Video Lottery Terminal Access and Gambling Among High School Students in Montréal

  • authors:

    Jeffrey Derevensky, Jason Gilliland, Rina Gupta, Nancy A. Ross, Dana Helene Wilson
  • published in

    : 2006
  • summary

    : Gambling is a risky behaviour that involves uncertain financial outcomes, can be addictive, and has been associated with strongly adverse social and public health outcomes. We wanted to assess whether socio-economic and gambling-related-opportunity environments of neighbourhoods affected the uptake of video lottery terminal (VLT) gambling among Montréal youth. Spatial and statistical analyses were conducted to examine geographical patterns of neighbourhood socio-economic conditions, VLT sites (n=407), and high school locations (n=305) within the Montréal Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). VLT concentration within high school neighbourhoods was measured to examine how the number of VLT opportunities varies according to socio-economic status of the school neighbourhood. A student survey was analyzed using logistic regression analysis to explore the role of individual (student) characteristics and environmental (neighbourhood) characteristics in predicting the VLT gambling behaviours reported among a sample (n=1206) of high school students. Video lottery gambling opportunities are more prevalent near schools located in socio-economically deprived neighbourhoods compared with schools located in more affluent neighbourhoods. The principal individual risk factors for VLT gambling were shown to be male sex, peer VLT-use, substance use, as well as the after-school routines of youth. The spatial distribution of VLTs reflects local geographies of socio-economic disadvantage and may have a pronounced impact on students attending schools in lower income neighbourhoods, especially those with individual risk factors. Efforts to reduce gambling-related public health costs may want to take into account the socio-spatial distribution of gambling opportunities, particularly in the local environments that youth frequent.
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    : article in journal
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    : Canadian Public Health Association
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    : Canadian Journal of Public Health
  • volume

    : 97
  • issue

    : 3
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    : English
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    : pages: 5 start page: 202
  • keywords

    : behavior , costs , drug use , economic conditions , gambling industry , gaming machine , public health , risk factors , school , secondary school students , studies
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