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When it comes to online casino software, even the most dedicated players are likely to be familiar with only a small number of providers. That makes sense, but it also means that players often miss out on some great alternatives, especially if they are new to the game and just starting to make names for themselves.


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One great example of this of is Endorphina, a slots provider that has been in business since 2010. Based in Prague, this company has developed titles that are in use at dozens of trusted online casinos today. The company may only have a small number of machines, but these games have already started to prove popular and have gained plenty of praise throughout the industry, earning awards and accolades from players and insiders alike.

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Popular Themes Power Collection

Endrophina offers a collection of about 35 online slot machines that can be added to top Internet casinos. These games are mostly available in HTML 5 (with the company stating that the rest of the collection will be transitioned over soon), making them available for both desktop and mobile users. The uniting feature of all these slots is that they tend to use broad, highly-relatable themes that are designed to draw a large number of players in – something any site owner is happy to hear.

While the artwork varies from title to title, it is almost universally of high quality. Each machine offers a sharp, modern presentation that is right at home in any Internet casino: these may not quite be the very best-looking online games we’ve seen, but they hold up against any collection out there, and fit right in with any other modern set of slots you might play.

To explain how gameplay works, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at some specific titles. For instance, there is The Vikings, a slot that features everyone’s favorite Scandinavian warriors. An icy color scheme seems appropriate as a backdrop to this five-reel, 20-payline game in which players are matching horses, shields, male and female warriors, and wild ships. Players can earn dozens of free spins through a bonus round, and stacked wilds make it possible to load up some very lucrative combinations on lucky spins.

Bitcoin enthusiasts are likely to be attracted to Satoshi’s Secret, a six-reel game with a strong hacking and cryptography theme. While the unusual format and two-way payouts make this machine interesting enough in its own right, it is the special bonus rounds that really make the title stand out. There is a trading game in which you will start with a bonus of 30 bets, but can have the option to use that money to try and beat a simulated currency exchange market to win even more – or less. Another bonus round – made by spelling out QWERTY across the screen – will see you hacking into bank accounts to win prizes for as long as possible.

Finally, there seems to be a vampire-themed slot at every casino these days, and Endorphina has their own version – simply called The Vampires. You’ll be able to match both vampires and the tools used for hunting them to make winning combinations over the game’s 25 paylines, and once again there are two special features: a relatively standard free spins game, along with a picking feature in which you will earn prizes by selection graves until the game ends.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the machines you can find in the Endorphina collection. Some of their other games they offer include:

  • Twerk
  • 2016 Gladiators
  • The Ninja
  • Origami
  • Stone Age
  • Blast Boom Bang
  • The Emirate
  • Fresh Fruits

Broad Appeal Excites Players And Owners Alike

Endorphina makes these broad thematic elements one of their major selling points to operators who might want to include these games on their sites. The idea is to appeal to as many potential players as possible, an effort that goes well beyond their choice of popular themes.

There’s also a clear focus on making games as easy to play as possible. Rules are easily accessible from every game, and – generally speaking – there’s nothing too complex about these slots that would confuse even the newest players. That means anyone can jump in and try them without feeling overwhelmed, despite the fact that there’s enough depth and variety to satisfy veterans and high rollers.

Like many newer developers, this firm also talks a lot about their mathematical focus when selling their products. They talk about this from a couple of different angles. Importantly, they emphasize the fairness of their games, proven through rigorous testing. However, they also put a lot of work into analyzing markets and creating products that are simultaneously exciting for players and profitable for operators over the long run.

One of the things that we feel will really appeal to players is the fact that while the themes might be broad, they are still each very unique – and the gameplay elements in each machine are also quite different for each offering as well. This provides users with a real amount of variety when compared to many other software provider collections, where you can often feel like you’re playing the same games over and over again with just a new graphical skin on each one.

This commitment to making – and keeping – players interested has paid off, resulting in plenty of accolades for the company. In 2015, for instance, they took the top two spots in Slot of the Year in Slots Guide’s readers’ choice voting (with The Ninja and Satoshi’s Secret taking those positions).

Making A Name For Themselves

Among the newer, smaller slots firms, few have found success as quickly as Endorphina. You still won’t see any casinos based around these games – there simply aren’t enough of them yet – but the studio’s offerings are finding their way into more and more high-quality gambling sites, and players can’t seem to get enough of them.

Especially now that the company has transitioned over from Flash to using HTML 5 to power its library of titles, it’s hard to point out any weaknesses in this software, which truly is among the better slots-focused options out there on the market today. If you’re looking for games that truly feel well-crafted and unique, Endorphina’s machines are definitely worth seeking out.