EntroPay Payments

Please note that Entropay has been closed and is no longer available as a payment method across our recommended casinos. 

From groceries and household bills to holidays and online casino gaming, we are making more and more payments online. In general, most shoppers are aware of the potential problems that can arise when online. Email scams, hackers and phishing websites are just a few of the more general terms that allude to the potential pitfalls that anyone could come across.

Because of this, many people who pay for things like casino games online, prefer not to enter too much personal information. Many avoid using their debit and credit cards altogether. Virtual cards or e-payments are a popular alternative, and one of the leading options is EntroPay.

EntroPay makes it easy to make deposits and withdrawals online. These virtual cards are accepted at all of the same websites and companies which allow Visa transactions. This means that users have a lot of flexibility, whilst remaining one step removed from the more direct route of entering their own personal details. This can be very useful for people who want to separate their online EntroPay deposits from their main bank accounts. This could be for added security or for increased privacy and convenience.

Why Should I Use EntroPay?

There are a lot of advantages to using an online payment method such as EntroPay.

By uploading funds to an EntroPay card you are helping to limit access to your accounts. This means that anybody who manages to obtain your details will find it much harder to get their hands on your main bank account – or your personal details, for that matter.

It’s very convenient for players that EntroPay is accepted on sites which allow Visa payments. You can also make payments in multiple currencies and you can even delete a card after a single use, making it perfect for discreet payments. This is a very attractive perk to gamblers who don’t want casinos to get hold of their details. What’s more, setting limits on your account is handy for security, plus it can act as a tool to help keep track of your own spending habits.

Most EntroPay fees are fairly minimal. There is a £0.10 charge for card-to-card transfers, and a 2% exchange fee for foreign purchases. The fees for loading funds can be a little steeper, though. From a personal bank account this is set at 3.95%, and for credit or debit cards it’s 4.95%. If this is too much, you may want to look at some alternatives. MoneyPolo has a fixed withdrawal fee of £2 when withdrawing money from ATMs, for instance.

Is EntroPay Safe?

EntroPay enjoys the advantage of being the first European virtual Visa card in existence. This lends it credibility and means it’s had the time to build up a relatively large user base. Since it began operating in 2003, EntroPay has been responsible for more than £1bn in transactions spread across more than 6 million different virtual cards.

The provider has also taken measures to safeguard users against online fraud. When making a payment with an EntroPay card, it’s only topped up with the exact amount needed at that time. If somebody were to obtain your credentials, they would only have access to the funds on that particular card. They would not be able to use your bank account funds, nor any other funds in your account or on other cards. Essentially, this separates the account from the card – much like a joint credit card account, where there can be multiple cards but only one person with access to the account as a whole. This is a great safety measure for players with large bankrolls, who are likely to check out the safest online casinos when choosing where to play.

The company confidently declares that “when it comes to looking after your money and data, EntroPay is as secure as your bank”. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals with EntroPay

EntroPay does have limits on both deposits and withdrawals, which could be obstructive to some users depending on how you wish to use the card.

Making a deposit is easy. After setting up an EntroPay account, head to the dashboard and select ‘View Cards’. Choose the card you wish to add funds to, then select ‘Top Up Card’. You can then follow the on-screen instructions to add money to your chosen card.

The minimum deposit is £10, which shouldn’t cause too much of an issue for most users. However, there’s a maximum of £1,000 per transaction. If you’re looking to make a large purchase, or want to frequent an online casino and consider yourself a high roller, this could limit your choices. Over the course of a month, each user is able to make a combined EntroPay deposit limit of up to £10,000.

There are also some restrictions on making a withdrawal using EntroPay. Users can only withdraw “up to the amount [they’ve] deposited in the last 12 months, and only back to the same personal credit or debit card [they] originally loaded the money from”. So, if you use the funds to play at an online casino and scoop a big win, the additional funds will remain locked in the account until you get in touch with the team to arrange a wire transfer instead.

This may be inconvenient for users who want to move funds around efficiently. But at the same time, it adds another layer of protection, as it makes it difficult for any fraudsters to siphon funds into a separate account. However, convenience is key for a lot of users. If this is the case for you, you might want to check out an alternative option such as Skrill.

Note that the limits vary slightly depending on the currency being used. Users making transactions in USD will have a monthly limit of $20,000. For euros, the monthly deposit limit is €15,000.

What Documentation Is Needed to Use EntroPay?

When you first open an EntroPay account you will, by default, receive a basic account. There are three levels in total: basic, standard, and pro. Long-term users may also know these by the now-defunct names of Starter, Basic and Premier, respectively.

Starter accounts are very restrictive. Users may only deposit or withdraw £200 over a lifetime. For standard accounts, this is only increased to £2,000 per year. To get the maximum limit of £10,000 per month, users will need to upgrade to a pro account.

The good news is that upgrading is free. To upgrade to a standard account, you’ll need to provide your home address, and verify your email.

To upgrade to pro, you’ll need to send EntroPay a valid photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license. As well as this you’ll need proof of your address. This could be a credit card statement or utility bill from the last three months.

What Other Options Are There?

EntroPay may have been one of the first major virtual Visa cards to launch in Europe, but there are plenty of other options if this virtual card provider doesn’t work for you. Players can try OKPAY, EcoPayz, MoneyPolo, LeuPay and Lamda. There’s also Card.com, but it caters solely for US casino gamers.

Which Online Casinos Accept EntroPay?

If you have an EntroPay account and want to use it to deposit at one of our recommended online casinos, there are plenty of options out there. It’s widely accepted at the same casinos which allow deposits and withdrawals by Visa which puts them at the top of our list of deposit methods.