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Star Mania

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Nextgen Gaming Star Mania

Take to the stars with the Starmania slot machine! This slot possesses the pay-both-wins feature and also has free spins and stacked wilds. Despite only having 10 paylines, the opportunities to win are endless!

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Star Mania
Nextgen Gaming

Star Mania

Star Mania
Nextgen Gaming

Star Mania

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      Nextgen Gaming
      Star Mania
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      Take to the stars with the Starmania slot machine! This slot possesses the pay-both-wins feature and also has free spins and stacked wilds. Despite only having 10 paylines, the opportunities to win are endless!

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      Starmania Slot Machine Review 

      Get ready to go to the stars with the Starmania slot machine made by NextGen Gaming. This space-themed slot gives you plenty of ways to win as well as several features that can be triggered while spinning the reels.

      Our review of Starmania will be a holistic examination at their betting amounts, symbols and values, design, in-game features, and many more. 

      As one of the top slots made by NextGen Gaming, this is a slot that you’ll definitely want to check out. Now, let’s start by examining the pros and cons of the Starmania slot machine. 

      Pros and Cons

      • Stacked Wilds
      • Pay-Both-Ways feature
      • Free Spins
      • Basic user interface
      • Subpar graphics and audio

      Starmania Slot Overview

      The Starmania slot machine is a space-themed slot made by NextGen Gaming with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed paylines to win from. However, while the paylines may be low, paylines are paid out both ways, meaning that you can win from both the left and right side of the slot. (1)

      NextGen Gaming, a division of Next Generation Entertainment, is the world's largest independently owned game design studio specializing in interactive wagering games for both the internet and land-based gaming machines.

      The slot’s betting range is quite high, with the minimum bet being $0.10 per spin and the maximum bet being $500 per spin.

      This allows players to play a wide range of playstyles whenever they’re playing Starmania. You can play conservatively, at $0.10 per spin, or you can play high-stakes, at a maximum bet of $500 per spin.

      Low-stakes slots and high-roller slots are both possibilities in Starmania!

      On top of this, you’ll find that Starmania has several in-game features that help you hit these winning paylines. We’ll get more into this later.

      Starmania Symbols and Values

      There are several symbols and values within Starmania that you should know about. There are eight in-game symbols that pay out if you match enough of them:

      • Blue Star
      • Green Star
      • Pink Star
      • Big Blue Star
      • Big Green Star
      • Big Pink Star
      • Bonus Symbol
      • Mega Star

      The blue, green, and pink stars pay out the least, with three matching symbols resulting in a payout of 4X your line bet. However, if you manage to match five of these symbols, then you can receive a payout of 50X your line bet.

      The highest-paying symbol is the mega star, which pays out a minimum of 4X your line bet for matching just two symbols on a payline and a maximum of 500X your line bet for matching five symbols on a payline. 

      If you’d like to learn more about the different payouts for each symbol, be sure to check out our paytable below!

      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      4x 25x 100x 500x
      - 20x 100x 800x
      - 15x 60x 100x
      - 8x 30x 75x
      - 8x 30x 75x
      - 4x 10x 50x
      - 4x 10x 50x
      - 4x 10x 50x

      The slot also features stacked wilds, which can occur on reels 2, 3, and 4. These wilds can substitute for every symbol except for the stacked symbol, meaning that you can hit multiple paylines at once.

      Add on the fact that you can hit paylines both ways and the payouts can be larger than expected for a slot with only ten fixed paylines.

      The scatter symbol is the bonus symbol that we mentioned above. This symbol not only pays out if you match enough on a payline, but it also can trigger the free spins game which we’ll talk more about later. 

      Theme, Graphics, and Sounds

      While Starmania is an entertaining slot to play, the graphics and sounds are pretty basic. While the entire theme of the slot is stars, there isn’t very much variability among the symbols themselves.

      Yes, each star has a different color or design but the designs are simple and the colors are primary. The wild symbol is pretty creative, with an 80s-themed font for the word “wild” itself and a colorful background involving different blue and purple colors. 

      The background of the slot is also pretty basic. There are a few stars scattered across the screen and the background is meant to resemble the night sky, but that’s all there is to it.

      The sounds of the game are also pretty minimal. The background music is pretty mellow and calm as are the sounds that occur whenever you spin the reels or change your bet amount. 

      In terms of the game’s visuals and audio, it feels like there’s something left to be desired. The graphics and sounds are basic and they do their job, but they don’t keep you engaged for very long. 

      Starmania Slot Features

      Fortunately, the features of the slots are one of Starmania’s biggest talking points. As we’ve already mentioned, Starmania possesses stacked wilds, scatter symbols, and a free spins feature. 

      You can also win both ways if you land paylines on the left side and the right side. This helps you hit multiple paylines at once, a great benefit especially considering the fact that there are only ten fixed paylines. 

      The stacked wilds will only hit reels 2, 3, and 4. However, when they do hit, they can hit multiple rows at once. This means that you might have three wild symbols in rows 1, 2, and 3 which can aid in hitting paylines that pay both ways.

      The scatter symbol not only unlocks a bonus game, but it can also pay out heftily. If you match three scatter symbols, you’ll receive a payout of 20X your line bet.

      If you manage to hit five scatter symbols, you’ll receive a generous payout of 200X your line bet. On top of this, you’ll also unlock the free spins bonus game. 

      Starmania Free Spins Bonus Game

      The Starmania free spins bonus game is exactly what it sounds like. Once you’ve landed three or more scatter symbols, you’re rewarded with 10 free spins.

