Kings Of Cash

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Microgaming Kings Of Cash

If youu2019re a certified Microgaming slots fan then youu2019re sure to be more than comfortable with the concept of playing card icons on your favourite games.

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Kings Of Cash

Kings Of Cash

Kings Of Cash

Kings Of Cash

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      Kings Of Cash
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      If youu2019re a certified Microgaming slots fan then youu2019re sure to be more than comfortable with the concept of playing card icons on your favourite games.

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      Kings Of Cash Slot Review

      Kings of Cash has a really great look to it. Lots of games feature serious themed graphics, but this one takes a more cartoony approach. Everything about this game is absolutely in line with the overriding theme, which is great to see. The cartoon style graphics look wonderful which really makes an impression when the reels spin. The bonus features are excellent which is to be expected with modern slots. It’s a lot of fun and is well worth loading up and playing. 

      Pros and Cons

      • The bonus scatter round is very innovative
      • Wins are doubled during the free spins round
      • Has a gamble feature
      • There is a relatively low maximum payout offered in this game

      Slot History

      Although Kings of Cash is one of the older games on the market, it still shows a lot of the finesse that Microgaming is well known for. The game is over 10 years old, but it doesn’t really show much sign of aging. The graphics look excellent with a lot of vibrant colours and excellent cartoon styles. There are two bonus features in place and the game uses 15 paylines to create wins. It has a lot to offer and is definitely one of the more enjoyable games around.

      RTP and Volatility

      Kings of Cash has an RTP (1) of 96.68%. This is slightly above the average for the market. This is a good start to the stats for the game as seeing a positive RTP will put players at ease right away. The RTP rate can tell players a lot about a game, so it’s always well worth checking out what the return rate is.

      In terms of volatility it’s a medium game. So, while wins aren’t fast and furious here, they do still come along quite often. It does mean that the value of the wins isn’t quite as high as on some other titles, but there’s still enough here to keep players interested. The maximum win is a bit lower than other medium volatility games, but it’s certainly not the lowest on the market by any stretch. New players might be better off playing lower volatility games, but for anyone with experience of slots there is nothing here to confuse players.

      The value of RTP (return to player) is calculated by division of money wonover money lost multiplied by one hundred.

      As is the case with most video slot games, the bonus rounds are where the big wins take place. The Kings of Cash bonus and the free spins round both give players the best chance to grab the biggest wins.

      The medium volatility here means that this game is best suited for intermediate players and upwards.

      Theme and Graphics

      While it might be easy to assume Kings of Cash will have low quality visuals due to the age of the game, this really isn’t the case. It has absolutely top tier visuals at every step which all match up to the theme. Players will be aware of the royal theme as soon as the game loads, with it being obvious in every single part of the game. 

      This is no more evident than with the symbols in the game. These are all superbly well drawn and the cartoon style of the kings that appear really fits the game well. As it’s one of the older games on the market it’s no surprise that it doesn’t have 3D graphics or anything else so impressive. Despite this, the graphics have really held up well and do genuinely look great.

      How to Win at Kings of Cash

      Game Rules

      The Kings of Cash slot isn’t a complex game to play. It’s pretty much a standard video slot in terms of the reels. It has 15 paylines, which is a little lower than some other games, but they are customisable which adds some extra choice to players. It has two features as bonuses, which does add a lot of variety and enjoyment to players. This is also where the bigger wins are available, so it’s what most players will be aiming for.

      Kings of Cash has an autoplay feature in place which makes it easy for players who want to use a bankroll management strategy. Here a number of spins can be programmed in and players will be able to carry them out without having to worry about keeping a tally of how many have been played.

      Betting Options

      There’s a wager range of 0.01 and 15.00 in place for Kings of Cash. This is because it has a coin value range of 0.01 and 1.00. Each coin can be wagered on each payline that is played. Because the paylines can be customised it means that a single coin can be wagered on just a single payline. 

