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Danger High Voltage

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Big Time Gaming Danger High Voltage

Get ready to be electrified when playing Danger High Voltage. The slot presents plenty of in-game opportunities with stacked wilds and two different bonus games to choose from. Furthermore, with one of the biggest non-progressive jackpots, you’ll be sure to want to try this game!

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Danger High Voltage
Big Time Gaming

Danger High Voltage

Danger High Voltage
Big Time Gaming

Danger High Voltage

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      Big Time Gaming
      Danger High Voltage
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      Get ready to be electrified when playing Danger High Voltage. The slot presents plenty of in-game opportunities with stacked wilds and two different bonus games to choose from. Furthermore, with one of the biggest non-progressive jackpots, you’ll be sure to want to try this game!

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      Danger High Voltage Slot Review

      If you’re looking for a new electrifying slot to play, then it might be time to check out the Danger High Voltage slot. Not only does this slot have plenty of in-game features, but you can also win more than 10,000X your total bet!

      There aren’t many slots that can boast this, despite Danger High Voltage not having a progressive slot function. On top of this, the slot pays quite well with most of its symbols, giving it a pretty high RTP.

      To this day, Danger High Voltage remains as one of Big Time Gaming’s top slots. Because of this, we’re going to do a holistic review of the slot.

      We’ll take a look at everything from the payouts to the mobile compatibility to the in-game features. And by the end of this review, you’ll have an idea of whether or not Danger High Voltage is for you.

      Pros and Cons

      • Generous payouts
      • In-depth free spins bonus games
      • Two versions of stacked wilds
      • No real theme
      • Pretty basic sounds and visuals

      Danger High Voltage Overview

      Danger High Voltage was released on May 3rd, 2017 by Big Time Gaming. Despite being released only four years ago, the slot has quickly become one of BTG’s top-played games. (1)

      On May 3rd, Big Time Gaming will be launching their latest slot "Danger High Voltage" exclusively with LeoVegas.

      The slot is mainly based off the popular song “Danger High Voltage” released in 2003 by Electric Six. Thus, rather than being an electric-themed slot, you’ll find that this theme is a little all over the place.

      The slot has 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 different ways to win. Considering that most slots have anywhere between 10-40 paylines, the fact that Danger High Voltage has 4,096 paylines tells you quite a bit about the opportunities to win in this slot. 

      The betting range for Danger High Voltage isn’t too large. However, it’s still pretty generous with the minimum bet being $0.20 and the maximum bet being $40. 

      This means that the slot can accommodate a wide range of playstyles. If you’re a conservative, you can play it safe with small bets as low as $0.20.

      If you’re a high-roller, there are other slots out there with higher maximum bets. However, a $40 maximum bet is still pretty high and will yield you generous rewards. You also have to keep in mind that with such high multipliers for payouts, it makes sense to keep the maximum bet a little lower than usual.

      Either way, whether you like to bet big or play conservative, the Danger High Voltage slot will be able to fit your playstyle.

      Symbols and Payouts

      There are twelve symbols that you’ll find whenever you play the Danger High Voltage slot. Ten of these are in-game symbols and two of these are special symbols that help elevate the gameplay.

      Of the ten in-game symbols, four of them are themed symbols and the other six are based off a standard deck of cards. 

      The 9, 10, Jack, and Queen pay out the least, with three matching symbols paying out only 0.10X your total bet.

      On the other hand, the bell and skull pay out the most, with the bell paying out 5X your total bet and the skull paying out 25X your total bet.

      If you want more information on the different symbols in Danger High Voltage as well as their respective payouts, be sure to check out our pay table below!

      2 on a Payline
      3 on a Payline
      4 on a Payline
      5 on a Payline
      6 on a Payline
      - 6x 20x 50x 100x
      0.20x 1.25x 3.75x 10x 25x
      - 0.30x 0.75x 2.50x 5x
      - 0.20x 0.60x 1x 1.50x
      - 0.20x 0.50x 1.00x 1.50x
      - 0.15x 0.40x 1.00x 1.25x
      - 0.15x 0.40x 1.00x 1.25x
      - 0.10x 0.25x 0.25x 0.75x
      - `0.10x 0.25x 0.60x 0.75x
      - 0.10x 0.20x 0.40x 0.50x
      - 0.10x 0.20x 0.30x 0.40x

      You’ll also find wild and scatter symbols within the slot. The wild symbol technically doesn’t take on an absolute form since it takes on an entire reel when it does show up.