      You’re only given 10 free spins, no matter how many scatter symbols you land.

      Like other free spins bonus games, you can retrigger the free spins feature by matching more scatter symbols during your bonus session.

      However, what sets Starmania’s free spins bonus game apart from the others is the ability to receive free extra wilds before each free spin.

      Before each free spin, an extra wild is reels 2, 3, and 4. Therefore, by the end of your free spins, you should have had 30 wild symbols appear on your reels. 

      This allows you to match the bare minimum number of symbols in order to hit a payline. And on top of the fact that you can have paylines pay you both ways, hitting big payouts during the free spins period is a certain possibility.


      The RTP (return-to-player percentage) of Starmania is 97.87% and the volatility is medium-low. This means that, in the long run, for every $1,000 wagered, you can expect to win back at least $978.70.

      Considering that most slot machines have an RTP of 96%, an RTP of 97.87% is above-average, meaning that you can expect to win more from this slot than other online slots. 

      starmania rtp

      Despite having the ability to hit big payouts by hitting multiple paylines at once, the volatility of this slot is only medium-low.

      The reason being is that the maximum amount you can win isn’t as high as other online slots. However, you’ll receive payouts more consistently than other games. 

      Therefore, Starmania is a game where you’ll receive constant payouts. You just won’t be able to receive the big wins that you might see with slots that have large jackpots. 

      Play Starmania Slot on Mobile

      Due to how popular the Starmania slot machine is, you can expect to find this on your favorite mobile casino app.

      If you’re looking to download a mobile casino app, it may vary depending on whether you have an Android or an Apple device.

      If you have an IOS device, chances are, you can find your mobile casino app on the app store. Therefore, simply download your online casino’s app and you can start playing right away. 

      For Android users, it can be a little more complicated. Google recently announced that they would start allowing mobile casino apps on their play store. (2)

      Non-iPhone gamblers rejoice: The Google Play Store will soon allow gambling apps.

      Tim Marcin

      However, due to the recent nature of this announcement, some online casinos are still developing their apps for the Google Play Store.

      starmania device compatibility

      Luckily, you can download most of your favorite online casinos’ apps directly from their website. All you need to do is find a “Download” button, fulfill any necessary requirements, and you should have the app on your screen.

      If your online casino doesn’t have an app, chances are, you can play from directly through a mobile browser. 

      Due to how popular casino gaming has become on mobile devices, most online casinos have made their casino websites mobile-compatible.

      Therefore, you can play just about anywhere from any device, whether it’s from the comfort of your own home or on the road with your friends.

      Overall Rating

      We’ve based our overall rating of Starmania on several things: user experience, game features, payouts, and sounds and visuals. By looking at these different aspects of the game, we were able to compile a rating for the game that can help you determine if you want to put your money on Starmania!

      Star Mania: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 2.5/5

      All in all, the user experience of Starmania was alright. It was easy to navigate and there wasn’t very much lag, but that was about it. There was no shining feature in the user interface and their main talking point was the accessibility of everything. 

      Game Features: 4.5/5

      We really enjoyed the in-game features that came with Starmania. For one, the stacked wilds and pay-both-ways feature allowed us to hit multiple paylines at once, despite only having ten paylines.

      The scatter symbol also paid us generously, which was nice, but its ability to unlock the free spins game was what interested us the most. 

      The free spins feature allowed for generous payouts thanks to the added wilds before each free spin. On top of that, we could easily retrigger more free spins by matching more scatter symbols.

      Overall, the in-game features kept us thoroughly engaged and were the main reason we enjoyed playing Starmania so much. 

      Payouts: 4.5/5

      The payouts of Starmania are also an area where the game really shined. With an RTP of 97.87% and a medium-low volatility, we were getting consistent payouts for our spins.

      While these payouts might not be as lucrative as some other slots, we were still able to win money in the long run thanks to the pay-both-ways feature, the free spins, and the stacked wilds. 

      Sounds & Visuals: 2.5/5

      Like the user experience of Starmania, the visuals and sounds were alright. The designs of the stars were basic and there wasn’t much variability between the symbols.

      On top of that, the creativity for the background was subpar, with the night sky being the only real feature that they incorporated.

      While the sounds of the game were nice and soothing, there wasn’t anything exciting about the music to keep you engaged.

      Starmania met all the basic requirements for a slot, but it didn’t excel like we hoped it would.

      Final Rating: 4/5

      Starmania is a game that pays well and entertains thoroughly. While the visuals and audio weren’t up to par with other slot machines and the user interface felt like it was lacking in some areas, there was enough entertainment to go around for everyone. 

      So, is this a game for you? We’d like to say. Starmania remains as one of NextGen Gaming’s finest creations and we can guarantee that you’ll be paid out well if you decide to play this slot. 

      Starmania FAQs

      Can I play the Starmania slot for free?

      Yes, you can play the Starmania slot for free at Gamblib today!

      Where can I play Starmania using real money?

      You can play Starmania using real money at a variety of different online casinos. To find the best online casino for you, we recommend taking a look at our recommendations.

      Is the Starmania online slot safe to play?

      As long as you use a credible online casino, the Starmania online slot is safe to play for any slot enthusiast.

      Can I play the Starmania slot game with Bitcoin?

      Playing the Starmania slot game with Bitcoin largely depends on your online casino. If your online casino accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, then you can play Starmania with Bitcoin.

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      Game statistics

      Star Mania
      Provider: Nextgen Gaming
      Reels: 5
      Rows: 3
      Paylines: 10
      RTP: 97.87
      Jackpot: No