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Much of the manufacturing work done in the casino industry comes from Europe, with many nations getting in on the action. This isn’t always major manufacturing centers that you’d expect, either: a variety of different nations have highly-regarded development studios that have supplied amazing slots and other games to casinos around the world.


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For instance, you might not expect Buglaria to be a hotbed for the gambling industry. However, there are some groups here that do great work, and perhaps none are better known that Casino Technology. Launched in 1999 and headquartered in Sofia, this providers has sent games out to casinos on five continents, meaning many players around the world have enjoyed their cabinets and other products in resorts, even though most people are unlikely to have ever heard of their name before.

Over the years, this company has put together an impressive collection of jackpot slots, automated games, and much more. They’ve also done plenty of work behind the scenes, setting up management and banking systems for casinos to use as well. Today, some of these efforts have also found their way online, as the company has launched an interactive wing that serves Internet operators. But in reality, all of these different projects are actually related through what the firm calls their Big 5 Suite, a full gaming solution that can work for any operator looking to launch a new gaming business online, in a live venue, or in some combination of the two.

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A History Of Quality Games

With such a long history in the industry, it comes as no shock that Casino Technology has built up an impressive set of gaming options for players to enjoy. In fact, there are more than 500 titles in their library, though many of these are “legacy” games that aren’t still being produced and were first released well before the studio began porting games for Internet play.

As with most developers, the majority of this content is provided through slot machines. Many of the provider’s newer games are available both for live and online play, and you’ll see their most popular offerings at the iGaming sites that use this technology.

For the most part, these games rely on broad, popular themes that are commonly seen in any large gaming collection. Many of these are based on geographic or ethnic hooks: Aztec Riches, Bavarian Forest, and Treasures of Persia are all perfect examples of this. We’ve also seen plenty of games based on classic themes like robots, symbols of luck, fantasy adventures – basically, nothing particularly creative or innovative, but plenty of options for anyone who has a thematic element they’re looking for.

Most of these games are fairly standard five-reel games with a modest number of paylines: some only feature five lines to win on, though others have 10, 20, or more. Artistically, the games are a mix of stylistic choices. While there are some pretty bland overall layouts, the art itself is often top notch, with evocative colors and plenty of detail on the symbols and animations that aren’t flashy, but add some sparkle and help make the presentation just a bit more visually interesting.

It might help to take a closer look at a couple of their more popular games. First, there is Misty Forest, a title that has become a favorite of many players both live and online. The game is set in a mystical woodland environment, one that is heavily steeped in Celtic themes and a healthy dose of high fantasy. Many of the symbols are detailed representations of animals one might find in a forest, like bears, wolves, and boars. Warriors and princesses offer bigger prizes, while a wizard takes on the role of the wild. There’s even a free spins round that can award 15 additional plays with a multiplier that doubles all of your winnings. With five reels and 20 paylines, this is a great example of a modern video slot that relies on basic, classic action to keep players happy.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more unique and unlike the themes you’ve seen everywhere else, then consider checking out Combat Romance, a game about Top Gun-style pilots mixed with a little bit of love in the air. Over five reels and ten lines of action, you’ll be tasked with matching our two pilots, plains, helicopters, doves, and other symbols in order to find your way to victory.  Hit three or more aircraft carriers on a single spin, and you’ll earn 15 free games that come with a 3x multiplier on all of your prizes!

Most of the Casino Technology lineup is similar to this: games with good art, solid themes, and fairly mundane gameplay. In many cases, these games can be highly customized, and not just in the ways we’re used to seeing: while operators are almost always able to play with payout percentages a bit, many of these machines can also be adjusted to offer differing numbers of paylines, for instance. Some of the most popular games from this developer include:

  • Cash Robot
  • Bombay Gems
  • Fluftails
  • Duck of Luck
  • Silver Creek Giant
  • Gold of the Nibelungs
  • Spring Ball
  • Saturday Fever
  • Quest for India
  • 3 Towers

While slots are definitely the biggest part of the Casino Technology suite, there are other options here if you’re willing to try something a bit different. The company has created a number of bingo products, such as Jester Bingo, in which players hope to make winning patterns on up to four cards from randomly selected numbers. Players also have the option to purchase additional numbers at the end of the game if they are close to scoring a win.

It’s also worth noting that the company has long been known for producing automated roulette wheels for its land-based clients. These are often quite elegant, as in the case of their Dueling Piano setup, which looks just like white and black grand pianos with an automatic roulette wheel placed in the center, allowing many players to participate from electronic terminals on each “piano.” Some live roulette games are also available on the company’s online platform, offering up another valuable addition for any site. The firm has also created some virtual sports betting games, though they have made very little information on these products public.

Leopard Brings Content To IGaming Sites

As we mentioned earlier, much of the hype around Casino Technology’s leap into the Internet gaming market is their Big 5 Suite of products, which are designed to let any operator run any type of gaming operation they like: live, online, or some mix of the two. The five systems are named after various animals, and perform various functions: Lion takes care of money management, Rhino is a casino management system, and Buffalo is a universal jackpot server.

But the one that will most interest online players is Leopard. This online gaming platform is the hallmark of the company’s interactive wing, bringing together a large number of games into a single lobby. It isn’t meant to be the biggest or most powerful platform on the market, but is designed for operators who are looking for a system that can run all of the important functions of a gaming site while still being cost-efficient.

While only a handful of sites currently operate using their platform and software, it is easy to see that Leopard has potential for players. The sites that offer up content from Casino Technology have done so in conjunction with games from dozens of other companies, meaning that players get the maximum amount of variety possible. Firms such as Microgaming, Playtech, Netent, and Cryptologic are among those frequently seen alongside games by Casino Technology.

Not surprisingly for a company with this much clout in the land-based side of the industry, this developer has won a number of awards over the years, though these are mostly related to their work in the brick-and-mortar sector. Along with many local prizes for their work in Bulgaria (and more broadly, in Eastern Europe and Russia), they have also found themselves honored by some of the biggest conventions and trade shows in the industry. In 2014, for instance, they won an award for Sustained Innovation in Gaming during the 2014 International Casino Expo (ICE) in London.

A Big Time Manufacturer With A Future Online

Obviously, Casino Technology isn’t a major name when it comes to Internet gaming just yet. Their long-term focus has been on the land-based industry, and it is only in recent years that they’ve started to build a client base online as well. That means their games won’t be found at many casinos yet, and the Leopard platform isn’t nearly as popular as well-known software packages like Microgaming’s Quickfire.

There’s a good chance this will change as time goes on, especially when it comes to areas where this company has a particularly strong presence. But for now, we have to rate Casino Technology as a minor player in the Internet-based industry, and while their games are fun, they don’t stand out enough for us to think that players have to go out of their way to play them. Still, keep an eye on this provider, as they could easily become a more common inclusion at many sites in the years to come.