Casino Holdem is a variant on Texas Holdem which is designed to pit players against the house instead of other players. The game is played with one deck and will appeal to players who want to play a game with a certain degree of skill and decision making.

Play Casino Hold’em Online

Casino Holdem is a fairly new game and was developed by Stephen Au-Yeung in the late 1990s in order to train for standard Texas Holdem.  It was approved to play in the UK in 2007 is now played in over 100 real life casinos and over 1000 online casinos around the world. As this game is available on many online casinos, there are a number of opportunities to try it out for free. If you decide to try your hand for real money, many casinos offer ante bets for as little as 1 coin. Try your hand at the demo versions below.

Table Layout And Winning Hands

While the Casino Holdem layout may vary slightly from location to location, the semi-circular table will always feature a space for the dealer’s cards, a space in the middle designated for the flop cards, as well as a space for each player’s two cards and for their individual bets. The betting areas are generally circular and include one place for the Ante bet and one place for the call bet, and usually, but not always, there will be an additional circle for AA bonus side bets alongside the other two. If playing Casino Holdem online, the table will vary in colour and layout depending on the website hosting the game, but in most cases there will be a handy pay table and simple interface for accessibility. Because the game is a variant on poker, winning Casino Holdem hands will be the same as in most other standard poker games. A Royal Flush would then be the best hand possible. A Royal Flush consists of one ace, one king, one queen, one Jack and a 10 card all from the same suit. It’s a hand that is notoriously hard to get, which is why the payout is usually quite big. A straight flush, which is five cards in sequence (for example 7, 8, 9, 10 and Jack) from the same suit, is also considered an extremely good hand. Other winning hands include: a full house, meaning three cards of one denomination and two cards of another denomination; a flush, which is five cards from the same suit; a straight, meaning five cards in sequence from any suit; a four, meaning four cards from the same denomination (one from each suit); a three, which is three cards of the same number and two unmatched cards; two pairs or one pair, which is the lowest possible winning combination.

Table Layout And Winning Hands

In terms of Casino Holdem rules, the game is played with one 52 card deck, reshuffled following each hand. Like its more famous ancestor Texas Holdem, the punter aims to get the best possible five card poker hand. Each player makes an initial ante bet and is also presented with the opportunity of making an AA bonus side bet. The players and the dealer are all dealt two cards which are placed face down, which are also known as ‘hole’ cards. Three cards will then be dealt to the board (known as the ‘flop’) so that each hand will contain five cards in the end, just as in Texas Holdem. After checking his or her cards, each player has to decide whether they want to fold, meaning taking a loss of their initial bet, or to make a call, that is, to double their ante bet. For instance, if your ante bet consists of one coin then your call bet will consist of two coins. If one or more players decide to make a call bet, then the dealer will deal two more cards. At the end of the round, the dealer reveals his or her hidden cards, whereupon each player’s hand will be compared to the dealer’s. To qualify, a dealer needs to have a pair of fours or higher; if the dealer doesn’t qualify then the ante bet is paid according to the ante bet pay table.

Rules Of Casino Holdem

Generally, the paytable is comparable to other poker games. A flush pays two to one, full house three to one, four of a kind pays ten to one, a straight flush pays 20 to 1, and a Royal Flush pays 100 to 1. There’s also an option to play AA side bets which entails the player betting on whether the first 5 cards will include a pair of aces or better. This bet applies only to the first round, that is, to the player’s two personal cards and the first 3 cards which are dealt into the flop. In the case of winning a side bet, a pair of aces to a straight will pay 7 to 1, a flush will pay 20 to 1, a full house 30 to 1, four of a kind 40 to 1, a straight flush 50 to 1 and a royal flush 100 to 1. Casino Holdem online will usually feature a series of buttons designed to make gameplay very simple. You’ll have the option to deal, to fold (removing all bets from the table), to call meaning to double your ante bed and to fold or to start a new game or to re-bet based on the bet from the previous round.

