America’s favourite bank

When looking to make a deposit into your casino account, American Express is a surefire way to go about it. This payment method is fast becoming one of the leading card providers the world over. It’s one of the most trusted cards around and is especially popular with Americans. In fact, they account for more than a quarter of all card transactions in the US and are ranked the 22nd most valuable brand in the world, with an estimated worth of $24.5bn.

Amex promises players speedy and secure payments, with over 166 years of experience in the financial sector. The card provider has been around since the mid-19th Century, so players can rest assured their casino accounts are in safe hands. Their cards are generally regarded as a sign of wealth, seeing as their credit products tend to require higher credit scores compared with other providers.

How to deposit via American Express

When you’re ready to up your slots-play and bet online for real money, you’ll first have to transfer some funds into your casino account to get you started. Making a deposit via American Express couldn’t be easier. If you’ve used your card for any other purchases, like online shopping for example, the same principles apply when setting up an account and making an initial deposit.

All you have to do is register your card details, including the card number, expiration date, and a few other things, select the amount of cash you want to deposit and you’re ready to go. With mobile banking, you can send your funds to your account straight from your smartphone and tablet using the handy Amex app.

The system is 100% safe as all players’ financial data is stored on very secure servers. But, as an added measure, card details are not saved on the server in their entirety. To complete the payment process, users must enter the three-digit pin from the back of their Amex cards. This ensures that even if data is stolen, it would make it much harder for hackers to gain access to your account.

The benefits of AMEX

They’re not called American Express for nothing. Deposits made via credit cards will appear instantly in your player account. This is the fastest way to deposit cash at a gambling site. With Amex, your account will be credited in a flash – that is, within minutes of submitting the payment.

If you prefer a bit more discretion in your transactions, the great thing about depositing using American Express cards is the casinos usually bill these payments under their overarching company name. This means you’ll see the name of the gaming group on your monthly bank statement, instead of the casino’s title.

Here’s one for the high rollers. With Amex you can deposit higher amounts compared with other payment methods. There’s no need to use multiple cards to deposit the amount you want, you can do it in one simple transaction. As an added bonus, the provider also allows players to make larger total deposits from a single card over the span of a month.

Making a deposit using an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller, requires two transactions; first to your e-wallet, then to your casino account. With American Express there’s no messing about transferring money here and there. Funding a gambling site is a single operation, which is why many players prefer using credit cards to e-wallets.

There’s an Amex card for everyone – there are fourteen types of credit cards, all with varying limits to suit different spending requirements, and some are more popular than others. Most of them come with benefits, like membership points or even airfare miles that can be used through the company’s partnership with Delta. They also offer various flexible payment plans to allow players to pay in more convenient instalments. And if you can’t decide which card best suits your needs, they extend a service to help you choose the right card.

Withdraw via American Express

Cashing out your winnings using American Express is not instantaneous. The funds may take three to five working days to reach your bank account. Transfer time also depends on what country you’re banking in, so the process is a tad slower than other cards. However, this is still faster than other payment options, such as bank transfers.

The downside is there aren’t many casinos that will offer this facility. Many sites that accept deposits through American Express will be reluctant to pay out withdrawals through the same channel. In this case, the simplest solution would be to withdraw the money straight into your bank account, or into an e-wallet if you want the cash quick.

If you do come across a betting site which accepts Amex payouts, you’ll have to provide the casino’s support team with some documentation before they can go ahead and process the payment. Casino gamers are required to submit a copy of their ID, passport or driving a licence, a utility bill and proof of ownership of the deposit and withdrawal accounts. But don’t be put off, you’ll have to do this once for safety reasons and to prevent fraud and money laundering.

American Express fees

Players best be warned that there may be fees associated with Amex deposits and withdrawals, but this may vary from casino to casino. Some sites don’t charge any additional fees, whereas there are others which do. That said, these charges won’t exactly break the bank, particularly after landing a nine or ten-digit progressive jackpot. It’s advisable to check the terms and conditions before you sign up to make sure that there are no surprises like additional fees.


American players best be warned that Amex cards may be difficult to use to fund online casino accounts due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) regulations passed in 2006. The legislation prohibits banks from conducting gaming transactions. US players will be better off using an e-wallet or prepaid card.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing more reliable than an American Express card. Compared with other debit and credit card providers like Visa and Mastercard, it’s a little more difficult to find casinos which accept Amex as a payment method. However, there are still plenty of places which welcome these deposits with open accounts.

Despite having a limited selection of sites where you can use this card, Amex is the most trustworthy provider in the industry, one that is held in high regard the world over. The cards and services they offer are first-rate, so players can be confident that their casino deposits will be done quickly and securely.

This banking method is particularly beneficial for high rollers due to the large deposit limits allowed by the company – they are unmatched by any other card, which makes them the world’s preferred banking method.