Black Widow

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IGT Black Widow

Black Widow may be based around a sinister twist but thatu2019s not the only reason why youu2019ll need to be brave when playing it. It is widely known in the casinos of Vegas, not to mention around online players, as being the game to play if you want the ultimate in slots gambling.

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Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow

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      Black Widow
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      Black Widow may be based around a sinister twist but thatu2019s not the only reason why youu2019ll need to be brave when playing it. It is widely known in the casinos of Vegas, not to mention around online players, as being the game to play if you want the ultimate in slots gambling.

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      Black Widow Slot Review

      Black Widow is a really intriguing slot title. Not to be confused with the recent movie release, this is a title that’s all about murder. It tells the story of a women who lures in husbands in order to murder them and take their money. In this situation, you’re the Black Widow. Can you capture the big prizes? We’ve taken a look at the Black Widow slot machine to see if it lives up to its interesting theme.

      Pros and Cons

      • The free spins can be retriggered to award up to 98 spins
      • There’s the chance to win up to 3,000 times your stake in the free spins round
      • Stacked symbols are added to the reels on every spin
      • The big wins can be difficult to trigger

      Black Widow Slot Details

      Black Widow has a very simple base game available to players. Although the bonus round does take things up a notch, the standard game is easy to get to grips with. It means that it’s relatively simple for players who like easy to play games.


      There is a variable RTP (1) in the Black Widow slot machine. It means that depending on the site you play at it might not always be the same. The highest RTP it offers is 96% but depending on where you play it can be as low as 91.99%. It means that on the highest level for every 100 credits that are wagered, 96 will be returned on average.


      The low volatility for Black Widow means that it has a high hit rate. So, wins come along quite a lot in the game but they’re not as high as with higher volatility games. The maximum payout is quite generous for a low volatility game.

      Max Win

      Up to 3,000 times the player stake can be won when playing the Black Widow slot.

      While the low volatility and average RTP aren’t going to grab the attention of higher rolling players, the maximum payout of 3,000 times the player stake is certainly impressive. Especially for a low volatility title.

      The RTP value is very important for slot machine vendors, because this is the main gambling game parameter which is under government regulation. The RTP value has mathematical meaning as expected value.

      Black Widow Slot History

      Black Widow grabs the attention of players instantly. Although it may surprise people as it’s not based on the Marvel movie, it’s still a fantastic title from IGT.

      Release Date

      Black Widow was released on the 12/03/2014. This makes it one of the older video slots on the market. Despite the age of the game, it’s still managed to retain a solid following on the market. 

      Introduction to Real Money Casinos

      There are plenty of real money casinos around to play. If trying out a real money casino appeals to you then take a look through our high quality casino reviews to learn more.

      Black Widow Theme


      Black Widow is a noir detective story at heart. It tells the tale of a woman who murders her lovers in order to claim their money. In the game you play as the Black Widow and have to capture the men in order to add to your winnings.


      The graphics are fantastic in the Black Widow slot machine. Although it’s one of the older slots around, it certainly doesn’t look it’s age. It has a dark and brooding feel which really managed to stick to the overall theme like glue.


      The sound is okay in the Black Widow slot. It’s not a bad selection of effects, but it can feel a little bit generic in places. This does take away from the atmosphere of the game a small amount.

      Black Widow Slot Machine - How to Win

      Black Widow makes it very easy for players to get started. There’s nothing overly complex in place here, which is a definite positive. This ensures that players of all skill levels can easily get started with the game.

      Game Rules

      The game is a 5 reel and 3 row slot. It has 40 paylines in place which is pretty much spot on in relation to the average for the market. This ensures that it’s nice and simple to understand at all times. There are wild symbols and scatter symbols in place. On top of that there are also stacked symbols that can land. There’s also the ability to play using the autoplay feature.

      Betting Options

      There are a lot of different betting options available to players in Black Widow. They are split up across the different paylines and how much can be wagered per payline.


      The 40 paylines that are used in the Black Widow slot can’t be customised. So they are locked in place for every spin.

      Line Bet

      Between 1.00 and 50.00 can be wagered on each payline. 

      Total Bet

      The total bet that can be wagered is the line bet multiplied by the total number of paylines. 

      Minimum Bet

      The minimum bet that can be staked in Black Widow is 40.00.

