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Wolf Gold

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Pragmatic Play Wolf Gold

Wolf Gold is a highly enjoyable video slot from Pragmatic Play. It gives players the opportunity to grab fantastic wins with a number of enjoyable bonus features. There’s a fixed jackpot in place as well as free spins with giant symbols.

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Wolf Gold
Pragmatic Play

Wolf Gold

Wolf Gold
Pragmatic Play

Wolf Gold

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      Pragmatic Play
      Wolf Gold
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      Wolf Gold is a highly enjoyable video slot from Pragmatic Play. It gives players the opportunity to grab fantastic wins with a number of enjoyable bonus features. There’s a fixed jackpot in place as well as free spins with giant symbols.

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      Wolf Gold Slot Review

      Wolf Gold is a modern video slot that is dedicated to providing high quality features to players. It has great graphics in place. They are created to look realistic but a great colorful look to them. The base game is relatively simple, with 25 paylines in place, but the real fun starts when the bonus features begin.

      There’s a theme in place that is based around wolves. It’s no surprise with the name of the game giving it away. Wolves and other creatures land on the reels on each spin which draws players right into the theme. With the animal sounds playing in the background it helps to keep people in the moment. All of this added to the features that are on offer makes this a massively exciting game.

      Pros and Cons

      • The game is packed with features
      • A fixed jackpot offers some big wins
      • A giant symbol fills the middle reels during the free spins round
      • The jackpot is hard to win

      Wolf Gold Symbols & Values

      The symbols in the Wolf Gold slot are all in line with the theme of the game. In fact when playing the Wolf Gold slot game it’s hard not to be taken in by it. The high paying symbols in the game are all animals. The bison and wolf pay out the most and all wins are created by 3 or more symbols on a payline creating a win. In terms of visuals they are all drawn to a very high level with a level of realism that makes sure all players are instantly aware of what’s on the screen.

      The wolf and the mountain are the two main bonus symbols in the game. There’s also a money symbol. The wolf acts as the wild symbol as well as being the highest paying symbol in the game. The mountain is the scatter symbol. This will activate the free spins round when 3 land on the reels as well as awarding an instant win of the player stake. Here’s the top paying symbols in Wolf Gold:

      • Bison
      • Eagle
      • Cougar
      • Horse

      Players can also get wins from the lower paying symbols. They are as follows:

      • Ace 
      • King
      • Queen
      • Jack

      The lower paying symbols appear on the reels at a higher rate than the top paying symbols which obviously means smaller prizes are more common than higher ones. The wolf wild helps to create wins but can also create a win on its own. If the wolf manages to completely fill a payline then a win of 20 times the play stake is awarded.

      The money symbol is what creates the most fun in this game. This is the key to the jackpot in the game, so if enough of them appear then that’s what you should be looking out for.

      To find out exactly what’s available when playing the Wolf Gold slot then take a look through the complete paytable:

      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      125x 1,250x 2,500x
      100x 750x 2,000x
      75x 500x 1,500x
      50x 250x 1,000x
      50x 100x 250x
      25x 100x 250x
      25x 100x 250x
      25x 100x 250x
      125x 1,250x 2,500x

      Wolf Gold Betting Options

      The Wolf Gold slot machine has 25 paylines active. These are fixed so there is no way for players to reduce the paylines to customize it to their tastes. This is generally the best way as reducing the number of paylines isn’t something that players should look to do. Between 1 and 10 coins can be wagered on a payline and the coin values range between 0.01 and 0.50. It means the total wager range is set at 0.25 and 125.00 for Wolf Gold. This allows players of any budget to enjoy the game.

      Wolf Gold does have an autoplay feature included. It means that players who want to set a specific budget and then leave the spins to take care of themselves are able to do so. This is extremely valuable if you want to create a Wolf Gold slot machine betting strategy. There is the ability to stop the spins part way through as well, so if you want to walk away at any point you’re not completely locked into finishing the autoplay.

      Wolf Gold Slot Game Bonus Features

      The Wolf Gold slot has two bonus features included in the game. The most common bonus is the free spins round. This begins when 3 of the scatter symbols appear on the reels at the same time. This instantly awards 5 free spins to players. During this round, giant symbols appear on the middle three reels, helping to create wins across multiple paylines. If another 3 scatters land players will also be awarded an extra 3 free spins. There are no limits to the number of extra spins that can be earned.