      However, you can see the wild symbol in two different forms. Some wilds will occur with fire around the words and other wilds will occur with electricity around the lettering. We’ll get more into this later.

      The scatter symbol is a heart with a crown on it. When you manage to land three of these, you’ll unlock the bonus game which we’ll talk about more shortly here in a second. 

      Danger High Voltage Features

      On top of having some of the payouts in the online slots industry, Danger High Voltage has two neat features that you can take advantage of to hit paylines.

      Personally, we found each feature to be very entertaining and through these features, our team was able to stay thoroughly engaged the entire session.

      The two big features that you can find within this game are free spins and stacked wilds. Let’s take a look at the stacked wild first.

      Danger High Voltage Stacked Wilds

      There are two types of stacked wild symbols that can occur in Danger High Voltage. The first one is the Wild Fire symbol and the second is the Wild Electric symbol. 

      Both types are stacked wilds, meaning that they take up the entire reel whenever they show up on a spin. This makes it much easier to hit multiple paylines since, with four rows, there are four wilds that can be used to substitute for other symbols.

      However, if you’re lucky enough to land a wild electric symbol, you’ll also receive a 6X multiplier on all paylines involving a wild electric symbol.

      Most slots will only offer stacked wilds as an in-game feature. Big Time Gaming’s decision to also add a multiplier to winning paylines gives players the opportunity to win more with the in-game features.

      Danger High Voltage Bonus Free Spins

      As we mentioned before, if you manage to land three scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll unlock the slot’s bonus game which is free spins.

      However, there’s a twist to it. Once you’ve landed the scatter symbols, you have the option to choose from two bonus games:

      • High Voltage
      • Gates of Hell

      The high voltage bonus game grants you 15 free spins. However, high voltage stacked wilds can appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. These wilds can come with a multiplier of 11x, 22x, 33x, 44x, 55x, or 66x your winnings when lit.

      Furthermore, you have the ability to retrigger more free spins with no limit on how many free spins you can receive. 

      If you choose the gates of hell bonus game, you’ll only receive 7 free spins. However, one of the symbols is chosen as a sticky wild for the duration of the bonus game.

      Whenever this wild appears in reels 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, it will remain in place there until all the free spins have been used. Every reel that fills with these sticky wilds will award you an additional 3 free spins.

      In total, this means that you can receive 22 free spins from the game. Therefore, while you might not receive the multipliers that you can expect from the high voltage bonus game, it’s definitely much easier to receive more free spins in the gates of hell bonus game. 

      Danger High Voltage RTP and Volatility

      The Danger High Voltage slot has an RTP of 95.67% and a medium-high volatility. An RTP of 95.67% means that, for every $1,000 wagered in the long run, you can expect to receive at least $956.70 in winnings. (2)

      It can be calculated that, over a sufficiently long period such as 1,000,000 spins, the machine will return an average of $950,000 to its players, who have inserted $1,000,000 during that time.

      However, this projection isn’t entirely accurate since luck always plays a factor in how much you can win. For instance, you might win more than you expect when you hit a 66X multiplier during the high voltage bonus game.

      On the other hand, you might go on a cold streak and only hit deck-based symbols, slowly diminishing away at your overall budget. 

      Thus, while it’s a good baseline estimate for how much you can expect to win, it’s entirely possible that you can win more or less than this number projects.

      danger high voltage slot rtp

      Danger High Voltage’s medium-high volatility means that there’s more risk associated with the game than your standard slot. 

      However, on the same note, a higher volatility means that there’s more reward associated with the risk. You can see this in the fact that you can win up to 15,746X your total stake when you’re playing.

      Thus, even though there’s risk with Danger High Voltage, you have the ability to win more whenever you play.

      Play Danger High Voltage on Mobile

      Because of the slot’s popularity, you can expect to find Danger High Voltage on your favorite online casino’s app. Currently, Danger High Voltage is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

      However, given how long it can take to develop an actual app and put it on an app store, most online casinos opt to use mobile browsers instead.

      danger high voltage on mobile

      Thus, if you plan on playing Danger High Voltage on a mobile device, you’re probably going to be playing through Safari or Google Chrome on your phone. 

      There might be a chance that you’ll find your online casino on the app store. However, iOS usually only allows regulated, licensed casinos within the US on their app store and Google only recently started to allow real money casinos on their play store.

      Therefore, the numbers are low and you’re probably better off playing through your mobile browser.

