Kitty Glitter

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IGT Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter was one of the first video slots to be launched by IGT and can still be found to this day in casinos around the world.

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Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter

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      Kitty Glitter
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      Kitty Glitter was one of the first video slots to be launched by IGT and can still be found to this day in casinos around the world.

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      Kitty Glitter Slot Review

      Cats are one of the most popular animals on the planet. And if you’re a cat person, then the Kitty Glitter slot is perfect for you. Furthermore, with the slot being made by IGT, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. 

      In this slot, you’ll find everything from well-made graphics to free spins that can go into the hundreds. Kitty Glitter goes the whole nine yards when it comes to their gameplay.

      But, is Kitty Glitter the right slot for you? After all, with IGT being one of the top slot providers in the world, there are plenty of other notable titles you can choose from. 

      Today, we’re going to answer your question by taking a look at every part of the Kitty Glitter slot. We’ll examine their payouts, in-game features, and even their sounds and visuals.

      Pros and Cons

      • Entertaining in-game features
      • Popular slot title by IGT
      • Generous payouts
      • Outdated graphics

      Kitty Glitter Slot History

      Kitty Glitter is an old game, with the original version being released in March 2010. Despite being an older title from IGT, the game has still managed to garner a lot of positive feedback from players.

      The reason being is that Kitty Glitter has great payouts from its symbols. Furthermore, the game’s theme uses popular cats from around the world, appealing to a large demographic of cat lovers across the internet. (1)

      The original Siamese became one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America in the 19th century.

      Siamese Cats

      How to Win at the Kitty Glitter Slot

      In order to win when playing the Kitty Glitter slot, you’ll need to match a minimum of three of the same symbols together in a payline.

      By doing so, you’ll be paid out according to the multiplier of the symbol and the number of symbols you match.

      Game Rules

      • The game’s rules are quite simple. Before spinning, you must make a wager between the minimum bet and the maximum bet.

      • As for Kitty Glitter’s setup, it’s quite simple. The game features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 paylines. Considering that most slots only have 15-20 paylines, Kitty Glitter offers more winning opportunities than most titles.

      • The paylines are also fixed, meaning that you need to bet on every line. However, this can be a good thing since adjustable paylines means that you might miss making money off a won payline.

      • In the game, you’ll also find bonus features. These cannot be triggered through your efforts. Rather, the bonus features are triggered randomly and can benefit you greatly. We’ll get more into this later.

      Betting Options

      Kitty Glitter has a pretty large betting range, with the minimum bet being $0.30 and the maximum bet being $150. 

      This means that the slot can accommodate both low-stakes and high-stakes bettors. Do you like to keep your money close to you and bet conservatively? Great! Bet the minimum amount and you’ll be able to play hundreds of rounds for just $100.

      Do you like to take risks and bet big? That’s also great! Bet the maximum amounts and Kitty Glitter’s generous multipliers will pay you well.

      Either way, no matter what type of playstyle you have, Kitty Glitter is great at making sure that you can enjoy the game. 

      Kitty Glitter Symbols and Values

      There are 12 symbols that you can find when playing the Kitty Glitter slot. Of the twelve symbols, ten of these will pay you while you play. The other two symbols are bonus symbols that give you extra winning opportunities.

      The lowest-paying symbols are the 10 through Jack deck-based card symbols. Matching three of these in a payline will only pay you 5X your line bet.

      Meanwhile, the highest-paying symbol in the regular game is the white cat. Matching five of these in a payline will pay you 1,000X your line bet. 

      There is also a wild and scatter symbol that you can find. The wild symbol is the Kitty Glitter logo which can substitute for any other symbol besides the scatter. However, these can only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

      The scatter is the diamond with the word “Bonus” on it. These can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Whenever three diamonds appear on the reels, the free spins bonus game will be triggered. We’ll talk more about this below.