      The second feature is where the chance to win the jackpot is. This is the money respin feature. Whenever 6 or more of the money symbols land on the reels this round begins. Players are given 3 respins to start with the money symbols are all locked in place. Every time a new money symbol lands that is also locked and the respin counter is reset. The round ends when the respins run out or the entire reels are filled with money symbols. There are 3 jackpots in total. The 2 smaller ones can appear on a money symbol. The mini jackpot pays 30 times the total stake and the major pays 100 times the total stake. At the end of the round all of the money symbol values are counted up and awarded to the player. If all 15 spaces are filled then the mega jackpot is also awarded which is worth 1,000 times the player stake.

      Wolf Gold Rich Slot on Mobile

      It’s great that Pragmatic Play realizes just how important mobile play is to players in the modern world. As such, the company has made sure the Wolf Gold slot game can be enjoyed by mobile players.

      The Wolf Gold slot machine is available on most modern mobile devices.

      It was created using both JS and HTML5, so is fully compatible with most modern mobiles. It means that players who want to spin on the go can easily do so with the Wolf Gold slot.


      Wolf Gold Fixed Jackpot

      Wolf Gold uses a fixed jackpot for its maximum payout. This is obviously different to a progressive jackpot which you could find on something like the lottery. (1) It means that the jackpot is set at either a certain amount or a certain multiple of the player stake. While players can’t win multi millions like on some slots, the prizes here are still quite impressive.

      Progressive jackpots can offer higher wins, but after each win the jackpot amount is reset. Fixed jackpots always pay out the same no matter how many times they are won.

      To win the fixed jackpot in the Wolf Gold slot players need to completely fill up the reels with money symbols. This will instantly pay out 1,000 times the player stake. It does have the added bonus of paying out the money values of the money symbols on the reels on top of this. So the actual win potential is slightly above that. However, the maximum win from a single item is the 1,000 times the player stake mega jackpot.

      Wolf Gold Visuals and Sound

      Visually the Wolf Gold slot machine is one of the better titles on the market. It uses a realistic style to make sure everything stands out, but there’s also some great colors applied to the symbols. This makes sure that the realism is combined with a very vibrant tone. Because of this, the player will instantly be drawn in by how the symbols look on the screen.

      There’s a really nice soundtrack playing while you play the Wolf Gold slot. It has mystic music which really sits with the theme well. On top of this you can hear the birds circling in the distance. There’s also a little jingle that plays whenever a win is created. On the whole the music matches the game very well and adds to it rather than subtracts.

      Aesthetically the Wolf Gold slot machine is definitely one of the better titles on the market. 

      Wolf Gold Slot Strategy

      It’s never easy to create a winning strategy when you choose to play a video slot. With a verified RNG (2) in place there is no way to predict how the spins are going to land. So, the best way to try and create a winning strategy is to manage your bankroll sensibly.

      The paylines on offer are pretty much in line with what the market offers, however there are no customization options. This isn’t too much of an issue as it’s very rarely a good idea to cut down the total number of paylines used.

      Once you have set your stake then you can begin playing. There is either a manual button to carry out each spin or an autoplay. It’s up to you which one you want to use, the autoplay does make it easier to have a set budget and number of spins though.

      The main aim is to play long enough for one of the bonus features to activate. The free spins offer the chance for wins to be created over multiple paylines due to the giant symbols. The money respin round offers access to the jackpot. So, set your stake at a level that maximizes spins and win potential to ensure you can create the best wins possible.

      Wolf Gold RTP/Volatility

      With an RTP of 96.01% the Wolf Gold slot is slightly above the market average. It means that when wagering 10,000 credits 96,010 are returned on average.

      wolf gold slot rtp

      It has medium volatility. This does mean that wins come along pretty often, but they’re not amongst the highest in terms of payouts. Medium volatility games tend to offer just the right blend of payout frequency to payout level for players. The maximum win is still at a good level when playing Wolf Gold.

      While a higher RTP is always a positive thing, it’s not a guarantee of return. The RTP is worked out over many millions of spins, so unless you intend to play for that many spins it’s unlikely that you will get the true average of the game when playing yourself.

