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National Schools Programme

Project details

The NRGP’s programme for high schools in the Western Cape and Gauteng has developed into a national schools programme which went into its pilot phase of introduction in KwaZulu-Natal during March 2008.

Pilot workshops with teachers have also since been held in the Western Cape and the Northern Cape and the first feedback on this exciting project has already been received from teachers.

The members of the schools curriculum development groups are Dr John Schoonbee (national coordinator), Professor Nelleke Bak (curriculum developer), Professor Graham Barr (consultant), Ms Loren Human (trainer and schools liaison officer) and Ms Hazel Petrig (schools liaison officer).

The first phase is aimed at grades 7 to 9 (13 to 15 year-olds, at the age when adolescents start exploring various forms of high-risk behaviour, coupled with the need for greater independence in decision-making relating to how they spend their leisure time.

The next phase of grades 10-12 will build on the material and content of the first phase and start to introduce money management skills.

The teaching and learning resource package, called ‘Taking Risks Wisely’ has been developed within the legislated structure and prescribed requirements of the SA Revised National Curriculum Statement and the Outcomes Based Education (OBE) framework.

The aim is to make the teacher’s task easier, providing clear scripting and material for lessons, transparencies, learning activity sheets and answer sheets, as well as a comic book and a CD ROM which is also intended for eventual posting on the Internet for wider accessibility.

Contact has also been made with designated management and curriculum officials and school principals at the various education departments in other provinces, including Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng.