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Despite the incredible growth of online gambling in the past two decades, there are still some companies that focus entirely on supplying the brick-and-mortar gaming industry. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as manufacturing and developing physical game cabinets and other casino equipment is a very different process than producing virtual content, and the land-based industry is extremely lucrative, so it still makes sense for some companies to specialize there.


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One example of a firm that is still doing big business in the real world without having developed a web presence is Everi. Formed in 2015, you may not be that familiar with this name, but they are a major supplier to casinos in Las Vegas and in countless other jurisdictions across the globe. Their relatively low profile has more to do with the fact that they are actually the result of a merger between two existing groups: a slots manufacturer known as Multimedia Games, which was acquired by Global Cash Access, a firm that specialized in casino technologies.

As a combined company, Everi proved capable of offering just about anything a large, reputable casino operation might need. From backend support for player tracking and payment processing to the technology, software, and hardware that players see on the casino floor, this provider has become the go-to solution for many casino owners, and their presence in the industry is only likely to grow as time goes on.

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Gaming Designed To Attract Players

Everi’s focus on the land-based sector shows in their approach to creating their games and other products. It’s not just about the game itself, but the overall presentation, which – as they put it – is “designed to stop patrons in their tracks.” That begins by creating amazing cabinets that stand out from the floor, and continues with a commitment to creating games with interesting themes and concepts, gameplay features that add excitement to every spin, and dynamic artwork that helps bring these ideas to life.

The cabinets themselves that house the Everi slot machines offer up a number of different design options, but most feature large, high definition displays, comfortable chairs, and integrated touchscreens that allow for more player interaction. Some chairs even feature Earthquake shakers that add a little more of a visceral feeling to the gameplay. Some of their more notable models include the Platinum MPX, which comes with a complete surround sound system and a 40-inch screen, as well as the Texan HDX, a giant, eight-foot tall cabinet with a two-person bench.

Slots For Every Solution

Everi has a fairly diverse group of slots that they can provide to their clients, which is always nice for casinos to hear. But one of the factors that has helped them succeed in today’s marketplace is the fact that they can tailor these titles for each individual client, as many of them exist in very different situations.

For instance, full-blown casinos that can offer what is known as Class III gaming (essentially, everything you’d find in a typical resort casino) can take these games as traditional slot machines. However, these creations can also be altered to perform as Class II machines when necessary, particularly in Native American casinos that can only offer such games. This means they may look like slots, but behind the scenes play like electronic pull tabs, with the results being determined before each “spin.” Separate versions have also been created to meet the specifications of lotteries, which can vary tremendously between jurisdictions.

The Games

So what kinds of titles can you expect to find from Everi? As it happens, they have a number of popular machines that take on dynamic, interesting themes, many of which are new takes on classics, but some of which also feature well-known properties that they’ve turned into gambling titles. The entire collection features dozens or perhaps even hundreds of options, so what you see on any particular gaming floor will depend on the venue itself.

Still, we can talk about a few of the better known games in this collection. One great place to start is with Casablanca, which celebrates one of the most beloved films of all time by making it into an engaging and enjoyable slot machine. This five-reel, 30-line machine offers up familiar scenes, characters, and clips from the movie, all in a penny slots format that any gambler can enjoy. Progressive jackpots are also available, tied to some of the most memorable characters from this classic.

Another popular title is Antony & Cleopatra, which delves into one of the most famous love stories of all time. With 50 lines in play, there’s plenty of action in this slot, which draws on both Egyptian and Roman symbols in order to populate the reels. When both Antony and Cleopatra’s full stacked symbols appear on the reels at once, they trigger a Wild Pair feature that drops even more random wilds onto the screen, setting the stage for some epic payouts.

Of course, with so many games available, it would take us forever to discuss all of them. However, we’d still like to highlight a few of Everi’s other notable creations. Some other games you’ll often find on casino floors include:

  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Earth: Oceans
  • Earth: Rainforest
  • Dracula
  • Lucky Pony
  • Edgar Allan Poe’s Dark Tales
  • Peking Fantasy

Taking Care Of Business

Everi’s contributions don’t end with the creation of slot machines, however. They have also produce a number of systems that can help casinos and other operators improve their businesses in a number of different ways, both on the floor and behind the scenes.

For instance, one of their major contributions to the gaming industry is TournEvent, a slot machine tournament system. Using this system with Everi machines allows operators to switch from standard revenue-generating play mode to tournament modes in a matter of moments, allowing for both kinds of games in the same floor space. These tournaments allow for both individual and team formats, and can even be contested over multiple rounds with cumulative scoring. Add in exciting action-packed formats, and it is easy to see why this has become such a popular basis for slots tournaments at many casinos.

The company has also created backend casino systems that can handle just about everything a venue needs to keep things running smoothly on the backend. For instance, they can provide player tracking functionality, cash and cage systems, and their Unified Currency System, which can provide a single-ticket solution that works with all slots manufacturers. They have even worked with the New York Lottery to create a central system that manages more than 18,000 video lottery terminals throughout the state.

Everi-Thing An Operator Needs

With more than 300 regulatory licenses and with over 1,000 casinos featuring their products, Everi has positioned itself as a very important player in the worldwide gaming market. While they don’t yet have the reach or reputation of some of the largest names in the industry, they’ve certainly made a name for themselves, and their ability to prove a lot more than just some nice looking slots has made them a valuable partner for many operators – not just traditional casinos, but also lotteries, slots parlors, and other venues.

We don’t know if Everi will ever make the jump over to the online world, but if they do, players will want to be on the lookout, as many of their games could easy compete with what we see at iGaming websites today. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out a few of their titles the next time you’re in a casino that features them. These are serious products the appeal to a wide range of audiences, and you’ll certainly be seeing them more and more often as time goes on.