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When we review online casino software providers, we often talk about their businesses having started sometime in the past two decades – roughly how long that industry has existed. Of course, there are other land-based gaming firms that have also jumped into the iGaming business, and many of them started earlier, having more recently taken their expertise onto the web to offer virtual gaming as well.


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But occasionally, you’ll see a company involved in online gambling that has no obvious prior connection to the industry at all. Such is the case with Fremantle Media (often stylized as FremantleMedia; we will use the two-word spelling throughout this page), a major international television production firm that is based in the UK. While its roots go back nearly a century, the current group was founded in 2001, and is now a subsidiary of the enormous Bertelsman RTL Group, one of the media giants of the world.

As a major rights holder, Fremantle is known for many famous television shows, particularly when it comes to game shows and reality programming. That includes names like Let’s Make a Deal, Press Your Luck, Family Feud, the entire series of Pop Idol themed shows (such as American idol), as well as The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and The Price is Right.

What does any of this have to do with online casinos? Well, some of the most popular games for players around the world are those that are branded with names, characters, and imagery of popular franchises. Fremantle can deliver these licenses like few other companies can, which has made them a go-to corporation for television-themed slots – most of which are of high quality and sure to please fans of the original shows and gamblers alike.

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Lights, Camera, Action

If you’ve read the information above, it’s probably easy enough to realize what Fremantle Media offers: slot machines that are based on the many popular properties they own the rights to. Whether you’re familiar with television in the United States, the UK, or elsewhere around the world, there are probably at least a few games from this corporation that will be familiar to you at first site.

Given how familiar many of these titles are, it would have been easy for the company and its partners to create quick cash-in machines that used some graphics from these shows, but were otherwise rather unremarkable. Thankfully, this is not the case here. Each game shows a solid effort to truly evoke the feel and atmosphere of each associated program, which makes them a lot more fun to play – especially if you’re a fan of the property in question.

For instance, there’s the X-Factor slot machine, based on the popular series of talent shows. In this five-reel, 20-payline machine, you’ll be matching tickets, singers, crowds, albums and more in order to score wins across the reels. However, the real fun comes when you find your way into the Judges Bonus Round. You’ll face each of four judges one at a time, hoping to get a yes verdict. Each time you do, your prize money will increase. You may press your luck and try to earn even more money, but beware: a single no will wipe away all of your earnings.

Not all of these games are based on television series, however. For instance, the classic western film The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly is one of the most popular games based on this company’s licenses. Based on a pretty standard five-reel, 20-payline format, the game itself looks like a throwback, though that may be appropriate when we consider that the film was released in 1966. You’ll see three progressive jackpots based on the titular trio, and throughout play you’ll hear the famous soundtrack from the movie. There are also two highly thematic bonus rounds: the Graveyard, which recreates the iconic scene by forcing you to leave just one man standings, and Tuco’s Target Range, in which you can earn instant credits by hitting targets.

Another popular franchise that has been developed into a slot is Hole in the Wall, the television series in which, well, people tried to fit themselves through a number of variously shaped holes in walls that moved rapidly towards them. You may not actually be able to physically take part in the action, but the game still offers up a lot of the same look and feel, with a bold, sharp, and modern looking art style that features members of the classic blue and red teams that would compete on the televised version. The most exciting moment in this version is the Pick Your Wall feature, in which you’ll first choose a player to take on a series of walls, then help them succeed (or fail) in clearing each one. The further they get, the bigger your rewards!

These are just a few of the many titles that Fremantle has had a hand in helping to bring to the Internet. A few other well-known games that are part of this collection include:

  • Robocop
  • Stargate SG1
  • The Price is Right
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Play Your Cards Right
  • Family Fortunes

Partnership Help Bring Games To Life

While everything we’ve said above might sound all well and good, you would still be within your rights to wonder just what sort of expertise Fremantle has in crafting enjoyable online casino games. After all, it is one thing to have these properties to draw upon, but it’s another story entirely to effectively integrate them into a slot machine.

Thankfully, the media giant didn’t take on that task alone. Instead, they have partnered with a variety of different software developers in order to bring these games to life. The nature of these partnerships has varied; sometimes, as in the case of Ludia, Fremantle actually went out and bought a portion of the developer, while in other cases, they’ve allowed established groups like OpenBet to do some of the heavy lifting.

The end result as that their games don’t have a single distinctive style, but rather vary depending on who worked on them and what property is being adapted for the gambling world. This is absolutely a strength, as it means you’ll see a lot of these games across the Internet, popping across a wide range of sites and software platforms.

An Enjoyable Asset For Fans

Because Fremantle doesn’t have a full package that it licenses out wholesale to sites, you won’t often find all of these games in one place. But we’ll still say that if you have a particular movie or television show that they’ve created a game for, most of the titles in this collection are a lot of fun and contain interesting enough gameplay to satisfy fans on both the nostalgic and gambling levels, which means it is well worth finding a reputable casino site where you can play that particular slot machine. While the piecemeal nature of their collection means that style and quality can vary, the corporation has thankfully done a good enough job of quality control to ensure that these machines are largely quality products that are faithful to the properties they represent.