Unlimited Chances: The continuing expansion of gambling

  • authors:

    Garry Smith, Harold Wynne
  • published in

    : 2003
  • summary

    : "We have a gambling saturated society," says Harold Wynne, a social and community development specialist and noted gambling researcher, who has conducted numerous studies on the prevalence of problem gambling and other impacts of gaming. Gambling became more evident as more people embraced lotteries, and charities also saw they could benefit. "What that did is capture a constituency that might have been against gambling, but who could now benefit from it and reconcile it by improving their programs," says [Garry Smith]. "Not that gambling is evil, but some of those groups wouldn't have greeted gambling with open arms, except they got money from it." In terms of overall gambling rates and rates of problem gambling, Alberta gamblers aren't much different than their counterparts in the other two prairie provinces, says gambling expert Harold Wynne. "Problem gambling rates are lower in Ontario and B.C., likely because neither province allows VLTs in lounges."
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    : gambling
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