      Symbols and Values

      The symbols that are included in Kings of Cash all stick to the overall theme of the game like glue. This is great to see and it provides players with a slightly different approach when compared to how slots normally operate. This does mean that players have more interesting visuals to look at when playing. It really helps players to get into the game.

      Here are the symbols in the game that make up the high paying options:

      • King of Spades
      • King of Hearts
      • King of Clubs
      • King of Diamonds

      With most games using card symbols as their low paying symbols, it makes a bit of a change to see card symbols for high paying symbols and more varied symbols as the low paying symbols. It’s a nice switch up though and it really does look great. Here are the low paying symbols that are included in the game:

      • Chest
      • Throne
      • Shield

      Wilds, Scatter, Bonus Symbols

      The wild symbol in Kings of Cash is the logo for the game. It helps to create wins by linking with other symbols but can also create wins itself. It’s also the only symbol in the game that creates wins with just two symbols on a payline.

      Kings of Cash has two scatter symbols in place. Each one of these will begin a bonus round. The first is the crown scatter symbol. This activates the Kings of Cash bonus round. The second is the pennant scatter which starts the free spins bonus round. 

      To find out the full paytable you can see it in below:

      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      10x 25x 100x 5000x
      - 10x 50x 300x
      - 10x 50x 300x
      - 10x 50x 300x
      - 10x 50x 300x
      - 5x 30x 150x
      - 5x 20x 100x
      - 5x 15x 100x
      - 1x 5x 10x

      All payouts are multiplied by the line bet

      Kings of Cash Slot Features

      Kings of Cash has two bonus rounds included. The first bonus round is the Kings of Cash Bonus. This is a picking round with the size of the prize impacted by the number of scatters that trigger it. The second bonus is a free spins round. This round is also activated by scatters landing on the reels.

      Kings of Cash Bonus

      The Kings of Cash bonus round begins when at least 3 of the crown scatter symbols land on the reels at the same time. This will take players to a bonus picking round. Here players will pick cards that turn over. Each card will reveal a different king. When 3 matching kings are revealed the relevant payout for that king will be paid. 

      What makes the round interesting is how the number of scatters that activate the round can impact on the payout. If 3 scatters trigger the round then between 2 and 100 times the player stake can be won. If 4 scatters trigger the round then between 5 and 150 times the player stake can be won. If 5 scatters trigger the round then between 10 and 1,000 times the player stake can be won.

      Free Spins

      Kings of Cash has an excellent free spins[2] feature in place. This begins when at least 3 of the pennant scatter symbols land on the reels. This will pay out an instant win to players as well as awarding free spins. 3 scatters pays out 1 times the total bet and gives 10 free spins. 4 scatters pays out 5 times the total bet and 15 free spins. 5 scatters pays out 10 times the total bet and 25 free spins. 

      During the free spins round all wins are doubled. This makes it more interesting for players right from the off. On top of this the Kings of Cash bonus round is available during the round and the free spins can be triggered again.

      Bonus features are activated when a winning combination of special symbols appear following a spin. There are different types of bonus features. Free spins are one of the more common forms, where the player gets a number of spins for “free”. 

      Play Kings of Cash on Mobile

      Although Kings of Cash is quite an old game, with it being more than 10 years old, it still has a mobile version available to players. It received an update in 2017 which ensured it had the latest technology applied. This means it can be used on modern mobile devices without any compatibility issues. It loads quickly, is scaled superbly and the controls are a breeze to use. This makes sure that players on any platform can enjoy the game.

      The 2017 update made sure that HTML5 technology was put in place. This ensures that compatibility across numerous devices is easily applied.

      Kings of Cash Slot Tips

      There are a lot of players who think that they can predict what is going to happen on the reels for each spin. While there are some players who might get lucky sometimes, the reels are actually completely random. Because the game uses software to create random behaviour it means that players cannot predict how the reels will land from spin to spin, regardless of what has happened before. 