      Luckily, because of how popular mobile casino gaming has become, just about every top online casino has optimized their sites for phones, tablets, and other devices other than computers. 

      Overall Rating

      Here at Gamblib, we like to compile our overall rating of a slot game based on four areas: user experience, game features, payouts, and sounds & visuals.

      We applied these ratings to the Danger High Voltage slot. That way, we can come up with a definitive ranking to help you determine whether or not you want to put your money here.

      Danger High Voltage: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 3/5

      All in all, the user experience of Danger High Voltage was pretty basic. There was no wow factor, but at the same time, there was nothing really wrong with the slot itself. 

      There were only five main buttons to the right of the reels, but they all served some useful function, whether it was spinning the reels or upping the wager. 

      Unfortunately, it still felt like there was something to be desired. The layout was pretty simple and there was nothing that really stood us. Thus, while the user experience wasn’t terrible, it also wasn’t amazing. 

      Game Features: 5/5

      Where Danger High Voltage really shined was in their in-game features. Not only did they have stacked wilds, but the Big Time Gaming team also added a multiplier so that if you were lucky enough to land one of the electric wilds, you’d be paid out generously.

      Similarly, with their free spins bonus game, the ability to choose either bonus game left us with much more control than other slots.

      Furthermore, the features for each bonus game gave us more than enough free spins and multipliers to use during our session. Therefore, we were extremely pleased with the in-game features that Big Time Gaming offered us.

      Payouts: 4/5

      The payouts for Danger High Voltage were also really nice. Given that we could win up to 15,746X our total stake, it’s safe to say that the winnings for this game were quite large.

      Even with a medium-high volatility, we still found that we were able to hit paylines pretty consistently during our time playing the slot.

      And even though we weren’t able to hit the jackpot, we were still able to win quite a bit from the bonus game. 

      Of course, it did take a while to receive the stacked wilds or free spins bonus game due to the volatility. However, when we did hit these features, we were able to make back our money.

      Therefore, we were really pleased with how Big Time Gaming engineered the payouts for these slots.

      Sounds & Visuals: 2/5

      Unfortunately, this was an area where we felt like the game struggled a little bit. There was no concise theme to go by and a lot of the symbols were pretty arbitrary.

      While the slot was based off of the song, aside from the background, there seemed to be no correlation with the song itself. 

      For instance, a taco and skull symbol confused us since we weren’t really sure how that adhered to the theme. Furthermore, the designs of the symbols were pretty basic. There wasn’t much detail to the symbols aside from the wild symbols, skull, and disco ball.

      Fortunately, the sounds did a pretty good job of making up for the lack of visuals. The background music made you feel like you were at a concert while spinning the reels would set off different instruments all at once.

      Therefore, the sounds and visuals of Danger High Voltage weren’t phenomenal. The graphics didn’t really adhere to a theme and we felt like they could’ve been better drawn. However, the sounds did a pretty good job and left us satisfied in that area. 

      Final Rating: 3.5/5

      Danger High Voltage is a slot with hefty payouts and great in-game features. Though the graphics and audio might not be the best, you can still expect a great time whenever you spin the reels. 

      The ability to choose what bonus game you want to play and two versions of stacked wilds adds a little more variability than most slot games.

      Furthermore, with a potential payout that is more than 15,000X your total stake, the winnings in this game can far exceed that of other games.

      So, the next time you’re looking for an exciting slot to try out, it might be time to take a look at Danger High Voltage. After doing a thorough review of the slot’s features, we’re more than confident when we say that your time with the slot will be electrifying. 

      Danger High Voltage FAQs

      Where can I play the Danger High Voltage slot for free?

      You can play Danger High Voltage for free here at Gamblib.

      Can I play the Danger High Voltage online slot for real money?

      Yes, you can play the Danger High Voltage online slot at any reputable online casino for real money. To find a safe online casino to play at, be sure to check out our list of top online casinos.

      Is the Danger High Voltage online slot safe to play?

      Yes, the Danger High Voltage slot is safe to play as long as you play at a safe online casino.

      What is the max win on the Danger High Voltage slot game?

      The max win on the Danger High Voltage slot is 15,746X your total stake. Given that the maximum bet is $40, this means that you can win up to $629,840.

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      Game statistics

      Danger High Voltage
      Provider: Big Time Gaming
      Reels: 6
      Rows: 4
      Paylines: 4096
      RTP: 95.67
      Jackpot: No