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When we talk about the online casino industry, Atronic isn’t a name that comes up very often. In fact, we suspect that even some experienced gamblers may be altogether unfamiliar with this firm. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything: this is a company that made its mark in the land-based gaming community, and never really found any footing when it came to Internet gambling sites.


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However, that has started to change in recent years, thanks in part to the firm being acquired by one of the true giants of the industry. That has led to at least a few of their games showing up at some prominent gaming websites, keeping the spirit of the developer alive – even if you still won’t see their name very often.

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From Germany To Worldwide Success

Atronic was founded in 1993 as a German company, but it quickly grew to supply slot machines to many major casinos around the world. By the 21st century, they had offices in major markets across the world, including Australia, the United States, and South America, and were known as being one of the larger slots suppliers for Native American casinos in the USA.

The biggest event in the company’s history came in 2008. By that point, Atronic had already become part of the Gauselmann Group, a major gaming consortium with a long history of its own in Germany and throughout much of Central Europe. Now, it would be acquired by an even bigger name: International Game Technology, or IGT. Incidentally, IGT itself would become even larger a few years later when it merged with GTECH to form a worldwide gaming giant.

Today, that means that you’ll sometimes find some classic Atronic games included in the IGT packages found at online casino sites. It’s not the kind of game selection that will carry a casino by itself, and you won’t even see their titles broken out into its own section – but they are there, now a small part of this venerable family of titles. Some of these games are released under the Spielo banner, yet another of the firms that at one point became merged with Atronic.

Classics, But Not Forgotten

Because they haven’t actually been producing slots independently for a while, it can be hard to pick out exactly which machines belong to this company. Some of their most famous games of all time include classics like Sphinx, The Big Easy, Tiger and Dragon, and Grand Masters. Some of these (like Sphinx and Big Easy) are still available at online casinos, while others – including the popular Grand Masters – are still land-based only.

Other top games from this developer that can be found at casinos using IGT software include Treasures of the Pyramids and Crazy Fruits.

Classic Gameplay From Another Era

If you’re looking for the hottest new games with all of the latest features, you probably won’t find too much enjoyment from Atronic’s slots. These are truly classic games, most of which feature standard five-reel action with multiple paylines – but not the hundreds of potential winning combinations you’ll see on many modern machines. There are no fancy animations, either, and at least when it comes to the games we’ve seen on the Internet, you can’t win big jackpots here.

So what do these slots have going for them? All of the machines we’ve looked at have attractive imagery that really accentuates the theme of each game. For instance, The Big Easy features the food, drinks, and celebratory feeling of New Orleans and the city’s jazz culture. Similarly, Sphinx has just nine paylines, but we still enjoyed the Egyptian theme. If you’re happy with the straightforward slots that were once the mainstay of the gaming world, then you’ll have a lot of fun with these games.

Not For Everyone, But A Nice Addition To Any Collection

Atronic will never be a household name when it comes to the online casino industry. It’s impossible to really stand out when your contributions come under the names of bigger corporations, and even those with pretty detailed knowledge of the market are only likely to associate them with some of their more iconic brick-and-mortar titles.

Still, that doesn’t meant that their titles haven’t made a mark on the gaming world. As we’ve pointed out, you’ll still see them from time to time on the Internet, and they certainly have a nostalgic feel for those who may have played them in their favorite land-based resorts over the years.

Of course, those looking for a more modern gaming experience will probably skip right over these games, playing some of the more graphically-intense or complex titles that are part of the wider IGT/GTECH collection. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to do the same. If you long for a time when slots were simpler, but were still fun to play and beautiful to look at, then Atronic’s throwback machines might be just what you’re in the mood for.