Let it Ride is a table game variant of five card stud, brought to life by Shuffle Master Inc. in the early 90s. Although winnings are based on the typical 5 card poker hand, the rules of this game are rather unique in that you don’t bet against other players or a dealer. If you’ve played Casino Holdem or Texas Holdem, you’ll know what to expect here.

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Play Let It Ride Poker

Let it Ride (occasionally referred to as Let’em ride) first appeared at land-based casinos in 1993, and since then has become available at a number of online casinos. Although waning in popularity, the novelty of being able to withdraw your bet is captivating to punters and gives it in a unique approach in decision-making. There are a number of sites available where you can play Let it Ride poker free in a demo version or for real money. Due to the game being owned by a private company, many real money Let it Ride games have been altered slightly. Check it out at one of the demos below.

Table Layout And Winning Hands

The table layout of Let it Ride is usually shown in the semi-circular reminiscent of most poker varieties, with space for up to seven players, but the game can just as easily be played on an individual basis. The center of the table provides space for two cards, whereas the player’s own space contains space for three cards. Generally there are three separate circles for betting, since the bet can be withdrawn during two moments of gameplay. A payout table is also usually included as reference for players. In some circumstances there is also an area to place a side bet. The standard pay table is comparable to other poker type games, but can vary slightly from casino to casino. A royal flush (Ace, King, Queen, and Jack from the same suit) has a payout of a whopping 1000 to 1, while a straight flush (Five cards in sequence from the same suit) earns 200 to 1, four of a kind 50 to 1, full house (Three of a kind plus a pair) 11 to 1, flush (Any five cards from one suit, not in sequence) 8 to 1, straight (Five cards in sequence, but not from the same suit) 5 to 1, three of a kind 3 to 1 and two pair 2 to 1. The minimum win is a pair of 10s, which will pay back at a rate of 1 to 1.

Rules Of The Game

First of all, the player must divide their bet into the three designated spaces equally, so it’s important to make sure to have enough coins to cover the three areas. Each player is given three cards by the dealer to keep in their hand. At this point, after viewing his cards, the player can choose to either pull back his first bet (also called ‘reining it in’ or ‘pulling it back’) or choosing to keep it in play (also called ‘letting it ride’). The first community card is then dealt, which can be used by all players. After looking at this card, the player again can decide to deduct his second bet, or to let it ride once again. The dealer then presents the second community card, which is again used by all players. At this point the player is paid with regards to his current bet(s), the pay table, and his poker hand. Players are not allowed at any point in the game to see the cards of others until the end. At live casinos, some side bets may also be available, such as a 5-card bonus bet, a 1-coin 3-card bonus bet, or even a 6-card bonus bet.

Variations In Online Game Rules

Some online casinos may have slight changes in Let it Ride poker rules due to copyright issues. For example, instead of placing three bets, a player might place just one bet and then will be prompted to either raise or not raise their bet upon first viewing their hand, and then again will be presented the same option after viewing the first community card. While it might feel different at first, the capability of adding a bet rather than taking one away presents exactly the same odds and gameplay as the usual Let it Ride.

Special Features And Links To Free Tables

Wizard of Odds offers a version of Let it Ride that can be played either for free or for real money. Bets are made in increments of 5, 25, 100, or 500 coins (but remember that the initial bet must be multiplied by three). The layout is simple, containing both a pay table and the buttons for betting, clearing. During gameplay, the buttons transform to ‘Let it Ride’ or ‘Pull it Back’. This version of Let it Ride poker online also comes equipped with a very useful add-on feature of a pop-up strategy error message that warns the player when he or she is making a poorly choiced move. The message reads ‘It’s better to pull this one back,’ and is great aspect for newcomers to the game who are still learning when to let their bets remain. The message can of course be switched off, for those who are comfortable with Let it Ride strategy. This version of the game is a very simple non-flash version, which allows for free play only. Players type in their own bets, and there’s even a 2-card bonus side bet option. It’s another very good way to practice, as it allows the user to toggle ‘Enable advice’ which will show the user when it’s better to pull it back or when it’s better to let it ride. The player can also check out their statistics which include percentages of wins and losses, bonuses earned, best hand and win streaks. This version of Let it Ride is called ‘Let ‘Em Ride’ for copyright purposes, and comes equipped with a great practice mode that has snazzy animations and some upbeat background tunes. This version allows you to make bets for as little as 1 coin, but as an ‘unofficial’ version it features not the original bet split into 3, but the option of either raising the bet or continuing with the initial bet after the first deal and again after the first community card is put into play. This version also features a progressive jackpot, which costs one coin and can be simply clicked once to participate. There isn’t any strategy advice, however, so it’s best to be knowledgeable about the game before deciding to play for real money. This is yet another version with the title of ‘Let ‘Em Ride’, and the display features an alluring burgundy table and eye-catching cards with a purple logo. Minimum bet is 5 coins, and like the previous game, this game does not split the initial bet into three, but rather gives the punter the opportunity to raise the bet at every turn. This online slot also features a lit-up spinning circle which functions as the the slot for the progressive jackpot. If you choose to take a chance, it’s simply a matter or dragging one coin to proper location, which cannot be missed. This version has a simple interface of ‘Continue’, ‘Raise,’ and ‘Deal’ or ‘Rebet’, but like the previous one, does not offer Let it Ride poker strategy advice.

