European Roulette Gold, as the title suggests, is part of the Microgaming Gold Series of online casino games. These are designed to mimic the experiences of a real-world roulette table; full of rich features, tasteful designs and easy playability. This guide will highlight the background, the gameplay and turn of play along with strategies and finally how to choose the right online gaming platform so that you can learn to enjoy European Roulette Gold. However, before we undertake a full analysis of European Roulette Gold, we need to understand a little more about the game of Roulette and its origins.

Traditional Roulette and European Roulette Gold share a similar inventor – Blaise Pascal, the inventor of Roulette and inventor of the Pascal Programming Language; the forefather of the Java programming language (used in Microgaming development). This remarkable link is a notable historical dimension – but one that underpins European Roulette Gold and the traditional game of Roulette. European Roulette Gold is a roulette-type online casino game that transcends the traditional casino game roulette into a new virtual experience. This diversity of choice and visual flair is marked differences from alternative online roulette games and the traditional real-world alternatives.

The Basics of European Roulette Gold

This digital variation of the traditional roulette game has 37 different betting options, all of which offer possible avenues for increased return wins with a 36:1 payout. Another key dynamic of European Roulette Gold is the limits on betting. Unlike other platforms, European Roulette Gold has a maximum bet of £500 and starting bet levels of 25p. This is a functional requirement to help enforce fairer and safer gaming.

The Gameplay

European Roulette Gold, much like traditional Roulette, has a diverse array of gameplay differentials. There are numerous approaches to betting based on numbers, colour, and number-related sequencing. Furthermore, the ability to ‘split’ your bet and to ‘square’ your bet, all mean you have options in relation to your bet approach.

Here is some of the key betting terminology:

  • Inside Bet – These are bets based on a standard roulette layout – a bet on a single number
  • Outside Bet – These are bets based on a standard roulette layout – a bet on a proposition, not number
  • Split Bet – Also known as a Cheval, is a bet on two numbers with a single currency chip
  • Street Bet – Is a proposition whereby one bets on three numbers with a single chip
  • Square Bet – Also known as a Corner Bet, is a bet on four numbers with a single chip
  • Line Bet – Also known as a Double Street bet, is the same as a Street Bet but it covers two streets at the same time
  • Column Bet – is a bet based on columns zone “2 to 1” at the bottom of a Roulette table.
  • Dozen Bet – is a bet based on the zones marked “1st 1, 2nd 12” etc. which goes down the side of a Roulette grid layout
  • Even-Money Bet – Is a bet based on the “Even pair” (red or white)

Turn of Play

Once a user has picked a combination of numbers by placing chips on the roulette board, the game can commence. The dealer will spin the wheel and a ball will be released. Once the wheel’s spin ceases and the ball falls into a numbered rung, the game is over, regardless of whether it has fallen into your lucky number, colour or sequential combination. The game of European Roulette Gold is incredibly simple to play. The difficulty comes from strategising bets in a way that yields the greatest return. This is the single biggest endeavour in the beautiful game of Roulette – especially in the context of European Roulette Gold and playing the game online through the myriad of online digital casino platforms.

Differences Between Traditional Roulette and European Roulette Gold

This usually boils down to whether the individual is using a European or American roulette wheel. The difference is singular in that the American version is a single digit greater than the European alternative. This differentiation plays out in both the real-world and digital domain. Another crucial difference is cost – offline casinos levy greater player charges than online alternatives. This means the game can be experienced by a greater audience than traditional casino environs. This also means that online European Roulette Gold is more cost-effective.

Another dynamic is privacy, whereby any individual can play without worrying about the cultural dimensions of real-world gambling. Furthermore, with a wide array of providers, the availability of welcome ‘freebies’ – including free cash – is another incentive. In addition, the social environment is a crucial differentiation between offline casinos and online casino platforms – this means you can experience European Roulette Gold with a diverse mix of players, making friends and having responsible fun all from the safety and security of your home.  Finally, the single greatest aspect of online casino gaming, especially in the context of European Roulette Gold, are the available odds. Online platforms are more generous than offline bricks and mortar casinos.

What to Know About Playing European Roulette Gold Online

Remember to play safe when you go to play European Roulette Gold. Look for an accredited online gaming and casino platform that is registered with one of the major national gambling accreditation bodies. Ideally, look out for national accredited bodies from the UK, Jersey, Gibraltar or Isle of Man governments.

Once you know you can trust the provider, you can enjoy playing European Roulette Gold online, happy in the knowledge your personal details and financial information are safe and secure. European Roulette Gold is all about having fun and chasing down that big jackpot win so go on – step on up and give it your best shot.

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