      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      50x 300x 1000x
      40x 200x 750x
      30x 125x 400x
      20x 100x 300x
      10x 30x 125x
      5x 20x 100x
      5x 20x 100x
      5x 20x 100x
      5x 20x 100x

      Kitty Glitter Slot Features

      Kitty Glitter has two main features. However, both of them work with one another since one feature is the bonus game and the other feature is the accumulator feature. This occurs when you’re playing the bonus game

      Max Stake

      Unfortunately, there isn’t a progressive jackpot within Kitty Glitter. There also isn’t a regular jackpot, either. The maximum you can win when playing Kitty Glitter is $1,000X your maximum stake. While this is disappointing, the payouts are still really good in Kitty Glitter so you won’t have a problem making money.

      Free Spins Bonus

      As we mentioned before, Kitty Glitter also has a free spins bonus game that can be activated whenever you land three scatters on the reels. The bonus game work such as that you’re given 15 free spins as well as a 3X payout on any paylines hit before the spins. However, you can gain an additional 15 free spins if you manage to land another 3 scatters on the reels. This can be retriggered up to 225 free spins.

      Accumulator Feature

      Another key part about the bonus game is the accumulator feature. If you manage to land a special diamond symbol on reel five in the bonus game, then you’ll fill up a diamond space in the bar underneath the reels. If you manage to fill up all the diamond spaces next to a cat, then that cat turns into a wild symbol. This can continue to reoccur until all four cat symbols are wild symbols.

      RTP and Volatility

      Kitty Glitter has an RTP of 94.92% and a medium volatility. An RTP of 94.92% means that, for every $1,000 wagered in the long run, you can expect to win back around $949.20 in winnings. Considering that the average online slot has an RTP of 96%, this puts Kitty Glitter barely underneath what most slots might pay you.

      However, you shouldn’t use RTP as the main way of determining exactly how much you can win. The reason being is that RTP is a long term measurement. In the short run, luck always plays a factor.

      For example, you might hit the jackpot early, putting you over what you’re expected to win. Similarly, you might go on a cold streak, causing you to lose more money than you might expect.

      As a result, it’s pretty much never guaranteed that you’ll win the amount that the RTP projects. However, this is still a good way of comparing payouts between different slots.

      Kitty Glitter’s medium volatility means that there is some risk that comes with playing the slot. However, the payouts for the symbols will make this risk worth it.

      For reference, low volatility slots have the least amount of risk. This means that you’ll consistently hit paylines while you play. However, because there isn’t as much risk, you won’t receive as big of payouts.

      On the contrary, high volatility slots have the most risk. This means that you could go a long time without hitting any paylines, significantly reducing your cash pool. 

      However, the payouts are much larger and reward you enough to make your troubles worth it. 

      This puts medium volatility slots in the middle. There is more risk associated with the slot than low volatility slots. However, you’ll be paid more--just not as much as high volatility slots. 

      Play Kitty Glitter on Mobile

      Because of how popular Kitty Glitter is, you can expect to find this slot at mobile casinos. All you have to do is find which online casinos offer Kitty Glitter.

      Then, simply boot up a mobile browser, log into the casino, and you can start playing the slot. Some online casinos might offer an app. However, this process is a little more complicated.

      For one, most online casinos tend to stick with mobile browsers since it takes less resources and time to manage the platform.

      Furthermore, operating systems like Google only just began to allow real money casino apps on their app store. (2) As a result, some casino sites might still be in the process of developing their app.

      Last month, Google’s Play Store policies changed to permit gambling and betting Android apps that use real money in 15 more countries than before, including the U.S.

      Nevertheless, because of how popular mobile casino gaming has become, just about every top online casino has made their games mobile-compatible.

      Thus, whether you’re at the beach or at a library, you can always play Kitty Glitter so long as you have a mobile device and internet connection.

      Overall Rating

      Here at Gamblib, we like to compile our overall rating of a slot game based on four areas: user experience, game features, payouts, and sounds & visuals.

      We applied these ratings to the Kitty Glitter slot. That way, we can come up with a definitive ranking to help you determine whether or not you want to put your money here.

