Play poker like never before with this free Cajun Stud game from Galaxy Gaming software. The aim of the game follows the main pattern of most online virtual poker games – you simply need to get a winning hand to turn your ante stake into a winning prize.

However, there is a little bit more to think about with this particular game and that is because the game offers up a number of special side bets that can increase your win and even add some insurance to the gamble. So, let’s take a further look at Cajun Stud for more information.

Poker with a Difference

You have probably come across many different table games at online casinos with wide variations on blackjack, roulette and even poker. However, you might not have experienced anything quite like this free Cajun Stud Poker game. The five card poker set up deals two cards straight into the player’s hand and then places three ‘community cards’ face down on the table. In order to receive the first deal, you will need to have placed an ante wager on the table and then you will need to raise that ante in order to see each of the face down cards.

Like most table games available to play on like, this poker game is set-up on a green felt table with all of the chips that you need to place a bet laid out in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. As you will see from the central area of the table, there is more than one betting circle to place your wagers on, but we’ll talk more about that later…

Up the Ante

You can play Cajun Stud poker for fun with no real cash at stake or you can play for the chance to win real money if you are feeling lucky. The simplest way to do this would be to place an ante bet and keep raising the bets in the hop that you eventually end up with a winning hand according to the paytable.

Any pair of cards from 6 to 10 will push the wager – essentially voiding it and giving it back to the gambler – while a pair of jacks or higher will return 1x the value of the bet in profit. The paytable goes up through all of the conventional poker hands to the best paying hand that is a royal flush for a 500x return on the ante and raised bets. Your ante bet must be at least $5 and it can be no more than $500.

Bonus Side Bets

If you want you boost your chance of getting a cash-out or even if you want to add some insurance to your bets in case you get a bad hand, then you can do so with this game’s side bet options. There are three different side bets to play with and each of them can take wagers between the low limit of $1 and the high limit of $25 – so you don’t necessarily need to be a high roller to play with these extra wagers.

Two of the side bet options basically split the five cards into the three community cards and the two cards in the player’s hand to give you the Board Bonus and the Pocket Bonus. If you manage to get any successful winning combination according to the paytable with these side bets then you will be able to win up to 50x the value of the stake. The other bonus side bet feature is the Lo Ball Bonus that will effectively offer some insurance if you get a hand that doesn’t have any pairs or winning card combinations. In order for this bet to go through, however, players will need to have a 7 to Jack high card.

Poker Isn’t Always the Same

Gambling online doesn’t always need to follow the traditional rules of classic card games. In fact, there are a number of games out there from Galaxy Gaming which shake up the traditional format of poker such as Four Card Stud, Three Card Prime and Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow Poker. All of the latest releases from Galaxy Gaming can be played online with no download needed.

Worth a Gamble?

This gambling game from Galaxy gaming has quite a high volatility, meaning that punters will have to hold their nerve and hope to get lucky to be in with a chance at the top 500x jackpot. Nevertheless, there are options to improve your potential returns thanks to a series of special side bets, including a Lo Ball Bonus that will provide some insurance in the event that you get a really bad hand!

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