      In terms of tactics and tips it means that there aren’t any available that will guarantee wins of every spin. However, there are some tips that you can put into practice that will improve your overall playing. Here are our favourite tips to improve your slot experience.

      Play as Many Spins as Possible

      This is something that lots of players don’t understand. They will set their stake at the highest level, play a few spins and then wonder why they haven’t won. This isn’t the right way to approach a video slot. Especially one such as Kings of Cash as the bonus rounds are where the big prizes are. To get the bonus rounds you will need a lot of spins. This is why it’s important to budget to play as many spins as possible. This will increase your chances of starting the bonus round and getting access to the larger payouts.

      Know the Right Time to Walk Away

      If you’ve grabbed a big win and then thought that a few more spins was the right call then you will know all about playing longer than you should. The same can go for making an extra deposit so you can keep on playing after using all of your budget. Knowing when it’s right to walk away will make sure you keep more of your winnings and budget in your pocket. 

      Give the Demo Version a Try

      Because video slots use random number generators to create the gameplay, a lot of players tend to ignore the demo version of the game. This can sometimes be a big mistake. The demo version of the game gives the opportunity to try out the game without using any of their budget up. This will then give an idea of the game mechanics and a rough layout of how the bonuses are awarded. Playing the demo is a fantastic way to get yourself up to speed with the game and it doesn’t cost a thing.

      Overall Rating

      Kings of Cash might be one of the older games on the market, but it still has plenty in the tank. There are some great features on display here and the graphics make sure that it looks great too. This is a classic slot title and will grab the attention of everyone from beginners to experienced slot players. Take a look at our final ratings to see if this is the title for you:

      Gamblib logo
      Kings of Cash: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4/5

      This is a fantastic experience for users. The controls are superb, it has a wonderful mobile version available and autoplay is available. Players also have the ability to set their paylines to the level that they want, which is a nice added bonus.

      Game Features: 3.5/5

      Kings of Cash has two main features included. The first is a picking game and the second is a free spins round. Both of these rounds can offer some great prizes to players which makes them a lot of fun. The picking game also offers the top prize in the game.

      Payouts: 3/5

      The payouts are generally okay in Kings of Cash. 1,000 times the player stake can be won here, which is okay for a medium volatility game. Although there are games with higher payouts on the market, there are also games with lower payouts as well. The double wins in the free spins does rescue things a little bit here.

      Sounds & Visuals: 4/5

      The visuals here are excellent. What makes them so impressive is that they don’t look dated, even though they’re more than 10 years old. Looking at this game it could easily have been released last month. The cartoon style is what helps with this, it fits the overall theme perfectly and it makes sure that players are completely in tune with what the game wants to do.

      Final Rating: 3.5/5

      Kings of Cash is a lot of fun and has some great stuff available to players. The features are enjoyable and offer some good prizes. The theme fits well and has good graphics to go with it. Some of the payouts could be a little bit higher, but they’re not really low either. This is definitely a slot to check out if you want something new to play.

      Kings of Cash FAQs

      Where can I play the Kings of Cash slot for free?

      You can try out Kings of Cash for free right here at gamblib.org. All you need to do is load up the demo of the game and you can get started. It won’t use any of your bankroll and you will be able to get in tune with the game.

      Can I play the Kings of Cash slot machine at real money casinos?

      You certainly can. All you need to do is create an account with an online casino and then you will be ready to play for real money. You can find a range of top class online casinos in our reviews. From here you can find the best site that has Kings of Cash available to play.

      Is there a progressive jackpot round on the Kings of Cash slot?

      No there isn’t. It has a standard jackpot round that pays out up to 1,000 times the player stake. This is available during the picking game.

      What's the max payout on the Kings of Cash slot game?

      The Kings of Cash maximum payout is set at 1,000 times the player stake. 

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      Game statistics

      Kings Of Cash
      Provider: Microgaming
      Reels: 5
      Rows: Not Available
      Paylines: 15
      RTP: Not Available
      Jackpot: Not Available