      Gamblib logo
      Kitty Glitter: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 2/5

      The user experience for Kitty Glitter was subpar at best. For one, the game did not have many of the features that we normally liked to see in a slot.

      We had no ability to autoplay and other features like line betting took much longer than you might like. Not only this, figuring out how to access the paytable took time. This was disappointing since normally, we would find the paytable in the blink of an eye. 

      While we understand that the game might’ve been released in 2010, that still does not excuse the fact that a lot of the normal functions of a regular slot machine were missing. 

      Game Features: 4/5

      The in-game features in Kitty Glitter were some of the most complex and entertaining we’ve seen. For one, the free spins bonus game had plenty of opportunities to win. The retrigger feature also gave us more than enough free spins to use. 

      We also really enjoyed the accumulator function. This part of the free spins bonus game allowed us to get more winning paylines than we expected.

      Overall, despite only having one real feature to look forward to, the free spins bonus game and accumulator function both contributed to an entertaining session of Kitty Glitter. 

      Payouts: 4/5

      The payouts in Kitty Glitter were also really solid. Despite having low-paying multipliers for some of the lower-tier symbols, everything paid out pretty well.

      For example, despite only paying out 5X your line bet for three matching symbols, the deck-based card symbols paid out 100X your line bet if you matched five symbols in a payline. 

      This meant that, even on lower-tier symbols, we were still being paid for our efforts. Even though Kitty Glitter didn’t have a jackpot, we were still really happy with how generously we were paid out.

      Sounds & Visuals: 2/5

      This was another area where Kitty Glitter struggled. Yes, we understand that the slot was released in 2010. However, the game was still missing crucial elements that make an immersive gameplay experience.

      For one, most of the artwork in the game didn’t match the theme. Aside from the cats themselves, there were no other accompanying symbols that might fit a cat-themed slot.

      The background was a boring black while none of the designs on the reels caught our eye. 

      The audio wasn’t much better either. Kitty Glitter did offer noises for when you spun the reels and won paylines. However, other than that, we didn’t have much else.

      We do understand that the game is quite old. However, without great audio or solid visuals, it’s hard to have an immersive gameplay experience. 

      Final Rating: 3/5

      Kitty Glitter is a game that has withstood the test of time. Despite being an early creation, the game’s entertaining in-game features and excellent payouts have made it stand out. 

      All of the symbols pay out really well if you match enough. Furthermore, the free spins bonus game always guarantees a good time.

      Of course, being more than ten years old will have its downsides. The user experience isn’t as great and the symbols and sounds are a little outdated.

      Nevertheless, we had a great time playing Kitty Glitter and believe you will too if you ever take the chance to spin the reels.

      Regardless of if you’re a cat person or not, IGT brings a classic gaming experience to Kitty Glitter. So, what are you waiting for? Give the reels a shot! 

      Kitty Glitter FAQs

      Where can I play a free demo version of Kitty Glitter slot?

      You can play a free demo version of Kitty Glitter slot here at Gamblib. We offer one of the widest selections of free online slots to play on the internet.

      Can I play Kitty Glitter for real money?

      Yes, you can play Kitty Glitter for real money so long as you play at an online casino that uses real currency.

      Is the Kitty Glitter online slot safe to play?

      ccccYes, the Kitty Glitter online slot is safe to play as long as you’re playing with a credible online slot. To find an online slot, check out our recommendations here at Gamblib!

      What's the maximum win on the Kitty Glitter slot machine?

      The maximum you can win on the Kitty Glitter slot machine is $150,000, which is 1,000X the maximum bet.

      1. Wikimedia Foundation. (2021, July 4). Siamese cat. Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siamese_cat.
      2. Contino, N. (2021, May 21). Google Play's stance on real-money gaming leaves users vulnerable. VentureBeat. https://venturebeat.com/2021/05/23/google-plays-stance-on-real-money-gaming-leaves-users-vulnerable/.

      Game statistics

      Kitty Glitter
      Provider: IGT
      Reels: 5
      Rows: Not Available
      Paylines: 30
      RTP: Not Available
      Jackpot: Not Available