When it comes to classic online casino action on tried and tested games, one thing that Microgaming returns to time and time again when attempting to stand out in the crowd is an option to effectively play multiple games at the same time. In our video poker section, for example, you’ll find versions of classics like Jacks or Better where you can play fifty or even a hundred hands at a time. The thing is, that makes sense on video poker, but is less common on roulette. Fortunately, Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is the perfect example to show that it is possible on just about any kind of casino game!

Not for the Faint Hearted

The screen itself will be highly familiar to any player that has enjoyed any of the games in Microgaming’s Gold range. The graphics have been cranked up a notch and numerous features have been added in to standard gameplay to make spinning in a win easier than ever. The bottom half of your screen consists of the regular betting board, where you can cover all of the usual suspects like odd or even, red or black or specific numbers. The difference is that whatever bets you place will play out over up to eight roulette wheels at the same time. This means quicker action, bigger wins and more fun overall. If you’re in for a long session, then why spend time waiting for eight spins when you can get them done all at once? It is a handy change to the standard roulette concept and while it won’t be for everyone, high rollers in particular will definitely appreciate Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold for what it is.

You can see all of the wheels spinning for yourself without risking any of your bankroll by checking out Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold right here on this page, and be sure to try your hand at some of the other great no deposit casino table games that we have to offer right here on the site!

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