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The world of gaming, both online and live, has seen a great deal of consolidation, acquisitions, and mergers over the last few years, as the industry attempts to adjust to every change in the marketplace. In some cases, studios and developers can change hands multiple times in the course of just a few years, something that means little to players but has a big impact on the companies themselves, as well as their employees.


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One group that has seen itself move around quite a bit in recent years is Cadillac Jack. Founded in 1995 in Duluth, Georgia, the company quickly became one of the major providers of slots and electronic gaming machines to casinos and charity outlets throughout the United States, as well as in other markets worldwide. More than 13,000 units provided by the firm are currently located in US land-based casinos, with well over 160 titles among their portfolio.

But in recent years, this firm has seen itself become part of two different corporations. First, in 2012, Amaya purchased the provider for 2012 at a price of about $167 million. At the time, the deal made sense. However, Amaya would soon purchase PokerStars and the rest of the Rational Group, making this massive brand its primary focus and requiring the sale of some other assets that were now redundant.

Because of this, Amaya turned around and sold Cadillac Jack to AGS, another gaming manufacturer that primarily deals in the American market. The deal, which took place in early 2015, provided plenty of synergy for the two manufacturing firms, since many casinos already had technology from both studios in their resorts.

Cadillac Jack may be less known for their online slots portfolio, but they have certainly had their games spread throughout plenty of sites over the years as well. These include a number of titles that are found in casinos, allowing brick-and-mortar players to find some familiar titles when they venture onto the virtual casino floor. While the company may not have interest in becoming a major online player, simply providing Internet versions of their popular land-based slots has made them an important part of the iGaming sector.

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Not Many Games, But High Quality

Sometimes when we talk about online casino software providers, we’re talking about firms that have the ability to deliver a fully functional casino product to an operator, something that an entire site can be based on. We’ll make it clear right off the bat that this is certainly not the case when it comes to Cadillac Jack. This company is mostly focused on the brick-and-mortar market, and has simply created or ported over some of their already popular slots in order to have something to offer for Internet gaming sites.

What that means is that at some select Internet casinos, you may find a few slot machines that were made by this company. If you’re wondering why operators would even bother to pick up a few extra titles to round out their collections, the answer is that these tend to be high quality titles; in addition, the versions that came from live resorts already have a built-in fan base, making them perfect for attracting new customers.

While this is a small portfolio of games, there’s still plenty of variety here, so it’s worth taking a look at a couple of different titles to see what’s being offered. First, there’s the lizard-themed machine Geckos Gone Wild. This game features simple but colorful and fun graphics that help to liven up a pretty standard five-reel, 20-payline format. Along with the standard poker rank symbols, you’ll also be matching bells, cherries, money bags, and the Geckos Gone Wild logo. Wild symbols include the gecko itself, and there is also a brick oven scatter that can both earn you some cash and start the game’s only bonus feature, a free spins round. You can earn up to 60 free plays by hitting these scatters, and the feature can be retriggered as you play in the bonus round.

A more distinctive title is Legend of the White Buffalo, a classic Cadillac Jack game that can be found in many land-based resorts and is often included among in packages of NYX slots. This game uses a more unusual format: the first and last of the game’s five reels have three symbol positions each, while the middle three have four spots each. This is an all ways machine that pays in both left-to-right and right-to-left combinations, with a total of 576 “paylines” available on every spin.

The game itself features a somewhat understated use of Native American iconography, with some artifacts like weapons and bowls being used as symbols along with the white buffalo itself. Along with the standard wilds that populate the reels, you’ll also want to take a look for the bonus dreamcatcher symbol, which can earn you 8 free spins for every combination of three that appears on the screen. You can even retrigger the special feature during these free plays, up to a maximum of 128 spins.

There two games offer up very different experiences and artistic styles, but they do have at least a couple things in common. One, these games are both very solidly constructed: everything makes sense and works like it sound, running smoothly and operating in a reliable fashion. In addition, you’ll notice that there usually aren’t very many innovative or exceptional bonus features on these games: they are mostly about making winning combinations, with the addition of a single free spins or similar special round to break up gameplay a bit for lucky gamblers.

We’ve tracked down a handful of games that were originally created by Cadillac Jack that are now offered at some online casinos. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Dragon Parade
  • So Hot
  • Double the Devil
  • Alaskan Husky
  • Monkey in the Bank
  • Pirate Plunder
  • Siberian Siren

Respected, But Rarely Expectional

Make no mistake about it: Cadillac Jack has built a reputation over the past couple of decades for reliably supplying companies with good, solid machines that players will enjoy. However, as you might have gotten from our description of their games, they also don’t tend to create spectacular, groundbreaking products.

That’s not really a knock on the company, but it does mean that they aren’t usually the first pick to win recognition when it comes to the major gaming awards that are out there. On the other hand, they have been named one of the best workplaces in the Atlanta area – so that’s a big plus if you’re looking for somewhere to work in Georgia.

You’ll also want to note that there aren’t really any Cadillac Jack casinos out there. As we noted, they don’t provide nearly enough games to make that possible, and beyond that, they don’t really directly license games out to online casinos in general. Instead, you’re likely to occasionally see games they’ve created included with titles by NYX or other Amaya subsidiaries (past and present), an artifact of their time as a part of that gaming giant.

A Great Company, But Not Big On The Internet

In summary, we can say what you’ve already figured out if you’ve read this far: Cadillac Jack is not a big name when it comes to the online gambling market. They are very important for live resorts in North America, offering up a wide array of electronic machines that have proven popular with players in recent years. But they haven’t yet taken the steps to compete seriously over the Internet.

Does that mean we’re slamming their games? Not at all! We really enjoy many of this studio’s creations, with Legend of the White Buffalo in particular being a game that we’d enjoy playing anytime we see it. But with so many bigger software providers out there that offer up complete ranges of slots to gaming sites, it’s hard to imagine many players going out of their way to find the occasional title from this company. If there’s a particular game of theirs that you absolutely love, by all means find a Cadillac Jack casino; for everyone else, it’s probably not worth worrying about whether any of these titles are included at sites you’re considering opening an account on.