Casino War is a casino table game that is based on the classic game of War. Shuffle Master, who are owned by Scientific Games, are responsible for the online version of Casino War. It is an extremely popular card game because it is so easy to play and because beating the dealer is far easier than it is in other games such as blackjack.

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The History Of Casino War

While most card games have a long and storied history spanning decades or even centuries, Casino War is a surprisingly new offering. In fact, the patent on Casino War was only filed in 1993. Bet Technology are the company who first developed it and then issued the game to 5 casinos in northern Nevada in 1994, with the first of these the famous Harrah’s Tahoe. In 2004, Shuffle Master acquired Bet Technology and in the process became the new owners of Casino War. Despite being such a young, Casino War has developed a sizable fan base both at bricks and mortar casinos and online.

Free Play Vs Real Money Play

There are many online casinos where it is possible to play Casino War either for free or for real money. If you would like to play the Casino War game online, have a hunt about and you will find no end of sites willing to facilitate this. The advantages of playing in demo mode of course are that you can get a feel for the workings of the game before deciding whether or not to commit real money. However, given that Casino War isn’t the most complex of games to master, there’s not a whole lot to learn in demo mode. That being said, if you happen to find the game itself enjoyable and simply want to play for free as a means of passing the time then by all means do so

Offline VS Online

One of the reasons why Casino War is so popular is because it is very easy to record a few wins in succession simply by a handful of lucky guesses. On each occasion, excluding side bets, you’re essentially either doubling or losing your wager. While playing Casino War online free at a dedicated casino or on a mobile app can be engrossing, one of the best ways of getting a feel for the game is by busting out a 52-card deck and playing it with a friend. This is the sort of game which can be played anywhere: on a train, in a staff room, or even when skiving at work.

The Easiest Card Game: Play Casino War

The Casino War layout calls for 6 regular decks of cards. In terms of scoring, the cards operate just like those of any regular poker game, with aces the most valuable. At the start of each game, a card is dealt to each player plus the dealer. If the player’s card happens to be higher they will win whatever they have wagered and if the dealer’s card is higher then the player loses the bet. That in a nutshell is Casino War. It sounds ridiculously simple to the point of verging on being boring but in reality it proves to be nothing of the sort. Yes, Casino War is stupidly easy and even a child could play it. Nevertheless, the simplicity of the Casino War game online does not take away from the enjoyment to be derived from it, or from the money to be made. In instances where the dealer and the player have cards of the same value there is a tie. Here the player can either choose to surrender and lose half their bet or “go to war “and if successful double their stake. If the player plumps for this latter option, the dealer will discard 3 cards and then deal each of them an additional card. If the player wins here by having a higher value card, they will win the original wager. If the dealer’s card is higher however then the player will lose their entire wager. An interesting option in Casino War is the ability to set a side bet. This basically means that the player can bet on there being a tie. If this happens and the player is proved correct then they will win 10 to 1 against the original wager.

House Edge Variability

Although 6 decks is the normal number when playing, there are some online casinos which use other numbers. The number of decks in play will dictate the house edge; with 6 decks for example with the bonus it stands at 2.33%, whereas with one deck it drops to just over 2%. Some online casinos even use 8 decks which makes for a house edge with bonus of 2.34%. The biggest difference in terms of statistical probability when playing Casino War with different numbers of decks is the odds of a tie. If you’re playing with 6 decks then it stands at 18.65%. In comparison, 8 decks will drop those odds to 17.83% and just one deck will boost the odds of a tie to over 35%. Like all card games, mathematicians are well placed to capitalise on even the slenderest pieces of knowledge that will increase their chances of success. Note for example that when you go head-to-head against the dealer, in the event of a tie you’ll be risking two betting units in exchange for the possibility of a one-unit win and return. This may sound undesirable but your alternative of giving up half your bet is not any more desirable. As a consequence, most players will go for it, even if the odds of them winning at this stage of the game are stacked in the dealer’s favour. If you were to surrender every time the game went to a tie, the casino edge of 2.88% would rise to 4% which would swiftly reduce your stack of chips over the course of enough games.

Casino War Strategy

There’s not a whole lot that can be done in terms of playing strategy to maximise your chances of success. As a consequence there isn’t an outright Casino War card game strategy to master. It is worth familiarising yourself with the odds of winning just the same though when you’re playing with 6 decks. There are a few different Casino War rules that can be played as well and which you should be aware of. These are known as stingy rules, liberal rules and super liberal rules. This latter rule is one which only applies at casinos which use software provided by Gamesys. Here, if the player secures ties in succession they will be awarded a bonus of three times their ante bet. The most important advice to learn when it comes to developing a Casino War card game strategy is that surrendering will apply a slightly higher advantage to the house. As a consequence, if there is a bonus payout for going to war then the player should not surrender. When playing with 6 decks, the dealer and the player each stand a 46.3% chance of winning with the first card. It is only in the event of a tie that the house edge kicks in. Due to the extremely low house edge in the basic game, Casino War has developed a hardcore following of players who live this more than the many casino games in which the house edge is greater.

Casino War Conclusion

Despite having such an epic title, Casino War proves to be surprisingly simple and not particularly epic. There is a case for saying that variants of this game exist in many spheres at casinos, for Casino War is essentially a coin toss, gamble higher or lower of the sort you might find built into online slots. There is little finesse and subtlety at play here in terms of strategy, giving players little choices other than the option to surrender or go to war. The provision of additional bonus payouts for securing two ties in a row, as is available in some versions of Casino War, is a nice touch. A few minor subtleties aside, Casino War is a game which remains the same wherever you happen to play it, be it with a 52-deck of cards in your front room or playing Casino War online free against the computer. Although largely a luck-based game, player can reduce the house edge based on the number of decks that are in use and their aversion to surrender. Sometimes war really is the answer.