The Kindle was originally designed as an e-reader, and with its excellent e-ink display it quickly became the device of choice for those who read e-books. Amazon has extended the capability of its tablet offering with the Kindle Fire, an Android-based tablet with full colour HD graphics, web-browsing, media-streaming and gaming. The Kindle Fire HD is a strong competitor on the tablet market, backed by Amazon’s already well-developed media and shopping outlets, and we’ll tell you how it compares to the market leaders for playing online slots.

Online slots are well-established, but the Kindle Fire is a relatively new device and apps are downloaded via the Amazon App Store. We’ve taken the time to assess the best Kindle Fire Slots Apps, and our top five recommended apps are:

What is the Kindle Fire?

Amazon’s entry into the tablet market is designed to be an affordable tablet that combines the e-reader capabilities of the original Kindle with the success of app-based mobile tablets. The iPad is clearly the market leader in this sector (and the price reflects that), but the Kindle Fire HD is aimed at the mid-range level as a competitor to the Google Nexus tablet.

Kindle Fire tablets are powered by Fire OS 3.0 ‘Mojito’, an operating system that is based upon the Android operating system, adding cloud services and integrating Amazon’s digital content into the platform. It has been built with gaming in mind according to Amazon, so it should be perfectly capable of running slots games, and features ‘multi-touch controls’.

There are some great benefits of being attached to Amazon with a Kindle Fire, such as Amazon Instant Video, and if you are already a user of Amazon services, the way that these are integrated into the user interface is bound to please. However, there are significantly less apps available on the Amazon App Store than on the Apple or Google App Stores, and that might be an issue for some people. There are still plenty of slots for the Kindle Fire though, and we’ve reviewed the very best of them for you.

Finding Compatible Slots Apps

It was always going to be a tough task for Amazon to catch up with Google and Apple in terms of Apps, but there are more and more new apps hitting the Amazon store every day, and the best casino operators have become aware of the potential custom to be gained on this platform. To Amazon’s advantage is that it already has millions of customers, and with millions of Kindle Fires already on the market, there is every reason for casinos to create compatible apps.

That’s a good sign for us players, and the same general rules apply to the Amazon App Store as to the Apple and Google App Stores.

There are a host of free games you can download and play, which we’ll cover in the next section, but when it comes to real money Kindle Fire HD slots you should always read our casino reviews before you download anything to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. We’ve conducted our own reviews of hundreds of casinos and the best slot machines, and we also encourage our users to leave feedback about sites and machines they’ve played at, so there’s plenty of information right here on this site for you.

Free Play and Real Money Play

If you’re an avid slots player there are tons of free Kindle Fire Slots to play, where you don’t have to submit any personal details, but simply download and start playing.

Some are based on typical tablet games which allow you to make in-app purchases and progress through levels as you complete wins. This can be a fun way of playing slots and there are some imaginative games out there, but you can’t win any real money with these types of games.

The majority of casino apps can be downloaded for free, and will allow you to play the slot machines with free credits without having to sign up or enter any details. Again, you won’t win any money by doing this, but it’s a great way of testing out each game and the casinos software before you play for real. This is called a No Deposit Bonus.

Don’t forget that nearly all casinos offer sign-up bonuses and promotions for new customers, so before you open an account check our bonus pages for the latest special offers. We scour the casino and slots industry for the very best offers, and regularly update them here for our readers.

Kindle vs iPad vs Android

Each of these tablets and operating systems will have its own fans, and it’s as much down to personal preference as anything else. The iPad has always been seen as the ground-breaker in the tablet world, and Apple’s device is one of the quickest and most intuitive around. However, it is true that there are less casino apps and slots apps on iPad or Kindle Fire compared with Android, so if variety is your thing, an Android device will probably offer the widest choice of games. The Kindle Fire HD is by no means a poor relation though. There are enough slots and casino apps to keep most players happy, and it comes in at a much more reasonable price than an iPad.