Special Features And Links To Free Tables

Our version of Casino Holdem features a very accessible interface, smooth graphics and handy payout table. It offers players the chance to play for free, and will tell you the name of your hand if you’re struggling to remember all of the different winning poker combinations. Simply place your bet by clicking on the chips provided then drag it to the Ante bet position. The game uses an animated arrow to point you in the right direction. After dealing, you will then be prompted to click ‘call’ or ‘fold’ to continue, and the results of your hand will be displayed via a blue box of text that appears adjacent to the cards. Bets on this site go up to 10 coins, with a bonus max bet of 50 coins on the side AA bet. Casino Paddy Paddypower’s version also allows for Casino Holdem practice play in addition to real play, and comes equipped with a nice jazz soundtrack and a voiceover with useful prompts such as ‘ante please’ for the player as well as announcing the winner or when there’s a ‘push’ (neither win nor lose). The bets on this site go from 1 coin all the way up to 1000. The graphics here are also bright and sharp. Casino Holdem This edition of Casino Holdem by Playtech is quite similar to the one above, with the added prospect of adding chips to your bet which are worth less than 1 coin. It also features a reminder on the table that the dealer requires a pair of fours or better to qualify. Bingo Extra This online Casino Holdem, designed by Play n Go, features slightly more realistic graphics and interesting card shuffling animations. Like the others, it announces when players should place their ante and whether they player has won and by which hand. All of these listed above online versions of Casino Holdem allow for side AA bonus bets and they also give the option for players to play for real money should they decide to make that transition. This list is in no way comprehensive, as there are thousands of online casinos already offering this game, both with automated and live dealers. Many online casinos offer a welcome bonus for new players, which is something to keep in mind when choosing the right casino for you.

Casino Holdem Strategy

If you’re searching for Casino Holdem cheats, there are no outright ways to game the system but there are some techniques that will help. When it comes to Casino Holdem strategy, players need to take into account all seven cards (their two personal cards plus five community cards) to calculate Casino Holdem odds and come to a decision. If you’re already familiar with strategies pertaining to Texas Holdem, then you probably already have a good knowledge of Casino Holdem strategy. It’s always a good idea to take a look at a Casino Holdem calculator. These calculators are available online and allow you to choose the two player cards and three community cards in order to run through some different scenarios of hands in order to to familiarise yourself with the outcomes. The calculator displays percentages and the expected value (also known as EV) portrayed in numerical value, and you can see the EV for any possible situation during a game. Generally, if the EV of a raise is better than the EV of a fold, then it would be wise to raise during that round. If the number is in the positives, you can be expected to win (on average) and if the EV is negative you can be expected to lose (on average). For example, if the EV of a raise is -1.17 and the EV of a fold is -1.00, Casino Holdem strategy would dictate that folding would be the wiser option. Because of the high variance nature of Casino Holdem, one rough strategy that many players follow indicates that you should be raising around 82% of the time and folding only about 18% of the time. The house edge fluctuates from about 2 up to 2.5%, giving the player fairly kind odds of winning when compared to many other casino games. Unless you have a hand which consists of cards below 7 of different suits, you can probably just keep hitting without taking any losses. Most Casino Holdem players would recommend always calling when you have one of the following: a pair or better, an ace or king high, a queen or jack high (unless there are cards of the same suit that don’t match your queen or jack) a straight or flush draw, or when you have two over cards (cards that rank higher than the cards in the flop). Another recommended Casino Holdem strategy for newcomers would be not placing a side bet, as this gives the house an additional 6% house edge over the player. The AA side bet can have its advantages, however, as sometimes it will allow a punter to walk away with some winnings despite having a losing hand.

Casino Holdem In Conclusion

Because Casino Holdem’s long-term expected return to player reaches up to as much as 98.9%, it’s quite low risk for a poker game and a great variation for either a total beginner or a seasoned punter who is looking for something a little different from the usual Blackjack and Texas Holdem. Casino Holdem has also been compared to the very popular Caribbean Holdem, so fans of that game will also probably enjoy this one. In Casino Holdem, you play against the house and not other players, which is the main deviation that it features in comparison to Texas Holdem. Since you play against the dealer’s hand, this game is ideal for online users as you don’t have to join rooms at a specified time or play with other players if you don’t want to; you can just jump in for a quick go against the dealer. Of course, live dealers are also waiting for you on a number of casino websites, so the game can cater to any tastes. Any cards enthusiast who loves the decision-making thrill of other poker varieties is sure to enjoy the novelty of a game invented at the cusp of the 21st century. And with so many options to play Casino Holdem online, there’s no reason not to try.