Strategy, Techniques And Odds

Decision making definitely has an effect on house edge in Let it Ride poker odds. Played correctly, house edge stands at about 3.5% of the third part of the wager which is not able to be withdrawn. The bonus bet is widely considered to be a ‘sucker bet,’ meaning that it spikes the house edge up by nearly 10%. Let it Ride poker has fixed odds, which boil down to: Royal Flush: 20,000-1 Straight Flush: 2,000-1 Four of a Kind: 100-1 Full House: 75-1 Flush: 50-1 Straight: 25-1 Three of a Kind: 9-1 Two Pair: 6-1 Though the mechanics of gameplay are quite simple, there are a number of strategies employed by fans of Let it Ride that are worth paying attention to. If you can memorise the correct strategy for the appropriate situation, it helps to shave off the house edge and get you closer to that jackpot. When you only know what the three cards are in your hand, you will make your first decision, based off of whether you have any of the following: Any hand that is already a winner (that means three of a kind, or a pair of tens or better); any three cards to a royal flush, any three cards in a row of the same suit of 3-4-5 or higher; any three cards to a straight flush with one gap, if at least one card is a ten or higher (for instance, 8, 9 and Jack of the same suit) or any three cards to a straight flush with two gaps, if at least two cards are a ten or higher (for instance, 8,10 and Queen of the same suit). In any of these situations it would be advisable to ‘let it ride’. When the first community card is revealed, that is when your second decision will come into play. You should only ‘let it ride’ if you have one of the following: any paying hand (meaning a hand that is already a winner), any four cards of the same suit, any four to an outside straight (such as 8, 9, 10, Jack) with at least one high card, any four to an outside straight with no high cards (such as 4, 5, 6, 7), or any four to an inside straight (something like 5, 6, 8, 9) but with four high cards. Finally, experts recommend that for newcomer players, it’s best to try to slow down the pace of play, to about 40 hands per hour (although the game can be played as fast as 52 hands an hour at average speed) to really pore over the cards and determine the best option. Shorter sessions could be also be more advantageous, as the house edge of Let it Ride tends to be a bit higher than some other hybrid card games.

Let It Ride In Conclusion

Let it Ride, a fairly recent development in the casino world, is known as a hybrid game, a kind of fusion of blackjack and poker, and while it’s possible that up to 75% of all hands are losing hands, the game rewards strategic thinkers with massive jackpots. It is a uniquely rare poker variety in that it allows players to withdraw parts of their bets when the odds are looking less than favorable. This could be a great advantage when played with proper strategy, although it could be a bit alienating for players who prefer a more traditional kind of poker game. Let it Ride poker online doesn’t demand some of the split-second decision making of card games at land-based casino tables, so it’s a great option for those who prefer to enjoy the thrill of poker games at an unhurried pace In addition, it can easily be played alone, since you aren’t betting against other players or a dealer. There are a wide variety of options of Let it Ride poker online, and many online casinos offer bonuses for new users, so it’s best to research several options before choosing to sign up for one, and to be wary of side bets, since a lot of experts don’t recommend them. For anyone who enjoys card games, Let it Ride is definitely worth checking out even just for a round or two, although keep in mind that you might come across it with another name, since the original title is trademarked by Shuffle Master.