Roulette is one of those games that could scarcely be any simpler and yet, despite all that, it’s a game which is insanely moreish. In other words, you don’t tire of it, regardless of how many times you’ve watched that hypnotic wheel go round and round while that ball rattles around it before coming to rest.

Bet, spin, repeat. It’s that simple, and yet the simplicity doesn’t detract one iota from the enjoyment to be derived. Players are spoilt for choice these days, with a plethora of titles at their disposal, many of which take the classic game of roulette and add a twist to it.

Not Just for Slots

You might have thought that Microgaming’s primary focus was on their slot games, with a brand new title hitting screens – and arriving here at Mr Gamez – every month or so, but they also make time for table games. Their Diamond Edition of the all-time classic Premier Roulette is the perfect example, the official follow up to one of the best online roulette games ever, Premier Roulette. This latter title is also available as part of the table game selection here on the site. While the original version brought the visuals bang up to date with a 3D reel and plenty of options, the Diamond Edition takes yet another step with the results being impressive to say the least.

Absolute Diamonds

The roulette rules don’t change much with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, but what does set one roulette game apart from the rest is the graphics and features. It would be fair to say that Premier Roulette Diamond Edition shines in this respect – shines like a polished diamond in fact. The split screen of the original has been dispensed with in favour of a gaming interface that fills a single screen, while all of the great features like gaming histories, repeat bets and auto play have also made triumphant returns. The net result is one of the most complete and exciting roulette games out there. If you’re a fan of the casino classic, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is definitely one to try out for yourself.

Given that the rules don’t vary a great deal between roulette games, it often falls to the graphics to differentiate one title from another. Microgaming have elected to make things look as lifelike as possible here and they’ve certainly succeeded. Short of playing live roulette, this is about as close as you’re ever going to get to the real thing. The experienced developer have elected to replicate the sort of setup you’d encounter if you walked into a land-based casino: green felt, stacks of chips and a dark mahogany wheel with a silver centre. It all looks very sophisticated. When you give that wheel a spin, you’ll find that the animations are also silky smooth. Naturally the game has been designed to work on mobile and tablets devices as well as desktop, so Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is suited to gaming on the go.

Premier Play

The aesthetics of this game might be distinctly smarter than the average roulette game, but in operation it’s all reassuringly familiar. Microgaming have gone for the European version of the game here, so there’s no 00 to contend with. As a consequence, the odds with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition are more favourable than you would receive if this were a game based on American Roulette. In fact, the house edge here comes in at a respectable 2.7%. What’s more, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to betting, so you can play small, wagering as little as 0.25 at a time, or go all out and slam 1,000 on the felt.

There are a lot of subtle but deft touches which permeate this game including the way in which the table lights up when you select your bet, making it instantly clear how much you’ve wagered. There are also options to undo the wager you’ve placed and start afresh if desired, or alternatively to double up the value of the last bet you placed. For experienced players, it makes sense to click on the button marked Expert. This doesn’t change the odds and it certainly doesn’t alter your skills as a roulette player – these things remain immutable – but what this button will do is expand the betting table, giving you the option of playing more advanced bets on the racetrack as well as neighbours bets.

Spin and Win

When you’re happy with how everything’s looking, you’ve set your bet and have crossed your fingers to pray for luck, all that’s left is to hit spin. Do that and it’ll be time to watch that wheel rotate and that tiny white ball to land in its centre and begin bouncing around before settling on a number to alight upon. Although this is only virtual roulette you’re playing, it’s a very convincing take on it, and as the ball does its dance around the wheel, it’s easy to forget where you are for a moment and to think you’re actually playing live roulette. That’s the marker of a good table game. Compared to many of the hastily assembled and unconvincingly designed roulette games available on the web, Microgaming’s Premier Edition looks way better.

Although the game physics aren’t anything fancy, they’re delivered extremely slickly, in a manner that just feels natural, such as when you record a win and the chips leap from the stack and pile up in the bottom right of the screen. There’s the ability to view your playing history for the last eight spins which is useful, and there’s more detailed stats available when you click on the View Statistics button. But that’s not all: mindful of the fact that gazing at the same roulette table can start to tire after a while, Microgaming have considerately given players the option of rotating between six different tables. Different colours and designs are used to freshen things up. If you’re looking for an online roulette game which looks and plays convincingly, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is just the ticket.


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