      With a solid RTP and excellent bonus features the Wolf Gold slot is certainly one that catches the eye. The base game is lots of fun but the bonuses are where things really get exciting when playing Wolf Gold.

      Because the volatility is set at medium, wins will come along quite often. However, don’t expect to see mind blowing wins regularly because the payouts are set at a medium level as well.

      With a nice fixed jackpot in place the Wolf Gold slot game is definitely one of the more interesting on the market. It’s certainly a game that makes the most of its features.

      Wolf Gold Slot Game Tips

      It’s obvious that it’s impossible to guarantee a win when playing a video slot. When playing the Wolf Gold slot it’s just not possible to ensure you win every time. What you can do though, is increase your chances of lasting long enough to grab a big win. Here are our best tips to help you do that.

      Manage your Bankroll

      Managing your bankroll is hugely important when it comes to playing a video slot. You’re unlikely to grab a huge win on just a single spin. That’s just simple statistics. The aim is to keep playing for long enough to hit one of the big prizes in the game. So, don’t set your stake at the highest level if your bankroll can’t handle a lot of spins at that rate. Make sure you can play at least 100 spins with your bankroll, preferably 200.

      Never Chase Losses

      Chasing losses is one of the worst things you can do. It will lead to making badly thought out decisions and costing you a lot more money in the long run. The best thing you can do is walk away if you’re on a bad losing streak. Whatever you do, don’t make another deposit to keep on playing.

      Practice First

      It might sound insane, but practicing on a slot before playing for real money is one of the best things you can do. You will get used to how the game plays and you’ll be able to work out the best way to balance your budget. Just like regular bankrolling try to play at least 200 spins to get fully used to how the Wolf Gold slot plays.

      Overall Rating

      After fully looking through the Wolf Gold slot machine we can provide you with a fully detailed look at the game. Take a look through our final review to get a concise guide to each important aspect of the title.

      Wolf Gold: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4/5

      With simple to use stake controls, autoplay features and great mobile play, the Wolf Gold slot is easily one of the most user friendly titles on the market. Add to this excellent visuals and it offers one of the best overall user experiences on the market at the moment.

      Game Features: 4/5

      The Wolf Gold slot machine has some excellent features in place. The two bonus features have some great twists to make them enjoyable and the money respins round means that bigger wins are available when this is triggered.

      Payouts: 3/5

      As a medium volatility title players won’t be expecting huge wins. The fixed jackpot means that there is a decent payout offered for players who manage to get the mega jackpot. However, the base game payouts can be a bit lacklustre which does drive the overall score down a little bit

      Sounds & Visuals: 4/5

      Aesthetically this is one of the most crisp titles on the market. Players will be drawn into the world of Wolf Gold as soon as they look at the reels. Realistic symbols combined with ethereal music makes it an extremely impressive overall experience. If you want a great sensory overload from your video slot then this is the one for you.

      Final Rating: 4/5

      The Wolf Gold slot has a lot going for it. The gameplay is enjoyable and innovative, the visuals and sounds are great and it’s really easy to use. The base game payouts are the only thing that stops it from being a 4 or 4.5 rated game. As the game relies on its bonus features this is maybe to be expected, but it does draw the overall rating back slightly.

      Wolf Gold FAQs

      Can I play the Wolf Gold slot machine for free?

      Yes you can. We offer a demo version of Wolf Gold to players at We understand that practice is what helps players to understand games, so we are dedicated to providing quality free to play games here.

      Where can I play Wolf Gold online slot for real money?

      You just need to find the best online casino. Take a look through our detailed reviews and you’ll be able to find the right site for your needs.

      Are there any jackpot rounds in the Wolf Gold slot?

      Yes there are. The money respin round is a jackpot round with players able to activate the jackpot by completely filling up the reels with money symbols.

      Does the Wolf Gold slot game have a sequel?

      There is a kind of sequel available. There is a scratchcard game that is based on the original Wolf Gold slot. It’s not a true sequel though as it’s a different type of game and uses the same design.

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      Game statistics

      Wolf Gold
      Provider: Pragmatic Play
      Reels: 5
      Rows: 3
      Paylines: 25
      RTP: 96.01
      Jackpot: No