      Maximum Bet

      The maximum bet that can be staked in Black Widow is 2,000.00

      How to Play

      1. Set your stake level
      2. Decide on whether you would like to play manually or using the autoplay feature

      Symbols and Values

      The symbols are relatively standard for Black Widow. The higher paying symbols in the game are all linked to the theme. This gives players a good atmosphere to grab hold of. 

      The high paying symbols in the game are as follows:

      • Black Widow
      • Green Lover
      • Red Lover
      • Blue Lover

      As is often the case with video slots the lower paying symbols in the game are all based around playing cards. They’re nicely designed and although they don’t fit into the overall theme perfectly, they are still recognisable. The symbols included are as follows:

      • Ace
      • King
      • Queen
      • Jack
      • Ten

      Special Symbols

      The main special symbols that are included in Black Widow are a wild symbol and scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is slightly different to in other games, which makes things a little bit more interesting.


      The wild symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game. On top of this it also helps to create wins during the game. 


      The scatter symbol is a vial of poison. This will award 7 free spins to players whenever a complete stack lands on the three middle reels of the game board.

      To find out the full paytable you can see it in below:

      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      4x 10x 20x 50x
      - 7x 15x 25x
      - 7x 15x 25x
      - 7x 15x 25x
      - 5x 10x 15x
      - 4x 9x 14x
      - 3x 8x 13x
      - 2x 7x 12x
      - 1x 6x 11x
      10x 50x 250x 1000x
      - - - -

      All payouts are multiplied by the line bet

      Black Widow Slot Features

      The main bonus in Black Widow is a free spins round (2). It’s activated when the scatter symbols land correctly. On each turn one of the symbols will be chosen to be stacked across each reel it is on.

      Free Spins Bonus

      The free spins round begins when a complete stack of scatter symbols land on the second, third and fourth reels. This will instantly award 7 free spins to players. The spins can be awarded more than once up to a maximum of 98 spins. 

      Web Capture Feature

      There is an additional feature that comes into play during the free spins. This feature is the web capture feature and is related to the higher paying symbols in the game. Whenever the Black Widow or any of the lover symbols land on the middle reel during the free spins it will award a cash prize to players. 

      The lover symbols will award the single payout that is associated with them. The Black Widow will award all three of the lover payouts. Whenever a web capture feature lands it will increase the payout for that lover. This can be done a maximum of 13 times for each symbol. 

      Each of the lover symbols pays out between 2 and 1,000 times the player stake when it is web captured.

      Modern slot machines are much more complex than older slot machines. Machines today have structural features that may encourage people to continue gambling, such as light, sound and bonus features. One common structural feature is the free-spins bonus feature, which gives players several free spins without taking money from their balance. 

      Black Widow Slots for iOS, Android and Windows

      Because Black Widow is a modern mobile slot it has the ability for players to play it on a range of devices. It was created with HTML5 technology so can be used on any mobile browser that supports this.

      Mobile Controls

      The game uses touch screen technology in order to control the game. This means that it’s very simple for players to use on mobile devices. All of the buttons are of a good size and there’s no worries in relation to pressing the wrong button

      Device Compatibility

      As long as the mobile device you are using supports HTML5 technology then the game can be used. It means that all players have the ability to enjoy the game while on the go.

      The use of HTML5 technology means that Black Widow has compatibility with a range of different devices.

      Tips to Win Big

      The most exciting thing about video slots is how unpredictable they are. They’re created using random numbers which makes sure that they never give players the same game twice. It means that players don’t have the opportunity to work on a guaranteed strategy to win. However, there is the opportunity to improve your chances of grabbing some bigger wins. We’ve put together some of the best ways you can do this.

      Budget for the Most Number of Spins you can

      Without a doubt the best way to increase your chances of grabbing a big win is to budget for as many spins as possible. Because the bigger wins tend to take place during the bonus rounds, your aim should always be to get into as many bonus rounds as you can. In order to do this you will need to budget for a large number of spins. The reason behind this is that bonus rounds don’t always start up right away, it can sometimes take over 200 spins for them to appear.

      Walk Away at the Right Time

      When you have grabbed a big win, it’s important to know it’s time to walk away. Lots of different players keep going after a big win and end up frittering their winnings away. By setting yourself a level to walk away at it means that you won’t keep playing and won’t have any regrets the next day. You should also make sure to walk away if you play through your budget. Making extra deposits over your initial budget is the easiest way to turn a manageable loss into a big one.

