Triple Diamond

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IGT Triple Diamond

Take a break from the complicated games of today with Triple Diamond slots! While only having 9 paylines, there are plenty of ways to win and the Triple Diamond logo can yield a payout of up to 1,199 your line bet!

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Triple Diamond

Triple Diamond

Triple Diamond

Triple Diamond

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      Triple Diamond
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      Take a break from the complicated games of today with Triple Diamond slots! While only having 9 paylines, there are plenty of ways to win and the Triple Diamond logo can yield a payout of up to 1,199 your line bet!

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      Triple Diamond Slot Review

      The Triple Diamond slot by IGT is one of the most popular 3-reels classic slots by this particular slot provider. Not only is this the sequel to the slot Double Diamond, but you’ll also find that Triple Diamond has more than enough different ways to win.

      Despite having a simple setup, the Triple Diamond slot is pretty addicting. Let’s go over the paylines of the game, the payouts, and some of the on-screen features that you can expect when you hop onto the game.

      Let’s get started! 

      Pros and Cons

      • Triple Diamond Logo that can pay up to 1199X the line bet
      • Simple yet engaging gameplay
      • Well-designed graphics and audio
      • No bonus rounds to look forward to
      • No progressive jackpot

      Triple Diamond Reels, Paylines, and On Screen Options

      The Triple Diamonds slot only has 9 paylines and 3 reels. At first, this might seem like too little to be worthwhile. However, given our experience with the slot, we didn’t find this to be the case at all.

      First off, despite only having 9 paylines, this is a 3x3 reel-to-row setup, meaning that there are only so many symbols that can be on the screen at a time. 

      Furthermore, each reel will usually only have 1-2 symbols after the spin is finished. This makes it relatively easy to hit a payline after a few spins.

      The best strategy that helped us maintain consistent winnings was utilizing the slot’s Triple Diamond logo. The Triple Diamond not only acts as the game’s wild, but also is a multiplier when matched together.

      If you manage to land one Triple Diamond symbol, you’ll get a 2X multiplier. Two Triple Diamond symbols will get you a 10X multiplier and three Triple Diamond symbols will get you a 1199X multiplier!

      That’s larger than most online slot multipliers! 

      Even more so, the Triple Diamond logo can be found on every reel. However, the chance of landing three can be pretty slim. Nevertheless, if you manage to do so, you’ll certainly reap the rewards. 

      In terms of on-screen options, you can adjust the number of paylines that you want to bet on. Since you’re doing a bet for each line, this adjustable option allows you to manage your betting options and stay within budget.

      Another great addition is the autoplay option. If you’re not feeling like playing, you can easily set a number of paylines, the line bet, and the number of auto spins that you want.

      Then, you can sit back and relax as you watch the slot play itself. 

      Triple Diamond Slot Machine Payout

      In our opinion, the Triple Diamond slot payouts is where this slot machine really shines. As we mentioned before, the Triple Diamond logo has some pretty nifty payouts.

      In fact, just landing a Triple Diamond logo will give you a payout of 2X your line bet. However, there are some other symbols that can be accounted for in this game:

      • Any Bar Symbol
      • Single Bar Symbol
      • Double Bar Symbol
      • Triple Bar Symbols
      • Lucky 7

      None of these symbols will pay out if you land two adjacent symbols next to each other. Each of these symbols requires you to land at least three symbols together in order to hit a payout.

      Only the Triple Diamond logo will pay out if there is less than three of its symbols on the reels

      The Any Bar symbol pays the lowest, with three matching symbols providing you with 5X your line bet. The highest-paying symbol is the Lucky 7, with three matching symbols providing you with 100X your line bet.

      If you want more information on the different payouts you can expect with the different symbols in this game, you can check out our paytable below. 

      1 on a Payline
      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      2x 10x 1,199x
      - - 100x
      - - 40x
      - - 20x
      - - 10x
      - - 5x

      The fact that you need three symbols to land a payout might make this seem like a tough game. However, thanks to the Triple Diamond logo, most of the time, you only need to land two regular symbols along with the Triple Diamond logo in order to hit a payline. 

      Triple Diamond Bonus Rounds

      Unfortunately, you won’t find any bonus games in the Triple Diamond slot. Unlike most other slot games, Triple Diamond stays true to its “simple game” philosophy. Here, you spin the slot to make winnings. You won’t find any free spins or any scatter symbols that will take you to a separate slot.

      This can be disheartening at times, especially since bonus games can keep you engaged. However, Triple Diamond provides enough payouts as it is throughout an entire session that you don’t need a bonus round to make money.

      The only real downside that comes with not having bonus rounds is that the game can become repetitive after a long time. Luckily, with the Autospin feature, you can easily play through several spins without even touching the computer. 

      Triple Diamond RTP/Volatility

      The Triple Diamond slot machine has an RTP of 96.5%, putting it up there with most of the top-performing slots that you’ll find at your local online casino.

      Considering that most slots have an RTP of anywhere between 95% and 96%, Triple Diamond pays out at a rate that is just above average. This means that, for every $1,000 you wager in the long run, you can expect about $965 to be paid back in winnings. 

      triple diamond rtp chart

      However, this isn’t entirely accurate in the short run since you can easily go from hitting paylines on every spin to not hitting anything at all for the next few rounds. Therefore, in the short run, your RTP can vary.

      As for the volatility of Triple Diamond, this slot machine has a medium-low volatility, meaning that you’ll hit consistent payouts during your session but it’s unlikely that you’ll hit anything huge here.

      This is largely due to the fact that the Triple Diamond slot doesn't have any bonus rounds or a progressive jackpot. Rather, it has a 1,199X multiplier that can skyrocket your winnings if you manage to get the slim chance of matching three Triple Diamond logo symbols. 

