Big Six Wheel is a classic game of chance and odds that has been played world round for many years. It’s a staple in many casinos and is composed by a large spinning wheel that is split into a number of different segments, with a pointer that indicates which section is the winning one.

Big Six Wheel has a rich history, and goes by many different names such as “Wheel of Fortune”, “Money Wheel”, “Dice Wheel” or “Lucky Wheel”. Interpretations of this game are available in a vast array of casinos, both in a physical branch and online. Online versions offer the chance to play with either free play or real money. The starting bets for the game are low, meaning that no matter what version you play, there is a budget to suit every punter. The rules of the game often vary from place to place, but the systematic nature of the game remains the same wherever you are or whatever version you’re playing online, making Big Six Wheel a relatively easy game to understand and find success in.

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History Of The Game

Big Six Money Wheel has had numerous interpretations throughout the years, yet remains to one of the best loved casino games on the market, whether that be in a physical casino or through the means of the internet. There are a few different versions of this game due to its legacy, but the versions most commonly played are the Australian and UK versions.

Best Online Casinos to Spin the Big Wheel

Due to the popularity of this classic casino game, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing any top online casino to play at. However, a few top picks of casinos that are renowned for their interpretation of Big Six Wheel are as follows:

Looking For Free Or Real Play?

There are many online casinos in which you can play Big Six Wheel online, whether that be through free play or with real money. Some of them will let you play Big Six Wheel online free, while others will require a deposit. Test your luck with this demo version.

Bix Six Wheel’s Table Layout

Big Six Wheel, often referred to the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ or other similar variations, is made up of 54 equal sections, with a peg separating them, with a rubber flapper on top that remains stationary. Each section holds a different value, denominating from 1.00 to 20.00, and two of the sections are marked a joker or the logo of the casino, accompanied by the number 40. Players place their bets straight onto the table on top of the value that corresponds to the numbers on the wheel as it is spinning. The player continues to wager until the dealer announces that no more bets are to be made. Winning bets are determined by whichever number or symbol the rubber flapper comes to a halt in. The dealer than removes all losing bets, pays the winning ones and then a new game begins.

Rules So Easy

Big Six Wheel rules are easy to grasp. Players are can make an unlimited amount of bets per spin in a game of Big Six Wheel. When the wheel completes its last rotation, the area that has been landed on determines the winning bets, and they are all paid off at the exact odds (e.g. 1 to 1 for 1.00 spaces, 2 to 1 for 2.00 spaces and 5 to 1 for 5.00 spaces, etc). Each of the two spaces that depict the casino logo pay out at 40 to 1 under the Las Vegas Rules, which are the rules most commonly played with, despite there being a few variations of the rules used to play the game. For example, Las Vegas has a specific set of rules that has been adopted in many other areas, and is arguably the most popular way to play the game. The Big Six Wheel house edge is displayed below for the Vegas version.

Las Vegas Probability And Pays

Bet Pays Number on Wheel Probability House Edge
$1 1 24 44.44% 11.11%
$2 2 15 27.78% 16.67%
$5 5 7 12.96% 22.22%
$10 10 4 7.41% 18.52%
$20 20 2 3.70% 22.22%
Logo #1 40 1 1.85% 24.07%
Logo #2 40 1 1.85% 24.07%

However, the versions offered in the United Kingdom and Australia show some functional differences;

Symbol Number of Segments Probability
A 1 of 52 1.92%
B 1 of 52 1.92%
C 2 of 52 3.85%
D 4 of 52 7.69%
E 8 of 52 15.39%
F 12 of 52 23.08%
G 24 of 52 46.15%

Money Wheel

The money wheel is a slight variation of the traditional Big Six Wheel. The differing point between Big Six Wheel and the Money Wheel is that the Money Wheel is played with 56 stops on the wheel instead of 54, and a handful of the stops are multipliers. The player may bet on 1.00, 2.00. 5.00. 10.00, 20.00 or 40.00, and all bets are paid on a one to one basis, according to the odds of the bet- e.g. a bet on 5.00 would pay 5 to 1. Four of the wheel’s segments will multiply any win, and this is referred to as a ‘Lucky Lucky’. These spots multiply the next win by either 2, 3 or 5.  If the wheel stops on a Lucky Lucky segment, all bets that have been made will stay in place, and no additional bets will be allowed. The outcome of the next spin will determine what the winning wager will be, and the odds are multiplied by the usual 2, 3, or 5. If by chance the wheel hits a Lucky Lucky section twice in a row, all of the wagers in the game will lose.

Dice Wheel

In the Dice Wheel variation of Big Six Wheel, the symbols on the wheel are used to represent a handful of the 216 possible combinations created by three dice. Players can wager on the numbers 1 through to 6, and if the number appears on one of the dice in the winning section, the dealer pays at 1 to 1. If you’re interested in trying your hand at Big Six Wheel, test your fortune for free.

Bix Six Wheel Strategy

Because Big Six Wheel is a game predominantly based upon chance, it can be difficult to find/ create a Big Six Wheel strategy. Whilst playing this game, players do little more than read the symbols and place a bet based upon the provided information. Despite this, players can protect themselves from making something that is labelled under the term of “sucker bet”, by familiarising themselves with the odds of the game, and understanding possible combinations.

Wheely Good Game

wIf you’d like to play Big Six Wheel game, Wheel of Fortune or whatever way you prefer to refer to it as, you’re in for a treat. This is a game that remains at the heart of casino culture, and has been greatly enjoyed and interpreted all over the world. Various online casinos offer up free play and real money versions of the game, so if you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at one of the available versions and experience this timeless game for yourself.