It was only a matter of time before slot games advanced beyond what was already known, and advance they did. Following in the footsteps of the 5-reel slot, which advanced on from the 3-reel offerings, the appearance of 7-reel slots created a whole new sub-genre of slot games for people to try their luck at. As it stands, they haven’t quite reached the popularity of their midway sibling, the 5-reel slot, but have brought to the table a new and unique look at the way such products are offered and played.

Slots which incorporate seven reels into their interface provide a wholly bigger picture to look at, and still maintain one or two of the features of the 5-reel products. However, as it stands at the moment, these particular variations of the popular product which is slot games, are fewer in number than their older counterparts. That doesn’t mean that they’re not out there, though. It just means that they’re a little harder to find being offered at the plethora of reputable online casinos available on the internet. But, from time to time, you might just stumble across one that takes your fancy.

Why Should I Play a 7-Reel Slot Game?

The world of online casino slots is dominated by the 5-reel frontrunner, and that is pretty much obvious from the moment you load up the slots section of a casino. Managing to locate and play a 7-reel slot can provide players with something of a new outlook – a departure, if you will – from the regular layouts that they’ve become accustomed to seeing. It’s a different interface to play a game on, and while change can be considered a difficult thing to work with for some people, for others, it makes nothing but a welcome change.

Although the 7-reel games are quite elusive and tend to go unnoticed in the gaming world, should you manage to find one, it’s definitely worth having a go at. A higher number of reels means that there’s a stronger possibility of creating longer winning combinations, and therefore providing yourself with bigger pay outs.

Exclusively Yours!

The main reason behind 7-reel slots being so rare to find, is possibly due to the fact that they’re quite unique to the providers, WGS Technology and Real Time Gaming. This particular product of theirs was one of the innovative inventions that they decided to put into development, and as such, it has become more so a product that is something only they create and offer. That being said, one or two other providers have tried their hand at creating such, but the fact that 5-reel options are much more popular with players doesn’t necessitate them being offered in such high numbers.

However, as WGS Technology seems to have the edge on the creation of these products, the best place to start searching for such games is with the developer. As mentioned, there aren’t a great deal of these available in the world of online casinos, but such products as ‘Farming Fortunes’, with its barn animal-themed game play, and ‘Lucky 7s’, which offers up a game with various classic slot machine icons, are still available here and there.

A Step Forward, Only to Take a Step Back

While advancing along to 7-reel slots seems to be a logical thing to do having increased from three to five, one would also think that incorporating such intriguing extras as can be found in the 5-reel products would be a given. However, the minimal amount of slot games on the market that incorporate seven reels into their interface are fairly limited when it comes to bonus features. A bit of a shame considering it seems like this would be an extra draw on top of the additional reels for players to take advantage of.

So, while the appeal of spinning seven reels instead of five or three may be there, don’t expect to be overwhelmed by any kind of bonus rounds, dramatic in-game features, or ultimately stellar game play. What you will get is a 7-reel slot with a standard base game and, judging from the slots in this genre that we’ve played, standard visual appeal.

Too Much to Handle?

Checking out the small selection of games that are available to play in this sub genre of slots has made us come to realise that the possible reason why these particular products aren’t more lauded after is because there’s too many reels to try and follow. Five reels make for a nice interface, and combinations featuring three to five symbols are easy enough to take notice of. When playing something with a higher amount of reels, it can get a little confusing as to what’s happening, which is possibly the reason for the exclusion of the aforementioned bonus features.

However, if you ever come across a slot game of this nature, it’s definitely worth trying out. You never know…it might just be what you’re looking for.