      Play Triple Diamond on Mobile

      Largely due to the consistent payouts and simplistic gameplay of Triple Diamond, you can expect most online casinos to have Triple Diamond slots on their mobile casino app. 

      Playing the game on mobile and on desktop won’t vary too much aside from the screen size and the user interface. You’ll still have the same features, gameplay, and payouts and the game will be just as fun, regardless of the device being used to play the game. 

      Downloading an online casino app first largely depends on your device. There are different ways to go about downloading a mobile casino app, depending on whether you have an Android or an IOS device. 

      If you have an IOS device, you can simply go to the app store and download the casino app from there. Once your app has finished downloading, you can login and start playing. (1)

      The majority of gambling apps currently hosted in the App Store are HTML5 sites in a native wrapper, or so-called container apps

      If you have an Android device, things might vary. Google Play recently announced that they would finally start allowing real money casino apps to be downloaded from their app store. (2)

      Google Play announced an upcoming policy change that will allow gambling and betting Android apps in more countries. These applications are currently only available in four stores around the world.

      Abner Li, Editor-in-Chief 9to5google.com

      However, given the recent nature of these announcements, most online casinos are still developing apps for the Google Play Store.

      If your online casino has an app on the Google Play Store, then you don’t have to do anything. You can simply download the app and start playing.

      However, if there’s no app for you to download, there’s another way for you to attain your casino’s mobile app. Some online casinos will have a “Download” option on their website.

      Therefore, simply go to the casino’s website and you can download their app from there. 

      triple diamond device compatibility

      If all else fails, you can usually play at your favorite online casino through your mobile browser. Given how popular playing casino games has become on mobile devices, most online casinos are now mobile-compatible.

      Thus, if you can’t download your casino app, you can always play from your mobile browser.  

      Overall Rating

      We’ve based our overall rating of Triple Diamond  on several things: user experience, game features, payouts, and sounds and visuals. By looking at these different aspects of the game, we were able to compile a rating for the game that can help you determine if you want to put your money on Triple Diamond slots!

      Triple Diamond: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 3.5/5

      During our sessions with the Triple Diamond slot machine, we found that everything was quite easy to access. The setup of the game was simple and provided no confusion when we actually played the game.

      Every feature that we wanted to review was either on the screen in front of us or easy to find with a few clicks of our mouse. 

      There was also no lag during our gaming sessions, making it a really enjoyable experience overall. 

      Game Features: 2/5

      Unfortunately, despite our kind words for the Triple Diamond slot machine, the game features were an area where we thought the game was lacking. Aside from the Triple Diamond logo as a wild symbol, there was little else that the game had.

      There were no bonus rounds nor were there any opportunities for things like free spins or a progressive jackpot. While we did enjoy the consistency that Triple Diamond provided, the game could get slow at times since there was nothing else to look forward to.

      Payouts: 4/5

      Despite only having 9 paylines and 3 reels, this is where we think that Triple Diamond excelled. We found that it was quite easy to consistently hit paylines throughout our session, even if it required us to land three symbols in a row in order to hit anything. 

      The Triple Diamond logo was also very helpful. Landing just one logo symbol reaped a payout of 2X the line bet while also helping to create other paylines with the other symbols on the reels. 

      Given that most slots nowadays have dozens of different paylines and several symbols to play with, Triple Diamond’s simplicity gave us a nice break from the usual while also providing more than enough winning opportunities to keep us happy. 

      Sounds & Visuals: 3.5/5

      The sounds and visuals of the Triple Diamond slot are also another area where we think IGT outdid themselves. The slot has an 1980s, retrospective look thanks to the colors and designs incorporated into the symbols and background.

      You can tell that the designers put their full effort into the visuals of the slot machine. The colorways chosen complement each other quite well and the symbols are well-designed.

      As for the audio, you’ll find energetic music playing while you spin each slot. There are also sounds for when you hit paylines and the Triple Diamond logo. If you want to adjust paylines or line bets, Triple Diamond has sounds for each adjustment that you make.

      There are sounds for just about every action that you make and this definitely helped keep us engaged as we played the Triple Diamond slot machine. 

      Final Rating: 3.25/5

      Triple Diamond slots is a game that’s on the more simple side when it comes to online slot gaming. You won’t find any bonus rounds nor will you find a progressive jackpot or scatter symbols. However, what you will find are consistent payouts and a well-designed interface to accompany you while you play.

      We found that this game is great to play when you want a break from the other slots that have complicated gameplay and a plethora of in-game features. 

      To this day, the Triple Diamond slot machine remains a classic among the other slots made by IGT. Plenty of slot enthusiasts love to play Triple Diamond, but is this slot for you? That’s up to you to find out.

      Triple Diamond FAQs

      How is Triple Diamond different from Double Diamond by the same developer?

      Triple Diamond is the sequel to the Double Diamond slot. The sounds and visuals are about the same for both games. However, two key differences are the payouts and the logo image.

      How do I win big on the Triple Diamond slot game?

      You can win big in the Triple Diamond slot game if you manage to hit three of the Triple Diamond logos. This will give you a multiplier of 1,199X your line bet.

      Why should I play the Triple Diamond slot?

      Most people love to play the Triple Diamond slot because of its simplicity and consistent payout. If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t require very much learning, yet still gives you a good chance to make money, you should definitely check out Triple Diamond.

      Where can I play the Triple Diamond slot machine for real money?

      You can play Triple Diamond for real money at any credible, online casino. To find a trustworthy casino to play at today, check out Gamblib’s favorite online casinos.

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      Game statistics

      Triple Diamond
      Provider: IGT
      Reels: 3
      Rows: 3
      Paylines: 9
      RTP: 96.5
      Jackpot: No