino account via one of several different depositing methods, and following this, the money added will be turned into credit to use as coins on the selection of slots available on the platform, and this is generally the way it has been since online slots began being produced.

What Are Coins?

It may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but what exactly are coins when it comes to online gaming? Well, they’re much the same as physical coins used in everyday life. Simple, right?

The ones used in online slot games are more than just that, though. As mentioned, different games offer different values to choose from, with some of the classic slots only offering up one or two different values, while others provide a wider range to their players, providing an opportunity to select a more specified wager amount of your own preference.

Coins are sometimes displayed in the shape of actual physical money, with their value stamped on, such as $0.05 or $0.50, for example, in which case, you simply select whichever value you would like to wager with. Other games will have a drop down menu of various different values, or some will offer up a slider bar which runs from the minimal $0.01 up to maximums of $2.00 or $5.00, as another example.

How do They Work?

As mentioned, it’s up to the player to select a specific coin value of their particular choosing. Once a decision has been made, it’s simply a click of the coin image, or a slide of the bar to set the value for the proceeding spins. The coin value will always be set per active payline – so, if there are 20 paylines activated on a particular game and you choose to set the coin value to $0.05, your total wager in the first instance will be 0.05 multiplied by 20, giving a wager amount in this instance of $1.00.

Coins can also be manipulated a little bit more than this, though. A large portion of games will also include a bet multiplier section to take advantage of, or some games label it as ‘Bet Level’. Each of these particular labels mean the same thing and will multiply your bet in the first instance by a set amount. The multiplier amount can be altered from anywhere between one and 10, with the maximum amount changing from game to game. Therefore, if you take the previous example of a wager of $1.00 and set a bet level of five, you’re going to be placing a wager of $5.00 in total for the spin.

The wager amount should show below the reels, giving you the full total of coins you’ll be contributing to that particular round. The bet is only placed once you press the ‘Spin’ button.

Maximum Bet!

Most, if not all slot games provide players with the opportunity to utilise a button that is often labelled as, ‘Max Bet’. This essentially increases the amount of coins and bet level up to the maximum they’re able to reach, and sets the reels off spinning with the wager in place. This particular button works wonders not just because it instantly increases your wager to the maximum bet, but in doing so, it also has the possibility to reward you with different wins.

To explain further, some slot games require players to wager the maximum bet in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot that they may be offering. By using the max bet button, you’re instantly entering yourself into the race to claim it. Furthermore, betting the maximum amount of coins is important for the return to player (RTP) rate of some games, meaning that the higher your wagers are, the more possibility of winning big you have.

Coin Total

The coin total will always generally show in one position or another on the game interface, showing you how many coins you have altogether. Obviously, every time you make a wager, this will decrease in value, while winnings will be added to this every time a winning combination is created on the reels. The coin total will then translate to the physical amount of cash in your casino account.