      Give the Demo Versions a Chance

      The demo versions of slot games are extremely useful. While they won’t allow you to work out a guaranteed winning strategy, as we mentioned the games are unique every time, they will allow you to work out the likely number of spins that you will need to get to the bonus round. It means that from here you can put together a sensible strategy to increase your chances of getting the biggest wins in the game. Because the demo versions don’t cost any money to play, it means you can work this out without spending any of your budget.

      Slots Similar to Black Widow

      There are a lot of different slots on the market that have a crime theme to them. Here are some of the titles that are most similar to Black Widow.

      1. Hitman. This is based on a video game, but just like Black Widow it follows a murderous main character. This time an assassin who takes you on a trip to grab big wins.
      2. CSI. What is there to say about CSI apart from it puts you in the opposite position to Black Widow. This time you have to hunt down criminals to spin the reels.
      3. Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt for Blackwood. This is based on the Robert Downey Jr Holmes franchise. It provides a lot of fun for players, just like the movies. 
      4. Narcos. Based on the hit TV show, this is a great slot with a lot of wonderful features.

      Playing Black Widow for Real Money

      If you want to try out Black Widow for real money then all you need to do is find a top online casino to play at. Our fantastic casino reviews will make it simple for you to find the best site for your needs. Just find a site that features the best IGT games and you can be playing Black Widow for real money in no time at all.

      Overall Rating

      Black Widow is a lot of fun, which might seem strange for a game with such a dark theme. However, the free spins round is fantastic and the extra feature that’s included in it can be very lucrative. We’ve put together a quick capsule review of the most relevant parts of the Black Widow slot.

      Gamblib logo
      Black Widow: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 4/5

      Black Widow is very simple to get started with. It’s easy to set your stake and spin the reels. The gameplay isn’t difficult to understand and if you want to do a bankroll management strategy the autoplay makes it simple. For mobile players it is also compatible with a range of devices.

      Game Features: 4/5

      The features that are offered are generally very good. The free spins round can be retriggered multiple times and the web capture feature makes it simple to grab big wins during the round.

      Payouts: 3.5/5

      The maximum payout of 3,000 times the player stake is relatively generous for a low volatility game. However, the payouts during the base game are quite low which does make things a little bit less lucrative.

      Sounds & Visuals: 3/5

      The visuals are really good for Black Widow. The game uses realistic style graphics, which gives the game a little bit more of a gritty feel. Especially as it’s one of the darker games on the market. The sounds are a little bit of a let down which does bring down the total score for the game. However, it’s by no means bad and won’t insult your senses when you play.

      Final Rating: 3.5/5

      Starlight Kiss is excellent. While it’s one of the older slots around it really does manage to compete with more modern titles. It looks fantastic, has great features and the payouts are decent for a low variance game. It also has a high hit rate, so wins really come thick and fast in this game. If you’re a newcomer to slots or just want to play something that’s a lot of fun then Starlight Kiss is the game for you.

      Black Widow FAQs

      Where can I play the Black Widow slot machine for free?

      If you want to try out the Black Widow slot without having to use any of your budget then it’s relatively simple to do so. All you need to do is load up the game with us here at gamblib.org. You can be playing for free in no time. You’ll have no problems with building up your skills without diminishing your budget.

      Are Black Widow slots available at real money casinos?

      Yes it is. All you need to do is find an online casino that offers players the opportunity to enjoy IGT titles. You can find out which sites offer these games by looking through our high quality casino reviews. This will make it simple for you to find the best real money casino to play Black Widow at.

      Is there a progressive jackpot round on the Black Widow slot game?

      Yes you can. All you need to do is find an online casino that supports cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can do this by looking through our casino reviews to discover the best crypto casinos on the market.

      Can I play the Black Widow slot with cryptocurrency?

      Yes you can. All you need to do is find an online casino that supports cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can do this by looking through our casino reviews to discover the best crypto casinos on the market.

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      Game statistics

      Black Widow
      Provider: IGT
      Reels: 5
      Rows: Not Available
      Paylines: 40
      RTP: Not Available
      Jackpot: Not Available