What is there to say about Texas Hold’ em that hasn’t been said before? Nothing technically, and yet hold ‘em is a game so diverse and enthralling that it offers up new facets and new ways to play and win. In other words, just because you’ve played Texas Hold ‘em 1,000 times before doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn and more to enjoy over the course of the next 1,000 plays.

For all of the grievances that players might nurse towards this game (like why no one can seem to agree on how its name is written – is it Hold’Em or Hold ‘em?), it remains an enticing proposition. Hold ‘em is the benchmark by which all other poker games are measured.

Smart and Slick

NetEnt’s Pro Series of games is a range of table games that are that little bit smarter and slicker than normal. That’s saying something, for NetEnt’s regular games aren’t exactly shoddy to begin with. The Swedish developer are perhaps best known for their graphically rich and all round outstanding online slots, but they also offer an intriguing range of table games that bear all of the hallmarks of their reel-based games including great graphics and animation, not to mention often putting a unique twist on a tried and tested formula. In the case of TXS Hold’Em Pro Series, that comes in the form of it being one of the most user-friendly and enjoyable renditions of the traditional game of Texas Hold’ em.

What’s Special About TXS Hold’Em Pro Series?

The primary factor that sets TXS Hold’Em Pro Series apart from typical Hold’ em games is that players can bet on up to three hands simultaneously. While this is commonplace on various versions of blackjack, it’s rarer to encounter with other card games. Other than this, anyone who’s enjoyed any version of casino Hold’ em in the past, whether online or at a land-based casino, can quickly jump straight into the action with the very same hand ranking and payouts based on their strength. Ultimately, the main selling point of TXS Hold’em Pro Series is exactly the same as every other casino game in Net Entertainment’s Pro Series: the quality and smoothness of the graphics and gameplay.

It’s been claimed in some circles that NetEnt’s TXS Hold’Em Pro Series is the most popular virtual poker game ever released on the web. While this is hard to verify – citation needed as they say on Wikipedia – it certainly attests to this being one of the predominant Hold ‘em games, and it’s certainly ubiquitous, cropping up at casinos all over the web. If you’re used to playing in two dimensions with tired sound effects and laborious action, TXS Hold’Em Pro Series provides a welcome change from the norm and is as close as you can get to the real life experience while playing at a virtual table. The game has been optimised for smaller screens, so you can play on tablet or mobile, squeezing in a few hands as and when time permits.

How to Bet With TXS Hold’Em Pro Series

Like any poker game modelled on Texas Hold ‘em, NetEnt’s TXS Hold’Em Pro Series allows for several rounds of betting. This provides for no end of excitement and makes the game far more enticing than other, more simplistic poker games which have less depth. Unlike video poker games, many of which have novelty bonuses, extra jokers and suchlike, TXS Hold’Em Pro Series is a classic poker game that stays true to the rules. As a result, it would be fair to say that it’s one for the purists. The fact that this game has an extremely high RTP of 99.37% gives serious poker players ample incentive to spend some time playing it. You’ll struggle to find many other poker games that boast a higher payout.

In terms of betting, it all starts with the ante round aka the pre-bet. If you’ve played hold ‘em before, or even if you’ve only watched it on television, you’ll be familiar with this concept. Once you’ve placed your ante bet, you’ll be dealt your first two cards. At this stage you can decide whether you wish to fold, in which case you’ll lose the ante bet, or to pay the call bet, which is twice the value of the ante. Should you decide to play on, three community cards will be placed on the table at this stage, known as the flop. Here, you’ll combine them with the two cards that are already in your hand to see what sort of a winning combo you’ve assembled.

Winning at TXS Hold’Em Pro Series

Just like in the Hold ‘em games you watch on the web or have played at land-based or online casinos, TXS Hold’Em Pro Series obliges you to decide, once the flop has been dealt, whether you wish to bet on the turn – i.e the next card that’s dealt – or to check. This is repeated again with a fifth card, known as the river card, and then your hand will be compared with the dealer’s to find out who’s won.

NetEnt’s TXS Hold’Em Pro Series faithfully adheres to the rules of the game, so the possible winning hands should be familiar to you, starting with High Card or Pair and rising all the way up to Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush. Try TXS Hold’Em Pro Series here at Mr Gamez with virtual credits, where all of our top-class casino games can be enjoyed completely free and with no download or registration required.