Craps is one of the quintessential casino games but it has a long and interesting history that extends beyond the casino walls. Nowadays, the table game with dice can be played online for free or for real money with this Craps game by RTG software. What’s it all about and what is the difference to classic craps?

History Of Craps

Like many games, the exact origins of Craps are unknown. The game is generally believed to be a simplification of the dice game known as hazard and that it may even date back to the Crusades of the medieval period. The game was passed among French gamblers before making its way to America via well-to-do Louisiana landowners. Although the game of craps has not always been associated with the luxury and sophistication of the elite as it has long been a popular street game played by all sorts of people from children to soldiers during the war. The name of “Craps” actually came from the French word “crapaud” – meaning “toad” – since the game required players on the streets to crouch to the floor. Thankfully, the Craps table in a casino is raised so there is no need for such uncouth behaviour (although there’s nothing stopping you from getting into the craps squat when you play online craps!). You can play the Craps game by RTG at one our our recommended casinos below:

Realtime Gaming

If you are new to the game, then you can play online Craps by Realtime Gaming without having to place any wagers. This is a great way for punters to get a grips of the Craps rules, including the Craps layout, strategy, odds and payouts. So, when you feel ready to play the game with real money stakes, you should feel much more confident in your winning chances.

The Table Layout

The layout of the table in the Craps game by RTG follows the same standard pattern as the traditional casino table game as you can see in the picture below. This includes the “pass line” and the “come” sections of the table which are the most commonly placed bets in the game. On top of these common options, players will find the “don’t pass” bar and “don’t come” bar as well as “field” bets. If you’re after some more risky play, then you’ll be looking at the individual number bets in the bottom right-hand corner for higher odds and bigger potential winnings, not to mention the opportunity to place combined bets such as “Whirl”, “Horn”, and “C&E”. Players who want to know how to play Craps by RTG might find it useful to have a few practice goes before they start placing real money on to the different bars on the table. When you’re ready to play for real, you simply need to select your chip denomination from the options at the bottom of the screen before clicking on the desired bet.

Rules Of Craps

The rules of Craps by RTG might seem a bit complicated to the uninitiated, but the game is fairly straightforward once you begin to play online Craps. Players begin a round with the black button set to “off” in the top left hand corner of the screen, meaning that you can place bets in any outcome offered on the table before the shooter throws the dice. When the shooter has rolled, a point is established and the button switches to a white “on” button, allowing playings to add new bets behind their pass line bet. It is not possible for players to act as the shooter when they play online Craps with this RTG game. If you want to buy to lay a bet, then you will pay a commission of just 4% compared to the usual 5% on other craps games.

Craps Features

The maximum bet limits of this casino game vary depending on the casino, with some sites offering high roller stakes up to 1,000 credits on a roll. Another thing that is different is the payout in Craps by RTG. Some casinos pay out double on winning field bets while others offer triple on the number 12, so it’s well worth checking out what the casino in question will pay for these bets.

Strategy And Odds

As with any casino game, the real odds in Craps by RTG are always slightly in favour of the house. For example, the true odds on pass and come bets are 1.41% in favour of the casino while the paid odds are at exactly evens while the don’t pass and don’t come bar bets are 1.36% in favour of the house with 1/1 cashout. Players can seek more lucrative cashouts when they play online Craps by looking to other options such as the “any 7” bet which will pay 4/1 with a 16.67 house edge or a bet on “craps” (2, 3 or 12 on the first roll) for the chance to return 7/1 with a house edge of 11.11%. The longest odds available when you play online Craps are 30/1 and these can be found when betting on 2 or 12 in a single throw since these are the least likely outcomes of a double dice roll. Due to the house edge, there are no strategies or systems that can consistently beat the casino when you play online Craps. Nevertheless, some gamblers like to employ certain strategies with simple systems like the Martingale which has players double their wager after every losing bet on even odds; this doesn’t really work when you play online Craps due to maximum wagering limits on tables. Another strategy that professional Craps players claim to use is to “set” the dice. In other words, the shooter is able to influence the outcome of the roll by throwing them in a certain way. Obviously this is not possible when playing craps online by RTG since the roll is completely random and computer-generated. Furthermore, players should be careful not to fall into the gambler’s fallacy which purports that individual dice throws are influenced by past events; the odds of a 7 being rolled is the same on every turn regardless of the last throw.

Craps: Our Final Thoughts

Craps is one of the most entertaining table games there is, purely for the fact that it is unique from other casino games such as roulette and cards. The table layout may seem a bit confusing at first but players should take reassurance that it is possible to play online for free so that you can learn how to play before you start to put any money on the table.