The World’s most fun destinations!

Thinking of your next weekend break or family vacation and can’t make up your mind which destination to choose? Rest assured, you are not alone. Day-in, day-out, millions of people around the world are scouring travel sites or old-style brochures to find their next dream spot, their next holiday haven, the city with the wildest thrills or just simply a place with the most cultural appeal.

Many people view travelling as a bit of a gamble. Sometimes you pull the lever and the slot machine yields the jackpot, sometimes you have to try again. In reality though, while there will always be a gambling element (we know that you like that or you wouldn’t be here at Gamblib), the Internet provides you with pretty much everything you need to know before you head out.

Travelling in Europe for Every Budget

With the rise of low-cost air travel has come a vastly increased amount of destinations that were previously thought to be too expensive or too far away to visit, virtually making them off-limits when planning a holiday. Today we can travel short and medium haul for the cost of a taxi ride to the airport, giving us near-unlimited choices for our next adventures.

This applies especially to Europe, where the end of the Cold War brought a host of new destinations that were out of reach prior to the demise of the Eastern Bloc. Cities like PragueWarsaw or Budapest with their vast cultural legacy are true gems and can now be visited on a whim, advancing in the past two decades to top spots for millennials, not just to party all night in one of the countless bars and night clubs, but to also experience the historic heritage these cities have to offer. Actually, they have ascended to direct competitors to the established cities typically on the list of must-visit weekend destinations such as LondonParisAmsterdam or Rome.

More Exotic Destinations

Planning to roam further away on the map and visit some far away country? There is a host of excellent destinations around the globe that will cater for every taste and budget. The liberalization of air travel and increased competition among carriers has seen the ticket prices tumble in the last two decades, making long-haul trips affordable virtually for everyone earning a normal salary.

Visit Thailand if you are looking for an exotic destination that combines a rich cultural heritage and exceptional natural beauty with superb beach locations and endless entertainment possibilities. Or take a trip to Fiji Islands where you can mingle with the locals to learn about their history and way of life, a truly enriching experience. If you are on the search for a mix of ancient history and party fun, then a trip to Mexico is highly recommended. Or say ALOHA on the Hawaiian Islands to experience truly spectacular volcanoes combined with the best waves for surfers. Given Macau’s proclivity towards entertainment, you’d be hard-pressed to find somewhere better in the area for nightlife fun. Rivalling even the Las Vegas strip, Macau has become the gambling centre of the East. Head over there for a night of glitz, neon lights and a few rounds of Martinis.

Personally, I was among the very blessed and lucky people to get their hands on a job that took them around the world, visiting repeatedly some 100+ countries from the company base in Europe. How can I not feel lucky when I was able to see divine places such as the Seychelles or Fiji Islands, visit Australia, all of Asia, all of Europe, most countries in Africa plus the USACanadaBrazilPeruCosta Rica and many more. My personal recommendations based on all these travel experiences are summarized in the infographic above. Which of those have you visited so far?

Travelling the World

My personal travel highlights though were two global holiday trips I took in my 30’s using a round-the-world ticket that airlines offer in association with their alliance partners. What made those tickets really practical was the fact that they had very few restrictions. One had to choose only whether to go west or eastwards and book the first segments, leaving the remainder of the journey to find its path along the way, wherever that magic road may lead. And it brought me to some spectacular islands, hidden city gems and pristine beach locations. Each of the trips were three months of immense fun and thrilling adventures that I could not have envisaged in the slightest when I was a little child growing up in an Eastern bloc country.

The world is ours to explore. Wherever your next adventure might take you, remember to enjoy the beauty of this planet and its rich history. Each and every country will have those certain magical spots where you can relax, party or enjoy their culture. For a guide to more fun on your travels, take a peek at our latest infographic displaying the TOP20 destinations ranked according to entertainment, national attractions, sports and stadiums, museums and land-based casinos to spend your evenings atwhilst on holiday.